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Vermont’s top education official says school districts cannot deny tuition to religious schools
Sep 15, 7:10 AM:

Vermont’s top education official has told school districts they cannot withhold public tuition money to schools because of their religious affiliation, issuing what appears to be the state’s first public guidance on the >

Senate moves to restrict use of public money on religious schools
Mar 24, 6:59 AM: The Vermont Senate voted Wednesday to advance legislation that would set limits on public money going to private and religious schools. A final vote on the bill, S.219, is expected later this week, after which the measure >
Bill would limit public dollars in religious schools
Mar 22, 6:04 AM: A bill up for a vote this week in the Vermont Senate could limit how public school dollars would follow students to private religious schools.
Bill puts geographic limits on Vermont tuition
Mar 21, 5:27 AM: Once they complete the sixth grade, students in the towns of Dover and Wardsboro must leave their school district to attend class.
Lawsuit raises school choice issue
Mar 7, 7:02 AM: A new lawsuit arguing it should be easier for public funds to flow to religious schools has been filed just as lawmakers are considering legislation that would add guardrails to that very process.
How can religious schools and public money mix in Vermont?
Mar 2, 9:11 AM: In Vermont, many school districts pay tuition for students to attend private schools, known as independent schools, elsewhere in the state. Because religious schools were ineligible for public money, Heather and Joseph >
Homeschooling stays as pandemic keeps shaking up Vermont families' school choices
Nov 8, 10:13 AM: Since the pandemic began, families have exercised more choice about how their kids will learn, sometimes from one year to the next. Trends over the last two years show a rise in homeschooling and independent schooling, >
Ensuring Vermont's students have equitable access to education
Oct 12, 9:15 AM: But a panel established by the Vermont legislature is now considering significant reform in how the state funds public education. More and more school districts are voicing their belief that it's about time. >
Should Public Funds Go To Vt. Independent Schools?
Sep 28, 9:07 AM: When it comes to education, should public money go to non-public schools? A school board in Rutland County recently posed this question, and it’s not the first time — or the last — this issue has been debated in Vermont or >
Barstow school choice: Should public tax dollars support private schools?
Sep 16, 9:38 AM: The suggestion to limit school choice to public options and no longer allow families to use state tuition money to send their students to independent schools has drawn fiery reactions from many — especially those who could >
Windham votes to close school, adopt K-6 school choice
Sep 8, 3:24 PM: Voters narrowly approved an article to close Windham Elementary School at the end of the current school year and adopt school choice for grades K-6, but defeated an article that would authorize the School Board to pay >
Religious schools see increases in enrollment
Aug 24, 10:35 AM: The bump appears to be due to a combination of factors: retention of families who sought out in-person alternatives to pandemic-related hybrid instruction plans many schools offered last school year; and recent >
Cases are surging. Should remote learning be back on the table?
Aug 17, 4:17 PM: Since the spring, state officials have made clear that they expect Vermont’s K-12 students to be physically back in the classroom five days a week this fall. The days of hybrid and online learning, they said, were over. >
Some kids thrived in remote learning. Their parents look for options as in-person class resumes
Aug 11, 9:57 AM: A new school model, born out of necessity due to COVID-19, proved to be the academic break one 9-year-old Burlington student needed to be successful.
Many Vermont families again signing up to home-school kids
Aug 5, 12:14 PM: Vermont families are once again signing up in droves to home-school their children.
Teachers union wants surplus used to reduce pension liability
Jul 30, 9:29 AM: In a memo to the Vermont Emergency Board, Vermont-NEA President Don Tinney made it clear that in a year with billions of federal pandemic aid flowing into Vermont, lawmakers and the governor should not miss the opportunity >
Court Scraps Vermont Ban on Sending Tax Dollars to Religious Schools
Jun 9, 5:28 AM: In Vermont, where the state constitution enshrines a centuries-old prohibition against using tax dollars for religious purposes, a federal appeals court ruled last week that students in school choice districts may use >
Court affirms tuition for students at religious school
Jun 3, 8:14 AM: A federal appeals court on Wednesday explained its decision to stop Vermont from excluding tuition funding for students who attend a religious school, saying a lower court ruling from earlier this year did not go far >
Commentary: Three Lawsuits That Will Change Vermont Education
May 18, 6:07 AM: In three lawsuits currently in process, plaintiff parents ask that public funds follow their children to the school of their choice.
Commentary: The benefit of school choice in the Covid era
May 14, 5:58 AM: The forced remote-learning fiasco imposed on Vermont public school students this past year highlighted the lack of common benefits available from the state’s education system.



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