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Wisconsin schools taking time to strategize use of COVID-19 relief funds
Jun 6, 8:49 AM:

Most of the money given to Wisconsin schools to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to be spent. However, school officials say there are good reasons the money hasn’t been spent yet.

Opinion: A Tony Evers’ Veto on School Choice for All Would Be Morally Wrong
Mar 30, 6:26 AM: While Superintendent of Public Instruction, Gov. Tony Evers wrote to legislators a decade ago that expanding the Wisconsin Parental Choice program was “morally wrong.” Evers said he reached that conclusion because the >
Little kids can do big things at SAGES charter school
Mar 17, 8:17 AM: Students at this unique charter school that focuses on agriculture and environmental studies have proven that's true.
Opinion: Reforming education, empowering parents
Mar 17, 5:47 AM: Since being elected to the State Legislature, one of my main focuses has been to improve our education system by empowering parents to make the best choices for their children. The last two years have put this issue front >
'We can't hide from the numbers': Some WI students are falling behind in staggering numbers
Mar 11, 7:36 AM: Our students are falling behind in staggering numbers. In our Two Americas report, we spotlight two districts in southern Wisconsin: The largest and most diverse, Milwaukee Public Schools, and medium-sized and also very >
Milwaukee Carmen union drive shows how charter schools straddle public and private sectors
Mar 10, 9:39 AM: Since former Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed the law known as Act 10 in 2011, public school unions have seen their collective bargaining rights curtailed.
Education reform bills sail through Wisconsin Senate, face headwinds on governor’s desk
Mar 10, 8:59 AM: Protection of parental rights and other education reforms are the focus of several bills passed by the Wisconsin Senate on Tuesday.
Senate approve bills to break up MPS, lift income limits on voucher programs
Mar 9, 9:10 AM: The state would break Milwaukee Public Schools into multiple districts while lifting any income limits on its voucher programs under bills the Senate approved Tuesday and sent to Gov. Tony Evers.
Private school voucher advocates say demand is high amid talks of expansion
Mar 7, 7:10 AM: Demand for Wisconsin’s private school voucher programs appears to be on the rise, according to school officials and program advocates.
Marquette Law School Poll: Majority Support School Choice for All, Believe Public Schools in Worse Shape
Mar 7, 7:06 AM: Two years of the coronavirus appear to have changed some of the attitudes toward public schools in Wisconsin, and a majority of Wisconsinites now want school choice to be available to all parents, which is called >
Families, private schools stress im­por­tance of voucher program, despite politics
Mar 3, 9:18 AM: Noah Reece, a seventh-grade student at Renaissance School in Racine, has been going to the LUMIN School his whole school life. He said he’s close with most of the students in his class, and likes the smaller class sizes >
Germantown School District starting virtual charter school
Mar 1, 9:23 AM: The district created the Germantown Virtual School for students in grades six through 12. It is a tuition-free, online public school offering full- and part-time enrollment options, according to information on the >
Bill offering private school vouchers to all students could raise property taxes as much as $577M
Feb 23, 6:58 AM: Republicans in the state Assembly passed legislation Tuesday that would make most private school students eligible for a taxpayer-funded tuition subsidy — a plan that could raise property taxes by as much as $577 million, >
Wisconsin Assembly passes parental bill of rights, MPS breakup bill
Feb 23, 6:21 AM: Assembly Republicans advanced legislation Tuesday to create a parent bill of rights and break up Milwaukee Public Schools into a number of smaller districts, along with other bills revolving around education. >
Wisconsin Legislature takes up plan to break up Milwaukee Public Schools district
Feb 17, 7:10 AM: Republican lawmakers in the Wisconsin Legislature defended their plan to break the state's largest school district into between four and eight smaller districts at a Wednesday hearing.
Democratic lawmaker appears to deride parents' say in public education
Feb 11, 10:31 AM: Democratic state lawmaker whose Twitter critique of school choice programs suggested parents of regular public school students don’t play a role in shaping their children’s education took down the tweet Thursday after >
Where have all the students gone? Worcester's enrollment drop a mystery, finances a concern
Feb 4, 10:31 AM: Buoyed once again by federal pandemic aid, the school district is facing a manageable budget season, a preliminary fiscal 2023 budget presentation at the School Committee’s Thursday night meeting showed. >
Parents flood Wisconsin private school choice enrollment, crash state website
Feb 2, 6:51 AM: It’s the latest snapshot of just how many parents in Wisconsin want to explore educational options for their kids. Tuesday was the first day for parents to enroll in the state’s Private School Choice Program. By midday, >
Republican lawmakers plan legislation to break up MPS, expand vouchers to all students in a proposal to overhaul K-12 education
Jan 31, 7:36 AM: Republican lawmakers plan to propose a sweeping package of legislation to overhaul K-12 education in Wisconsin that would break up the state's largest school district within two years and expand private-school vouchers to >
More private schools registered in state private school choice programs
Jan 31, 6:27 AM: The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction reported an increase in private schools participating in the state’s three private school choice programs, according to a news release.



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