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Gov. Abbott promises parental ‘Bill of Rights’ in Texas education
Jan 21, 7:06 AM: Gov. Greg Abbott released a parents’ “Bill of Rights” on Thursday, mirroring a national conservative push fueled by fractious debates over how race and sexuality are addressed in schools.
Dallas ISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa to leave role as district leader
Jan 13, 6:13 AM: Dallas superintendent Michael Hinojosa will step down from his post leading the state’s second-largest school system by the end of this year.
Houston County Schools asking parents to choose learning method 8 months in advance
Jan 13, 6:03 AM: August seems like a long way off, but the Houston County School District is already making decisions about the fall school year, opening their virtual learning application process this week.
Houston ISD is hiring 500 students and alumni as elementary school tutors to combat COVID setbacks
Jan 7, 7:52 AM: Houston Independent School District is calling on students and alumni for help to address the loss of learning its elementary students suffered due to challenges from the pandemic.
A proposed Texas charter school promised to be antiracist. Then it got caught up in the critical race theory fight.
Jan 7, 7:47 AM: A planned San Antonio charter school was on the verge of winning final approval from the Texas Education Agency last August when a final set of requests arrived.
North Texas Charter School Network Leaves Texas Association of School Boards
Jan 7, 6:42 AM: Life School Superintendent Brent Wilson said he was unsurprised but "disappointed" by TASB's advocacy against charter schools.
As COVID cases rise, so do Texas teacher shortages, absences and burnout
Jan 5, 8:05 AM: As pandemic uncertainty continues, schools across the country and in Texas are finding it increasingly difficult to staff campuses with the necessary number of full-time and substitute teachers to maintain normal >
KIPP Texas charter school pushes back return date for students amid omicron surge
Jan 5, 7:58 AM: The public, tuition-free charter school announced Monday evening that it will push the return date back one day for students to Thursday, Jan. 6 to allow for the completion of staff and student PCR testing due to the >
Austin ISD to stop virtual learning program
Dec 29, 8:32 AM: Next week, about 3,000 Austin ISD students who were going to school online will head back to the classroom in the new year.
Gov. Abbott directs $123M in federal COVID-19 relief funding toward education in Texas
Dec 21, 9:29 AM: Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday that Texas will provide $123.3 million in federal COVID-19 relief money for education.The final round of money from the relief fund came through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental >
Frisco ISD opens applications for new online, hybrid education programs
Dec 7, 6:45 AM: Frisco ISD opened application forms Wednesday for its new online and hybrid programs called FISD+ in which high school students can earn credits starting in 2022.
The pandemic has undone years of educational gains in Texas schools.
Dec 1, 7:35 AM: In Texas, state officials have looked at the results from the 2021 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR test, to identify gaps in learning. The results point to trouble ahead. The pandemic appeared to >
How much are Houston-area schools spending to help kids who’ve fallen behind?
Nov 30, 6:42 AM: More than $1.8 million in federal ESSER III funds have been allocated to 94 local charter schools and school districts in and around Houston.
Teachers Too Busy With Basics to Apply for Innovative Learning Grants
Nov 30, 6:35 AM: The district's education foundation has raised money for teachers to apply for grants to do innovative projects in the classroom but the teachers haven't applied for the cash.
San Antonio Charter Moms hosts 'School Discovery Day' Sunday
Nov 8, 10:13 AM: The mission of the group is to help families choose the best schools for their children, primarily looking at charter schools.
Jubilee Academies schools receive $23 million grant for college readiness
Nov 5, 7:00 AM: Jubilee Academies, a charter network with six schools in San Antonio and 12 schools across Texas, received a seven-year, $23 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the school announced Thursday. >
School funding elections see mixed results in the San Antonio area
Nov 4, 7:08 AM: Voters in Bexar County’s wealthiest school district overwhelmingly approved a tax rate election Tuesday night, but voters in three other Bexar County school districts rejected their districts’ requests for bond funding. >
Opinion: TEA returned money to help students. Where did it go?
Nov 4, 6:44 AM: More than $5 billion in federal funds intended to help our students recover from the pandemic were diverted, and this diversion has mostly gone unnoticed. Those billions of dollars sent to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) >
Frisco ISD to offer hybrid and online high school options next year
Nov 2, 5:53 AM: Frisco ISD announced Monday that starting in 2022, students can earn high school credit through two new approved paths: a full-time online option or a hybrid system through the FISD+ program. According to a statement, the >
Virtual teachers, hefty bonuses help North Texas schools overcome staffing shortages
Oct 28, 8:28 AM: Students attend class normally, but instead of learning from a teacher in person, they engage with lessons delivered by an educator on screen. A district staff member oversees classroom management and technology issues >



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