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‘No more’: Green Bay parents opt to homeschool after district’s new mask mandate
Aug 20, 3:05 PM: On Wednesday, the Green Bay Area School District Board of Education voted to require masks for students and staff this upcoming school year. So some parents are choosing to homeschool their kids instead.

Many Wisconsin School Boards, Overwhelmed By 18 Months Of Community Pushback, Aren’t Taking Up Mask
Aug 19, 4:46 PM: Kim Herro, Rick Grothaus and Dan Raasch had been trying to change the board’s approach to governance and leadership, which they felt was toxic and made it impossible to collaboratively work on solutions, for over a year. >
Poll: More than 30% of Democratic primary voters in Milwaukee support school choice
Aug 18, 2:48 PM: The poll shows support among Democrats in Milwaukee County for both school vouchers and public charter schools. The survey was conducted July 27 through July 29, and polled 766 likely 2022 Democratic Primary Election >
Expand School Choice for All Wisconsin Families, Major Report Urges
Aug 18, 12:50 PM: All Wisconsin parents deserve the right to choose the best school for their children at a time that the pandemic has sparked a great parental awakening in the state, according to a major policy report on Wisconsin school >
Amid a growing trend, Northeast Wisconsin families plan to continue homeschooling this fall
Aug 5, 12:20 PM: Along with over 30,000 other Wisconsinites, Heeg-Pieper's kids aren't learning in a traditional classroom.
Milwaukee Excellence charter school expands into MPS building under emergency measure
Aug 4, 11:24 AM: Milwaukee Excellence, an independently run charter school, is planning to move its high school grades into the third floor of Andrew S. Douglas public middle school this week, under an emergency protocol that skirted the >
Milwaukee teachers union tries to kill competition
Aug 3, 10:54 AM: Hundreds of students at Milwaukee Excellence Charter School (MECS) might not be returning to in-person learning this fall after officials from the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) apparently flexed their >
Education Governor’ kills funding to school for students with autism
Aug 2, 10:15 AM: There is a small charter school in Wisconsin’s Northwoods that parents, students and community members describe as nothing short of miraculous.
Act 10 benefited education in Wisconsin — and may empower workers elsewhere
Jul 26, 11:49 AM: It’s been 10 years since Wisconsin passed Act 10, which limited the rights of public employee unions to demand collective bargaining, and Wisconsin is still reaping the benefits: better educational outcomes, more teacher >
The limits of student poverty data
Jul 23, 9:24 AM: Comparing school achievement using economically disadvantaged data doesn’t work
Feds warn GOP budget for Wisconsin puts $1.5 billion in federal education funds at risk
Jun 2, 7:13 AM: The U.S. Department of Education on Friday warned Wisconsin that Republicans’ proposed $350 million for the state’s rainy day fund won’t help qualify it for $1.5 billion in federal stimulus funds for education the GOP >
‘It’s making the achievement gap worse’: Parents will need to work hard to get students caught up after virtual learning causes ‘COVID slide’
May 27, 7:58 AM:

She said the Arnold Reading Clinic has some spots open for the summer, but she knows not all parents can afford a tutor. She said it’s important for all parents to find a way to get their kid up to speed before they >

The virtual impact: How the pandemic influenced student enrollment
May 25, 8:32 AM:

The pandemic shook things up for all of us: how we work, play and learn. When many schools switched to virtual learning, many families and their students switched schools. Those who didn’t often had to learn a whole new >

Lincoln Academy in Beloit announces partnership with Wisconsin Reading Corps
May 19, 6:20 AM: Lincoln Academy officials announced Tuesday the charter school’s designation as a Wisconsin Reading Corps site for the 2021-22 school year. They also revealed the school mascot, its colors and other programming it has in >
Commentary: Putting politics before students in Racine
May 19, 4:51 AM: For students living in Racine, any learning loss is particularly harmful considering the district was a low-performing school district prior to the pandemic. Despite this unfortunate reality, local leaders in Racine >
Wisconsin Assembly approves raising voucher school income
May 12, 6:05 AM: Wisconsin families who want to send their children to a private school using a voucher paid for by taxpayers would increase to three times the federal poverty level under a Republican-backed bill passed Tuesday by the >
Madison teachers protest next year's contracts not reflecting anticipated raises
May 11, 7:13 AM: Nearly 150 Madison teachers and supporters protested Monday outside the Doyle Administration Building after the School District sent out employee contracts without wage increases tied to experience and educational >
Wisconsin Assembly to vote on raising voucher school income
May 11, 6:12 AM: Wisconsin families who want to send their children to a private school using a voucher paid for by taxpayers would increase to three times the federal poverty level under a Republican-backed bill the state Assembly is >
Bill would force Milwaukee Public Schools to reimburse of private school transportation costs
Apr 22, 7:41 AM: Should the Milwaukee public schools be required to retroactively reimburse private school parents for the cost of driving their kids to school for in-person classes during the pandemic?
Report: Coronavirus Caused Majority Of Urban Schools, Schools With More Students Of Color To Go Virtual This School Year
Apr 13, 6:12 AM: Wisconsin's urban schools were more likely to have students learning all or mostly virtually, compared to less than half of suburban schools and less than 20 percent of rural schools for the 2020-21 school year, according >



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