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Betsy DeVos: Our nation's Report Card is in, and it's bad. All students need education freedom right now
Oct 22, 9:32 AM: Much has been written about the catastrophic learning losses during the pandemic caused by the unnecessary, union-driven school lockdowns.
Why local school board elections are so important
Oct 22, 9:31 AM: Thousands of school board elections are taking place in November. Even more will take place in the spring. And something new is happening. Parents are waking up to the fact that school boards work for them, not the other >
Opinion: School Spending Up, Test Scores Down
Oct 22, 9:30 AM: Thirteen-year-old children in American public schools were not quite as good at math and reading in 2019 and 2020 as they were in 2012. This is despite the fact that American taxpayers invested more money per pupil in the >
Commentary: The problem with ranking schools
Oct 22, 9:28 AM: We keep trying to assess schools quantitatively, instead of grappling with the deeper problems plaguing education.
Opinion: McAuliffe’s Gift to the GOP
Oct 22, 9:26 AM: The moment illustrates again the power of education as a wedge issue. It crosses socio-economic lines, giving Republicans the opportunity to peel back crucial suburban voters who helped Joe Biden to the White House. And it >
Here’s how school districts have spent federal pandemic funds so far
Oct 22, 9:20 AM: In Mississippi, already struggling schools continue to be put to the test of educating students while juggling changing COVID-19 guidelines, fluctuating cases, and hybrid schedules.
School voucher advocates face opposition as they try to gain momentum
Oct 22, 9:10 AM: Supporters of school choice are battling on two fronts to open the door to school vouchers in Michigan. They’ve taken their fight to both the courts and the state Legislature in a renewed push.
Richmond Public Schools closing school two additional days in early November for employees' mental health
Oct 22, 9:03 AM: Fearing that Richmond Public Schools employees are on the “brink of burning out — even leaving,” Superintendent Jason Kamras has announced that the school system will be closed the entire first week of November, including >
Opinion: Democrats' teachable moment
Oct 22, 9:00 AM: President Joe Biden and Gov. Ralph Northam both decisively won Virginia in their last elections by about 10 percentage points. Yet with Election Day approaching, polling shows former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe and >
Atlanta high school graduation rates increase for class of 2021
Oct 22, 8:31 AM: Atlanta Public Schools’ four-year graduation rate reached 83.1% for the class of 2021. That’s an increase from the year before, when it was 80.3%.
New NYC charter school creates inclusive environment for kids with autism
Oct 22, 8:29 AM: A new Staten Island charter school opened to students for the first time this fall for the 2021-2022 academic year, offering an inclusive environment for both general education students and students with special needs, >
Better public education in Florida starts with a new education commissioner | Editorial
Oct 22, 8:27 AM: Florida needs a new education commissioner. The lowlights of Richard Corcoran's tenure have centered around endangering students and their families with the coronavirus, bullying pubic school administrators and school >
Opinion: Should schools bring back hybrid learning for kids in quarantine?
Oct 22, 7:58 AM: One of the sectors of society that has been most disrupted by COVID-19 is schools. The pandemic has been hard on administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and kids. It may take years to unpack and undo the damage caused by >
Virginia saw homeschooling spike during the pandemic and many parents are sticking with it
Oct 22, 5:58 AM: Virginia saw a huge spike in homeschooling during the coronavirus pandemic and many parents are planning to stick with it long-term.
New data from PfISD show students boosting academic performance over previous school year
Oct 22, 5:50 AM: Recent figures from the Texas Education Agency show districts that experienced higher percentages of virtual learning during the 2020-21school year also saw underperforming grades on the state's State of Texas Assessment >
Parents advocacy group launches $1M ad campaign against McAuliffe, invoking safety in schools
Oct 22, 5:25 AM: A parents advocacy group kick-started a $1 million digital ad campaign targeting Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe by highlighting school safety in Virginia. Free to Learn Action released a TV advertisement >
Amendment 1 will cement teacher strikes in Illinois Constitution
Oct 22, 5:09 AM: Voters will decide in November 2022 whether teachers’ unions will have a permanent right to walk out on students.
Alaska has a teacher retention problem. The state is ready to pay someone to help solve it.
Oct 22, 5:06 AM: The state’s education department calls the lack of teachers in Alaska an emergency issue and says the pandemic is only making things worse. It’s willing to pay up to $300,000 to figure out how to attract—and keep—more >
National, state polls indicate widespread support for public, private school scholarships
Oct 21, 9:03 AM: A majority of U.S. citizens favor some sort of scholarship program that would offer tax credits for individuals and businesses to assist low-income, special needs and minority students attend either public or private >
Teachers unions influenced last-minute CDC school guidance, received copies before public release, emails show
Oct 21, 9:00 AM:

The latest batch of emails shows a last-minute press by teachers union officials to rewrite school guidance hours before their publication.



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