Hoosier House Backs Vouchers

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The Indianapolis Star

Mar 31, 12:00 AM

Indy.com | Post: House OKs private school voucher bill | Indianapolis, Indiana

A bill to give tax dollars to some families to pay for private school tuition is headed to the Senate for debate.The House voted 56-42 for House Bill 1003, with four Republicans joining 38 Democrats in opposition. Democrats argued that there is no solid evidence that giving vouchers to students improves their performance or forces public schools to do better to retain students, and that it will drain money from public schools when they are facing budget cuts. "Why would you want to vote for a bill that siphons money away from public schools, that does not improve student achievement and entangles the government with religious and private schools? I say that's a three-time loser, and we should vote no on this bill," argued Rep. Matt Pierce, D-Bloomington.

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