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Dozens challenge Cosby High redistricting plan
May 18, 3:18 PM:

Plan to address overcrowding at Chesterfield County's Cosby High meets strong opposition. Spotlight here on fact neighborhoods moved schools three times in nearly eight years, but no exploration of whether other >

Second charter school for Richmond recommended for denial
May 18, 6:19 AM:

Richmond, VA, charter application recommended for refusal over curriculum concerns. Review panel worried about funding, assessment and staffing, but few details given. Considering US students trail other countries on >

Loudoun recruits teachers from its high schools
May 3, 1:26 PM:

Loudoun program aims to inspire high schoolers to become teachers. They get classroom experience; county gets homegrown talent for difficult-to-fill vacancies. Great idea, now copied across VA. Could do with info on >

New teacher evaulation model OK’d
May 3, 12:16 PM:

VA state board approves new criteria for teacher evaluations with emphasis on student performance. Local HR director casts some doubt on performance-pay funding; reporter lets comments stand. Piece seems more directed >

Manual-Chesterfield considers remedy to Cosby HS overcrowding
May 3, 10:25 AM:

Chesterfield Co. School Board has to deal with too many students at one high school and may change attendance zones. Focus here on board members, but nothing from those affected most -- parents and students. Tell us what >

Manual-Damascus Middle School designated a 'School to Watch'
Apr 27, 11:05 AM:

Southwest VA middle school named 'School To Watch' because it goes beyond Standards of Learning (SOLs) to give students real-world skills. Extremely detailed look at program criteria. Would like to know impact, if any, >

The merits of Gov. McDonnell’s pay plan for teachers
Apr 27, 4:56 AM:

Editorial praises VA Gov’s plan for performance pay, questions why county would resist on the basis of 1980's results (criteria for gauging teacher success have evolved) and rightly dismisses VA union's unfair criticism. >

McDonnell pushes teacher merit pay in Va. schools
Apr 20, 5:03 AM:

VA Gov creates merit-pay program for 169 schools selected because they are hard to staff. Unfortunately, school district folks say some schools on list aren't hard to staff. Union says earlier attempt at merit pay failed >

County's priorities are questioned
Apr 13, 1:26 PM:

Westmoreland County supervisors in hot water for planning multi-million dollar judicial building rather than allocate money to schools. While schools need to rid waste, let go of incompetent teachers, plans for new >

Focus on teachers, not class size
Mar 28, 9:35 AM:


Long held gold standard -- smaller classes -- now getting second look in. Editorial calls for bigger classes and better/more effective teachers; raises important points given economic reality.


It's worth a try >

School leaders fear deep cuts
Mar 9, 12:20 PM:

Due to economic constraints, PA Governor Tom Corbett proposes cutting budget to 2008, pre-stimulus level. Wants teachers to waive contracts, agree to pay freeze. How other states are addressing economic crisis and how >

Va. African Americans split in battle for school choice
Feb 27, 3:03 PM:

Black community split over vouchers in VA.  Member of legislative Black Caucus votes against state's voucher bill because "public education is the answer."  Other side says it's not the '60s anymore and public education >

Virtual enrollment, real profit
Feb 25, 8:24 AM:

Demand for virtual learning in VA prompts York county to offer own program, with courses at $550 each. Waiting for state approval to open enrollment beyond district boundary. Confusing information on who is charged and >

Schools bill sails through Senate
Feb 23, 10:35 AM:

VA Senate passes bill to let public schools function more like charters, apply for exemptions from state regulations. Presumption is that charters are succeeding, should be emulated. So nail it down; provide the data.

Leaders in Roanoke Rally to Stop Education Cuts
Feb 22, 4:31 PM:

VA teachers rally against potential budget cuts. Says ralliers support a "kid-friendly" Senate budget bill. What does this mean? No additional info on what policies/programs are friendly to kids, though complaints about >

Some see inequity in Virginia 'virtual school'
Feb 22, 12:10 PM:

Policy allows private provider, K12 Inc., to maximize profits by partnering with poorest district. Gov. McDonnell wants expansion to meet parent/student demand, but Senate proposes cap to study funding issue. Other >

Education advocates make plea to lawmakers
Feb 15, 11:12 AM:

VA ed advocates rallied for restored funding following economy growth. Unexplored: The impact of these cuts on student progress, and how Governor plans to deliver on education regardless of budget challenges.

Principal's accusations against superintendent leave Arlington concerned
Feb 4, 3:10 PM:

Parents and teachers divide in their response to a disparaging letter to the superintendent from a former Arlington, Va., principal. You might want to examine inefffective teacher termination and effects on students.

Principal's e-mail causes alarm in Arlington
Feb 4, 10:28 AM:

Principal blasts angry email about employee deemed "incompetent" and "a safety concern" who was not dismissed by Arlington Superintendent. Lets the public know how difficult firing school employees can be.

Laws Creating Charter Difficulty In VA, MD
Jan 31, 1:43 PM:


Explains the difficulty charter school advocates have in Virginia and Maryland. Notes the difficult approval process for charters, lack of appeal and lack of autonomy for charters, leading to few charters.




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