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Opinion: Charter moratorium wrong for K-12 education
Apr 29, 7:55 AM: Rhode Island must improve its education system and student outcomes. All legislation affecting K-12 education should be considered through this lens. Wiping out an entire category of educational opportunity which has >
Battle over Charters, Providence Takeover Divides Democrats in Deep Blue Rhode Island
Apr 22, 5:34 AM: The multi-pronged conflict has already scrambled traditional partisan allegiances in one of the bluest states in the country. Democrats in the legislature, including members of the leadership, overwhelmingly passed a >
Column: McKee has a blind spot on the cost of school choice
Apr 12, 5:29 AM: Governor McKee has argued that it was "a big lie" to think that charters hurt districts financially. We feel that Governor McKee has a blind spot when it comes to the fiscal realities of school choice.
House Finance Committee takes public comment for Rhode Island charter school bill
Apr 1, 6:53 AM:

Rhode Island's House Finance Committee continued testimony Wednesday for a proposed three-year moratorium on the creation of expansion of charter schools.

Opinion: Limiting options for parents is wrong
Apr 1, 6:08 AM: At the end of the day, the majority of our General Assembly believe that school districts, regardless of performance, are entitled to other people’s children because of the dollars that attach to those children. >
Editorial: Moratorium is the wrong solution
Apr 1, 6:04 AM: In the rapidly accelerating debate over charter school expansion in Rhode Island, it has become apparent that we can offer no easy answer to the simple question: Are more charter schools a good thing for students in the >
McKee rejects moratorium, reaffirms support for charter schools
Mar 31, 5:52 AM: Surrounded by charter-school supporters, Gov. Dan McKee on Tuesday underscored his commitment to school choice by stressing his opposition to a proposed charter-school moratorium.
Poll: 63 percent of Latino parents in Providence support charter school expansion
Mar 30, 6:57 AM: In Providence, 63 percent of Latino parents support a proposed expansion of charter schools, while just 10 percent oppose having more charter schools, according to poll results released Monday by the Latino Policy >
Opinion/McKee: Moratorium on charter schools makes no sense
Mar 30, 6:33 AM: Parents in Pawtucket, Central Falls, Providence and Woonsocket in particular, who know their children will have a better chance in a public charter school, do not deserve to have the door of opportunity slammed in their >
Opinion: Killing charter-school expansion degrades RI public education
Mar 25, 7:04 AM: Opponents of charters don’t mention the real problem, which is that district schools have virtually no autonomy.  The loss of money isn’t nearly as destructive as their inability to deploy the resources they’ve already >
Governor urges rejection of charter school moratorium, saying quality schools are needed
Mar 24, 7:12 AM: Governor Daniel J. McKee testified before the House Finance Committee Tuesday night against a three-year moratorium on new charter schools, saying it would pull the rug out from under newly approved schools that have >
House Finance Keeps Nearly 400 Parents Waiting to Testify for Hours on Charter Moratorium
Mar 24, 7:10 AM: The Rhode Island House Finance committee kept hundreds of parents who wanted to testify against charter school moratorium legislation waiting for hours on Tuesday night, and ultimately told them they could not testify >
New Poll: Majority of Rhode Islanders Support Expansion of Charter Schools
Mar 23, 6:20 AM: The poll was commissioned by the parent group Stop the Wait RI — and found that 53% of Rhode Islanders favor increasing the number of charter schools in the state while 32% oppose the expansion.
Providence teachers vote no confidence in Commissioner Infante-Green, Superintendent Peters
Mar 23, 5:34 AM: The vote, held virtually over the weekend, came as the school department sent displacement notices to 270 employees to inform them that they will have to apply for different jobs for the next school year.
Providence sends displacement notices to 270 teachers; union fires back
Mar 22, 7:51 AM: The school department has notified 270 employees, mostly teachers, that they will have to apply for different jobs this spring. The school district, in a release Friday, said the displacements are the result of ending >
McKee says he'll veto RI charter school moratorium if it passes
Mar 22, 7:30 AM: Gov. Dan McKee will veto a moratorium on new charter schools and charter school expansions if the General Assembly passes one, his office said Friday.
Column: Providence’s Education Reforms Have Failed Over and Over Again
Mar 22, 7:20 AM: Today, thousands of students, having been denied any kind of effective education, have asked, they have begged for an alternative. That has been charter schools. It has been such a better alternative that thousands more >
O’Brien introduces charter school moratorium
Mar 17, 8:26 AM: The bill would institute a moratorium upon the creation or expansion of any district, independent or mayoral charter school for the 2021-22, 2022-23, and 2023-24 school years. It provides that the state would not >
Mothers Are Calling Out Legislators for Blocking Quality Public Education for Black & Brown Children
Mar 16, 7:03 AM: It is no secret that the public schools in cities like Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls are not only among the worst in Rhode Island, but among the worst in the United States.
Frustrated parents form group to combat anti-charter legislation
Mar 10, 8:38 AM: Frustrated by a lack of action from the Rhode Island General Assembly on addressing Rhode Island’s “broken education system combined with efforts to stop the growth of high-performing charter schools,” parents from across >



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