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VB charter school catches Virginia governor’s eye for future education plans
Feb 11, 10:22 AM: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has made school choice and charter schools part of his education agenda. He wants $150 million to establish 20 new charter schools, including “laboratory innovation” schools, in Virginia. The >
One charter school bill backed by the governor is most likely dead for this year's session
Feb 10, 10:00 AM: Governor Glenn Youngkin wants 20 new charter schools in Virginia. Three major bills to get that done have been introduced. Jahd Khalil reports that one bill was sent to the full House of Delegates, but another of the >
Regional charter schools legislation passes House education committee
Feb 8, 9:09 AM: Key pieces of Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Charter School agenda have been voted down by the state Senate, which is controlled by Democrats. But what about on the House side?
In push for school choice, Youngkin’s hope may lie in a lesser-known option
Feb 7, 10:12 AM: The administration is touting ‘lab schools’ as another way to help struggling divisions. But not all lawmakers are convinced.
Committee controlled by Dems kills Youngkin education bills
Feb 4, 10:28 AM: A Virginia Senate committee on Thursday killed two key pieces of education legislation sought by Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, including one that was designed to eliminate teaching of critical race theory in K-12 school. >
Poll: Virginians overwhelmingly support private school scholarship tax credit
Feb 2, 9:44 AM: Virginians overwhelmingly support a Virginia school choice policy, which currently grants tax credits to people who donate to nonprofits that give private school scholarships to low-income children, according to a poll. >
Youngkin establishes partnerships with Virginia universities in school choice push
Feb 1, 7:14 AM: Lab schools are generally K-12 schools run by a college or university and focused on developing and testing different education models, studying how they affect learning and implementing successful teaching techniques in >
Editorial: Charters must answer hard questions
Jan 31, 7:31 AM: Gov. GLENN Youngkin is dangling lots of shiny words before people eager to flex their new-found parental rights and throw open Virginia’s doors to charter schools.
Youngkin summons higher education leaders to help promote his plan for ‘lab school’ partnerships
Jan 28, 8:45 AM: Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) summoned leaders of many of Virginia’s public and private institutions of higher learning to the capital Thursday to tout his proposal for forming “lab schools” that partner colleges and >
Gov. Youngkin’s push for innovation charter schools faces skeptical Senate
Jan 28, 7:45 AM: Governor Glenn Youngkin is touting plans to create new laboratory innovation charter schools across Virginia but Democrats may be standing in his way.
Opinion: My child has excelled thanks to online school
Jan 28, 6:45 AM: Like many parents across the country, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced me to reconsider non-traditional learning options that could help keep my family safe and healthy. After a quick Internet search, I stumbled >
Youngkin asks General Assembly for $150 Million for charter schools
Jan 27, 8:51 AM: Governor Glenn Youngkin wants 20 new charter schools in his first year. He’s asking the General Assembly for a judgment amendment putting $150 million dollars towards 20 charter schools, which are publicly-funded but >
Opinion | Youngkin fuels a culture war and puts schools at risk
Jan 25, 9:02 AM: The governor’s contempt for the law is matched by his disdain for Virginia’s constitution, which specifies that “the supervision of schools in each school division shall be vested in a school board.” According to a tally >
Youngkin's legislative agenda focuses on campaign promises from charter schools to tax cuts
Jan 25, 8:09 AM: Many are meant to deliver on his campaign promises, like expanding the number of charter schools and increasing the role of law enforcement in schools, to tax cuts and tax form. Youngkin’s agenda does not include bills >
Va. lawmakers to consider creating tax credit for home schooling, private school parents
Jan 24, 8:10 AM: A bill to create a tax credit for parents who home school or send their kids to private schools will be considered in Richmond Monday.
Editorial: Youngkin’s choice for education secretary might be a sign of good things to come
Jan 24, 7:05 AM: Education was a pillar of Glenn Youngkin’s successful campaign for governor of Virginia, so it made sense that the first person he named to his Cabinet was the secretary of education. His choice is someone who has been a >
Opinion: Glenn Youngkin’s charter school plan moves past ideology
Jan 18, 9:37 AM: Arriving in Blacksburg, Va., from Iran in the 1980s brought the promise of a bright future for my family. At the time, better education opportunities played a key role in why my parents chose to immigrate to the United >
Youngkin-backed bill could give charter schools an easier path to opening
Jan 14, 9:14 AM: Privately run schools funded with public dollars could have an easier path to opening their doors in urban and suburban localities — and without the support of local school boards — under legislation filed in the Virginia >
Opinion | Glenn Youngkin’s charter school plan moves past ideology
Jan 14, 6:55 AM: More than 3.5 million students across the country are attending charter schools, but only about 1,200 students in Virginia have that option. The reason is an antiquated charter school law that is more restrictive than >
Virginia Department of Education allocates $12 million for teacher recruitment
Jan 5, 8:19 AM: The Virginia Department of Education is allocating $12 million to a variety of programs for teacher recruitment and retention efforts.



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