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Column: Charter schools deserve equitable funding
Mar 16, 5:24 AM: Our schools are designed to disrupt cycles of poverty and injustice. They are free, open to all, and focus on serving limited-income families and Global Majority students (i.e., Black, Brown, Indigenous, and students of >
Washington student advocacy group pushes for full return to in-person learning
Mar 15, 6:11 AM: With just a few months left in the 2021 school year some Washington parents are pushing for a full return to in-person learning. It's a move that comes after Gov. Jay Inslee announced schools must offer an option for >
Bellevue parents rally to reopen more schools
Mar 12, 7:22 AM: The Bellevue Education Association said it continues to negotiate with the Bellevue School District over how and when to bring more kids back to in-person learning.
Seattle teachers, district spar over safety, days before classrooms set to reopen
Mar 9, 7:09 AM: Seattle Public Schools students in preschool and special education pathways are set to return to in-person learning March 11.
Seattle schools announce return for students without union agreement, sparking controversy and confusion
Mar 8, 2:31 PM: School districts across Western Washington are returning to the classroom. But in Seattle, Sunday brought another day of bargaining without any agreement.
Seattle Public Schools delay return to in-person learning amid union negotiations
Feb 23, 8:10 AM: Seattle Public Schools announced Monday that it was delaying a return to in-person learning until at least March 8 because of a snag in reaching an agreement with the teachers' union.
Opinion: Washington families need school choice now
Jan 27, 6:24 AM: As an educator, I’ve seen how our state’s one-size-fits-all approach to education has long been a roadblock for students with special needs or medical conditions.
Editorial: Extend window of opportunity for new public charter schools
Jan 25, 8:05 AM: If state lawmakers truly value equity in education, they should eschew knee-jerk political opposition to public charter schools and extend the authorizing window for new ones.
Southwest Washington Lawmaker Reintroduces School Choice Bill; Says Parents Know Best
Jan 25, 6:47 AM: A measure that would give parents the ability to choose the learning environment that best meets the needs of their children has been introduced in the state Legislature by state Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver. >
Dispute over in-person learning escalates into legal action for Bellevue School District
Jan 22, 8:19 AM: Bellevue Education Association and Bellevue School District continue disputes on how and when to expand in-person learning as some students return to classrooms on Thursday.
Rep. Vicki Kraft reintroduces school choice bill
Jan 21, 6:40 AM: A measure that would give parents the ability to choose the learning environment that best meets their children’s needs was introduced Friday in the state House of Representatives by Rep. Vicki Kraft, R-Vancouver. >
How much learning have Washington students missed? The state doesn’t know
Jan 18, 7:24 AM: Halfway into this unprecedented school year, it’s clear that many children are struggling: Hospitals are seeing more kids under distress. National studies showed students lost ground in math. Medical research has connected >
Letter: School choice can make a difference
Jan 11, 6:42 AM: As an educator, I know that every child is different. We don’t all learn the same way or have the same talents. That’s why school choice is so important. School choice gives families the freedom to find the right learning >
Concerned mom shines light on educators not wanting to reopen Camas schools
Jan 8, 7:48 AM: Andrea Seeley is the mother of two students. She lives in Camas specifically because of the excellent reputation of the Camas School District (CSD). Yet, she says the remote learning offered by the district is not working >
Commentary: State Must Give Parents Options to Decide the Best Education for Their Children
Dec 21, 7:49 AM: Some children are visual learners, and some are auditory. The problem is parents and kids are locked into a one-size-fits-all K-12 system in Washington that doesn’t work for all students and is not delivering the best >
Washington parents, teachers split on new education metrics
Dec 18, 7:55 AM: The risks are too high--that’s the message from Camas School District parents rallying Thursday. They say they want their students, all of their students, back in the classroom.
Commentary: Give parents options to decide the best education for their children
Dec 10, 6:48 AM: This year, more than 32,000 Washington families have already pulled out of the public-school system as they find that traditional zip-code assigned schools are simply not working for their children.
Blog: Public education establishment seeks to cover its failings by pursuing a race-based agenda
Nov 25, 7:39 AM: Washington state, by contrast, will deny families the direct aid they need to get a quality education, and instead hold Work Sessions on race-based agendas to produce reports and more empty promises, this time using the >
Sex education Referendum 90 passes in Washington state election results
Nov 4, 9:48 AM: Washington school districts will be required to teach sexual health education to most students under a referendum approved Tuesday.
McHenry County private school leaders say in-person learning is working, no reason to go remote
Nov 2, 8:13 AM: Leaders of local private schools told McHenry County Board members that in-person learning has been safe and successful for them, while many public school districts have chosen to heed guidance from the McHenry County >



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