Charter Challenge Remains Unmet

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Boston Globe

Mar 18, 12:00 AM

Schools must put up or shut up

PAUL REVILLE, the state secretary of education, has an unvarnished message for the Commonwealth’s traditional schools. “This is your chance to beat the charter schools at their own game,’’ says Reville. “We’ve given you the tools to meet the charter challenge. Now it’s time to put up or shut up.’’ That uncharacteristically — and refreshingly — blunt talk from the state’s usually diplomatic education chief is right on target. Last year’s sweeping education reform bill gave traditional schools the ability to transform themselves into flexible, charter-like “innovation schools,’’ with autonomy over schedule, curriculum, budget, staffing, policies, and professional development. The hope was that by now, we’d be in a period of exciting in-district innovation, but so far, the response from the traditional schools has been only lukewarm.

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