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Senators expand definitions of learning pods, micro schools
Feb 22, 9:50 AM: An attempt by Republican members of the West Virginia Senate to expand capacity for micro schools and learning pods became a debate over public versus private education.
Bill To Reduce Homeschooler Assessments Moves Through Committee
Feb 16, 9:22 AM: The Senate Education Committee approved a bill Tuesday that will allow parents of homeschoolers to submit their child’s academic assessment only once in that child’s homeschool career.
Lawsuit filed in Kanawha County challenging West Virginia's new private school voucher law
Jan 20, 9:18 AM: Public school parents filed suit Wednesday in Kanawha County Circuit Court challenging the state’s private school voucher law.
W.Va. Education Officials Identify 5 Challenges Affecting State Teacher Shortage
Jan 13, 9:11 AM: The board’s first meeting of the new year focused on identifying teacher recruitment challenges. The state is short about 1,000 certified teachers, according to the West Virginia Department of Education’s Educator >
Column: I am dyslexic, and I support school choice
Jan 10, 9:50 AM: Access to school choice also helped me develop my writing. My dyslexia and vision issues originally caused me to mix up various letters, forget punctuation, struggle with handwriting and be unable to convey what I wanted >
Editorial: Injunction against charters just, but won't hold
Dec 29, 8:10 AM: Last week, Kanawha Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey granted an injunction against the opening of Yve charter schools in West Virginia, because, it would appear, the state constitution doesn’t allow them.
West Virginia court ruling sets temporary roadblock for school choice
Dec 28, 7:28 AM: West Virginia’s charter school program has been temporarily put on hold by a Kanawha County Circuit Court amid a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of the state’s legislation.
West Virginia Academy among schools affected by latest charter school ruling
Dec 22, 8:59 AM: An injunction by a Kanawah County judge blocking charter school approval could affect the way West Virginia Academy opens in Fall 2022.
Temporary injunction now halts West Virginia’s method for establishing charter schools
Dec 21, 9:18 AM: A Kanawha circuit judge has granted a temporary injunction on West Virginia’s newest method for approving charter schools, saying a constitutional challenge stands a good chance of succeeding in the long term. “There’s no >
Judge sets hearing to provide more answers about charter schools injunction
Dec 20, 8:18 AM: Judge Jennifer Bailey is weighing a temporary injunction request by parents and educators who say the state’s method of approving charter schools is unconstitutional. At the end of a hearing last week, Bailey had indicated >
Judge to rule on charter school lawsuit
Dec 15, 9:45 AM: The pair is challenging the constitutionality over charter school rollouts across the state, wanting taxpayers to have an opportunity to vote on any charter school created in their county.
Judge will decide whether to block new way of approving charter schools
Dec 14, 9:33 AM: Kanawha Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey will hear consider a request for preliminary injunction at 1 p.m. Tuesday in a case that questions whether the state’s method for authorizing charter schools is constitutional. >
Preston County Schools must advertise charter school
Dec 13, 8:52 AM: Rhe Preston County Board of Education on Monday instructed the superintendent to publicize the West Virginia Academy in the same manner as other schools.
In lawsuit, W.Va. officials say authorizing charter schools is no constitutional runaround
Dec 6, 8:50 AM: West Virginia government leaders contend a new path to approve charter schools does not circumvent the state Constitution.The legal question is whether allowing a new Professional Charter Schools Board to approve new >
Editorial: Despite misgivings, charter schools are worth a try
Nov 24, 7:22 AM: Public schools have failed so badly at times that the state has had to take over county systems. There are no guarantees charter schools will be better than public schools, and there are no guarantees they will be worse. >
Va court dissolves injunction in paycheck union dues suit
Nov 23, 6:57 AM: West Virginia’s Supreme Court on Monday gave a temporary setback to labor groups who challenged a new law prohibiting union dues or fees from being withheld from state employee paychecks.
Two Statewide Virtual Charter Schools Are Approved By W.Va. Charter Board
Nov 18, 6:31 AM: The state’s charter school board approved West Virginia’s first virtual charter schools on Wednesday. The news comes exactly one week after the board approved West Virginia’s first brick-and-mortar charters. >
One of West Virginia’s first three charter schools to open in Morgantown
Nov 17, 9:55 AM: The West Virginia Professional Charter Board approved the first three charter schools in the state and one was in Morgantown.
West Virginia Board OKs First Charter Schools Under Lawsuit Cloud
Nov 11, 9:30 AM: Nearly two years after Republican lawmakers approved a pilot program, the first public charter schools in West Virginia were approved Wednesday while a lawsuit attempting to halt the program is pending.
No ‘deficiencies’ identified for any charter school, though questions remain
Nov 10, 9:44 AM: The state Professional Charter School Board's chairman says none of the applications to start West Virginia's first charter schools “have any identified deficiencies".



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