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Feb 22, 1:00 AM

Newark school plan would clear space for charters, shift scores of students

The report gives a first glimpse at how Newark is preparing to deal with its embattled and underachieving school system. The recommendations come as the city is searching for a new superintendent to replace Clifford Janey, who resigned last month. The complex proposal drawn up by an outside consulting firm was handed out to a group of Newark school principals at a hastily called meeting at the district?s headquarters Friday, according to sources who attended the gathering. The group was told some of the changes could be in place by September. Several struggling public schools, including Quitman Street School and Fifteenth Avenue School, could be phased out and have their students sent to other schools under the plan. All have spent years on the state?s "schools in need of improvement" list because of low test scores. Others schools with low enrollment, including Camden Middle School and Camden Street Elementary, would be consolidated into a single building. The freed-up space would be leased to new and existing charter schools, including North Star Academy, Lady Liberty, Spirit Prep and Vailsburg Prep. It is unclear if the charter schools, which do not operate under the Newark school district?s authority, would compensate the district for the use of the space.

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