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Editorial: Payback time for teachers
Feb 24, 11:36 AM:

Editorial snubs TN Republicans wanting to slash tenure and collective bargaining, sees them unfairly portraying teachers in negative light. Ideological battle "not in the best interest of schools or the students they >

Memphis public school teachers fear their careers at stake if unions banned
Feb 24, 8:09 AM:

Memphis teachers ready to rally against bill that would eliminate collective bargaining in state. Explores union rhetoric that tenure needed for "due process." Doesn't mention all the time and resources spent on making >

Knox County Education Association opposes bill to end collective bargaining
Feb 22, 10:45 AM:

Knox County teacher union fears proposed state legislation limiting collective bargaining rights, teacher tenure. Union plans rally.  Union leader expresses worry that teachers are "distracted right now" and "kids are >

Tennessee teachers fight bill to end collective bargaining
Feb 21, 6:41 PM:

Response to last week TN's Ed Committe's vote to deny teachers ability to negotiate working conditions via collective bargaining.  Union says working conditions are "learning conditions of students."  Huh?  Explain >

State vs. teachers' union
Feb 21, 7:55 AM:

TN ed agenda focuses on tenure; Gov not taking position on bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights, which teacher union says is all about union busting. Union to consider tenure changes based on 5 evaluation >

Editorial: A reform plan worth a look
Feb 18, 9:15 AM:

Praises Govs ed plans, that include state takeover of charter review, uniformity across districts to measure quality of charter applications, abolish cap on charters, tying tenure to performance.  Admonishes GOP efforts >

Tennessee Republicans take first swipe at teachers union
Feb 17, 11:39 AM:

TN legislature introduces bill to end collective bargaining between teachers' unions and school boards just before Gov. presents his own Ed reforms. Focus on fight between teachers and senators ignores potential effect >

Players abound, but so far no captain emerges in school merger
Feb 14, 10:11 AM:

Complex power grab shaping up in Memphis as school districts consider consolidation. Could be a long fight, and school futures are uncertain. Left wondering how outcome will impact the 150,000 kids.

Memphis Council's unanimous vote OKs surrender of charter by city schools
Feb 11, 11:00 AM:

Memphis City Council dissolves board, paves way for merge with Shelby County Schools. Lots of talk about school governance but other implications that are wholly ignored here abound for parents, students, taxpayers.

Knoxville Charter Academy's opening delayed
Feb 11, 10:34 AM:

First charter school opening delayed due to facility issue. It would be worth telling them what charter schools are and pressing both parties on whether waiting is a good thing for kids.

Tennesseans happy with local schools, want more from state
Feb 9, 11:48 AM:

Poll shows majority find their child's public school fine, rest of state not so good. You've heard this result for years. But it's rare to find articles that examine schools that really do work, why and how. This doesn't >

Showdown over schools: Proposed Germantown district faces steep hurdles
Feb 9, 10:15 AM:

TN school wants to create its own school district, sidestep possible county-Memphis consolidation. No detail provided on how the new district would create a better education for students.

Idea for Germantown school district earns applause
Feb 8, 2:41 PM:

Germantowners would pay 42 cents more in property taxes to get  their own school system. Reference to saving on private ed. but no review in weaknesses in county system (may merge with Memphis) or opportunities for >

Tennesseans approve of local public schools, more critical of state system
Feb 8, 12:31 PM:

Poll finds that Tennesseans want change in state schools, just not their local ones.  Parents and students are fickle in their opinions about what's working. Why the discrepancy? 

Our rural students need equal access to advanced classes
Feb 7, 4:14 PM:

Tenn.'s rural students need access to AP classes. It would be good to look at AP scores to see how students fare, not just number of students taking AP -- and if teachers are qualified to teach at such high levels, AP or >

Poll: Memphis City Schools charter surrender would pass, but not by much
Feb 7, 3:41 PM:

Poll predicts vote on Memphis and Shelby County fusion. Better use of space to educate public on the issue.

A race to the bottom?
Feb 7, 2:54 PM:

Lawmakers deemed anti-teacher, but no info on why reforms desired. Teacher accountability deserves more attention.

A race to the bottom?
Feb 7, 2:49 PM:

Fighting with teachers over tenure and pay is not a way to continue education expansion. Important issue that has clearly struck a cord with the author. Opponents seem to be winning this war though.

The Status Quo
Feb 3, 10:49 AM:

Merge possible for Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools. Too much hoopla about school governance without any mention of how these changes will affect students.

Staxs Music Academy | Memphis Parent Magazine
Feb 2, 1:05 PM:

Soulsville Charter School is built on the legacy of Stax Records and the music it created, the Memphis sound.  Talk about local direction!  Now, "Don't Keep Me Hangin' On."  Let us know what the charter does to improve >



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