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Berkeley County School District SC Ready scores show achievement gap
Sep 15, 6:48 AM:

"The results, while concerning, were not really surprising, unfortunately," said the Superintendent at Berkeley County School District.

Education researchers share how SC can close achievement gap
Jul 5, 8:39 AM: Researchers with the University of South Carolina’s College of Education have unveiled new report that details what South Carolina can do to accomplish a ‘whole child’ approach to education. >
SC Senate approves allowing public money for private schools
Mar 31, 8:55 AM: The South Carolina Senate late Wednesday gave key approval to a bill that would allow some poorer or disabled students taxpayer money to attend a private school or a public school outside their district.
S.C. Senate debates private school choice
Mar 25, 7:19 AM: The South Carolina Senate’s debate on a bill that would give some poorer or disabled students money so they could pick a private school or public school outside their district will continue into next week. >
School choice efforts gain movement in the South Carolina Senate
Mar 24, 7:51 AM: On Wednesday March 23, the Senate Education Committee passed the "open enrollment" bill, which could allow students to change schools within or outside their district.
Polaris Tech: State approves charter school's expansion Jasper County Sun Times 0:00 1:00 Polaris Tech Charter School said it has gotten state approval to add kindergarten through fourth grade classes starting in 2023. The State Charter Sch
Mar 22, 8:07 AM: The State Charter School Board of Directors authorized the Ridgeland school to serve an additional 250 students, adding to its current enrollment of 300 in fifth through 12th grades, a news release said.
Editorial: SC Senate voucher plan still lacks accountability, laser focus on poor kids
Mar 22, 5:54 AM: Giving out tax credits to parents offered no benefit to the poor kids supporters always insisted they were focused on helping, because their parents couldn’t afford the upfront cost of schools. Those plans, did, however, >
Horry Co. School Board votes to end virtual learning program, could bring it back in 2023
Feb 15, 9:48 AM: The Horry County School Board in a 11-1 vote has decided to end the virtual learning program after the 2021-2022 school year. The vote puts the program on pause for at least one year, but school leaders said it could >
HCS closing virtual school but exploring replacement options
Feb 15, 9:07 AM: Horry County Schools' K-12 virtual program will be dissolved beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, but with the caveat that the district staff bring back a viable option for creating another virtual education option in >
Spartanburg group files second charter school application, seeks 2023 opening
Feb 11, 10:30 AM: The Dudley-Holloway Education Group’s Fine Arts Preparatory School plans to serve grades pre-K through 6 and eventually expand to include higher grade levels. Students will go to school year-round and wear uniforms. There >
House Republicans advancing school choice bill offering $5,000 yearly to 5,000 K-6 students
Feb 9, 9:40 AM: Republican legislators are on track to create a private school choice program in South Carolina after years of failed attempts, driven by parental complaints about closed classrooms and virtual-only non-learning amid the >
Open enrollment bill would allow students to attend any public school in SC
Feb 8, 8:57 AM: In most school districts in South Carolina, students only have one option for which public school they attend: the one for which they are zoned, based on where they live.
SC lawmakers and educators find common ground in school choice
Feb 3, 10:18 AM: In a South Carolina General Assembly session that has already shown some sharp divides between lawmakers and teachers and school administrators, a school choice bill has them trying to sing from the same sheet of music. >
Education Savings Account: SC bill would establish school voucher-like program
Jan 28, 7:57 AM: Thursday, the debate shifted back to lawmakers in Columbia over whether or not the public education system in South Carolina needs to be shaken up.
Parents, educators react to Horry County Schools possibly closing its virtual school
Jan 27, 7:13 AM:

On Monday, the curriculum committee of HCS announced that the district may close the HCS K-12 Virtual program, which began in the fall of 2020 after COVID-19 forced the district to offer virtual instruction beyond the >

South Carolina charter and private schools offer unique curriculum to dyslexic students
Jan 26, 7:24 AM: Trident Academy, Lakes and Bridges Charter School and PACE Academy are just three of seven schools dedicated to students with dyslexia in South Carolina.
Charleston County School District outlines plan to use $163.2M in federal COVID-19 aid
Jan 25, 8:37 AM: The Charleston County School District plans to use $163.2 million in federal aid to complete an ambitious goal: close the district’s reading achievement gap by spring 2027.
Our View: New methods, same attempts would cripple public education
Jan 19, 8:54 AM: State and local school leaders impatient with their own inabilities to fix our struggling education system are once again flailing to find overnight solutions to a problem they allowed to get worse for decades. Education >
SC lawmakers focused on passing school choice expansion
Jan 18, 8:25 AM: S.C. A school voucher plan that would allow South Carolina parents to use the public school dollars allocated for their child on a variety of private educational expenses is expected to receive serious consideration in the >
Latest push for private school vouchers kicks off in the SC Senate
Jan 13, 6:45 AM: A proposal that could send South Carolina parents roughly $7,000 yearly for private K-12 education represents the latest in an 18-year push by school choice advocates, with the pandemic adding to arguments on both sides. >



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