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Education advocates make plea to lawmakers
Feb 15, 11:12 AM:

VA ed advocates rallied for restored funding following economy growth. Unexplored: The impact of these cuts on student progress, and how Governor plans to deliver on education regardless of budget challenges.

Principal's accusations against superintendent leave Arlington concerned
Feb 4, 3:10 PM:

Parents and teachers divide in their response to a disparaging letter to the superintendent from a former Arlington, Va., principal. You might want to examine inefffective teacher termination and effects on students.

Principal's e-mail causes alarm in Arlington
Feb 4, 10:28 AM:

Principal blasts angry email about employee deemed "incompetent" and "a safety concern" who was not dismissed by Arlington Superintendent. Lets the public know how difficult firing school employees can be.

Laws Creating Charter Difficulty In VA, MD
Jan 31, 1:43 PM:


Explains the difficulty charter school advocates have in Virginia and Maryland. Notes the difficult approval process for charters, lack of appeal and lack of autonomy for charters, leading to few charters.

Stafford schools facing needs
Jan 26, 12:04 PM:

Does not discuss issues like teacher tenure and evaluation. Mentions rewarding employees for years of service, but not for student performance. Need more about creating efficiency through teacher performance evaluations. >

Va county picked for national education meeting
Jan 25, 10:56 AM:

AP article gives the facts but no context. VA county is chosen to participate in a national education conference but it is not clear what this conference has set out to do. And what were the criteria for choosing >

VA gov touts K-12 merit-pay, corporate tax credits
Jan 20, 11:10 AM:

VA Governor Bob McDonnell promises to give teachers awards for working in difficult schools. Good idea but why not full performance-based salaries? And does he have consistent methods for evaluating performance?

Roanoke's schools chief anticipates difficult 2012
Jan 20, 10:59 AM:

The Roanoke school system--like virtually every other--is facing hard economic times. There are less drastic alternatives to closing schools or firing teachers, including charters.

Va. groups ask for K-12 reinvestment
Jan 20, 10:13 AM:

The Virginia PTA is lobbying for increased funding of K-12 education at state level, cuts last year forced counties to raise local taxes to pay for education and resulted in layoffs.  Article doesn't cover what programs >

Charter School for Clifton?
Dec 21, 9:15 AM:

Members of the Clifton Elementary community are pursuing the option of starting a public charter school after Fairfax County School Board decided to shutter their current facility in the traditional public school >



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