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Back to School, but Still Learning Online
Jan 21, 10:10 AM: Federal stimulus dollars are dedicated to helping students recover from virtual schooling. Many districts are spending some of that money on virtual tutoring.
State Efforts to Close the K-12 Digital Divide May Come Up Short
Jan 21, 10:08 AM: Different communities took different approaches to handling the digital divide before and during the pandemic. A National Governors Association review showed that some education leaders sought to address the immediate >
Flint schools extends virtual learning period indefinitely
Jan 21, 9:49 AM: Flint students will remain at home indefinitely starting next week, as the school district today announced that it will not be returning to the classroom on Jan. 24.
Thousands of Oakland teachers threaten to strike over COVID safety protocol
Jan 21, 9:04 AM: Teachers say they want to keep schools open, but want to ensure they are safe for teachers and students amid the latest COVID surge. Union representatives and the district say they plan to meet through the night Thursday >
New Hampshire voucher program part of national school choice wave fueled by pandemic
Jan 21, 8:52 AM: Funding school choice options has long been controversial in New Hampshire. Proponents say education is not a one-size-fits-all affair, and parents can best decide what’s best for their children. Opponents say it drains >
Opinion: Pandemic offers fresh look at education
Jan 21, 8:45 AM: Three years ago, the education conversation in Arizona was sinking into firm trench lines between the #REDforED movement and education reform advocates. When the coronavirus pandemic struck, it brought not just disruption >
Kramer Elementary principal says school staff is ‘thinking outside of the box’ as it navigates pandemic-era learning
Jan 21, 8:41 AM: An innovation this school year was establishing students in “pods” of four – reorganized each month – to provide them with interactions with other students but also limit contact with larger numbers of students to decrease >
Thank you, Meek Mill — a phrase I never expected to say | Jenice Armstrong
Jan 21, 8:33 AM: I don’t blame Meek, Hart, and Rubin for choosing to help kids attend private schools. It’s hard, even for me, an advocate of public education, to have much confidence in the Philadelphia School District these days. >
SD Senate votes to increase private school scholarships from tax credit program to $3.5M
Jan 21, 8:28 AM: Senators voted to increase the amount of money the Partners in Education tax credit program can give out for scholarships to private school students.
Attorney: Ohio kids merely 'income statements on a balance sheet' to school voucher opponent
Jan 21, 8:22 AM: For the past two decades, Ohio has made a simple promise to its parents: If your child is zoned to attend a poorly performing school or if your family meets certain income guidelines, your child can receive a scholarship >
Opinion: More free effective, personalized schooling available
Jan 21, 7:52 AM: While the pandemic is on people’s minds Mankato area students and families have terrific opportunities to personalize their education in the next two months, thanks to many public school options.
OpEd: B1 gives control over schools to taxpayers, rather than parents and teachers
Jan 21, 7:20 AM: That schools should be under the control of parents of children in the district and the taxpayers who fund them is not a controversial position. If you asked most people, they would say that that’s exactly what they want. >
Education advocates call on Gov. Bill Lee to give additional $1B to Tennessee schools
Jan 21, 7:19 AM:

The State Collaborative on Reforming Education called for Tennessee to add an additional $1 billion in recurring funding to the nearly $6 billion the state already spends each year on public schools.

Opinion: Ending the dual process for charter school approval
Jan 21, 7:16 AM: Connecticut has slipped from 20 out of 40 in 2010 to 31 out of 43 in 2021 in the quality of charter school laws. The state must reverse this trend and immediately overhaul the charter school laws in order to foster an >
Gov. Abbott promises parental ‘Bill of Rights’ in Texas education
Jan 21, 7:06 AM: Gov. Greg Abbott released a parents’ “Bill of Rights” on Thursday, mirroring a national conservative push fueled by fractious debates over how race and sexuality are addressed in schools.
Kevin Nicholson, likely GOP candidate for governor, wants to close 'failing' schools
Jan 21, 6:49 AM: Low-performing schools in Wisconsin would be forced to close under a plan to overhaul K-12 education put forward by Kevin Nicholson, a Republican who is expected to announce this week he is running for governor. >
Many schools go virtual, again, over COVID-19 concerns... but is it worth it?
Jan 20, 10:06 AM:

A total of $122 billion has been given to public grade schools nationwide during the pandemic. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona announced the final distribution of funds, calling it an important milestone to “help >

Teacher Unions Used Pandemic to Funnel Millions to Divisive Political Groups: Government Accountability Institute
Jan 20, 10:04 AM: America’s largest teacher unions have funneled millions of dollars to divisive political movements as well as mostly Democratic political candidates, using the pandemic and their political influence to advance policies >
National parents group sends Cardona list of COVID-related demands, asks for transparency on federal spending
Jan 20, 10:03 AM: A national parents group is asking the Biden administration to consider a series of measures designed to better prepare for pandemics like the coronavirus, as well as provide greater transparency into how federal relief >
Parent-activists, seeking control over education, are taking over school boards
Jan 20, 10:02 AM: This crop of activists is campaigning to restructure American public education so that parents, whether they come from an educational background or not, serve as final arbiters for a wide range of issues, from whether >



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