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Groups urge RI governor to expand charter schools
Jan 31, 3:09 PM:

Factual accounting of Lincoln Chafee's  "thoughtful pause" while he mulls over  enacting schools plan which won federal money. Left hanging are questions over whether money won is at-risk, whether charters are succeeding >

Groups urge RI governor to expand charter schools
Jan 31, 2:57 PM:

A small unsatisfying taste of a struggle between Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee and some advocacy groups over expansion of charter schools. Story would be more fulfilling with explanations of various proposals now on >

Gov. Chafee, Who Are Your Real Friends?
Jan 31, 2:14 PM:

Will Gov. Chafee please his friends in the Teachers Union or follow the suggestions of education groups? What is the best for Rhode Island schools? He faces that predicament according to a to-the-point article.

Seismic shake-up? Nonsense.
Jan 4, 5:08 PM:

We're happy the Tiny State considers recent activity seismic, but these milestones -- while progress -- are hardly earth shattering. For models, see Massachusetts or proposals coming out of new governors' offices >



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