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Thank you, Meek Mill — a phrase I never expected to say | Jenice Armstrong
Jan 21, 8:33 AM: I don’t blame Meek, Hart, and Rubin for choosing to help kids attend private schools. It’s hard, even for me, an advocate of public education, to have much confidence in the Philadelphia School District these days. >
Bill automatically increasing funding for Pa.’s school choice advances in Senate
Jan 20, 8:52 AM: Senate Republicans continued their push for expanding school choice on Wednesday by advancing a bill that seeks to clear the waiting list of students seeking financial aid to attend a private school.
Lawmaker proposes school choice for Pennsylvania students in poor-performing districts
Jan 19, 8:44 AM: A Pennsylvania state senator is proposing a new school-choice program for students who live in the commonwealth’s poorest-performing public school districts.
School can’t ‘cure every societal ill’ GOP lawyers argue in Pennsylvania funding case
Jan 14, 9:49 AM: Philadelphia schools superintendent William Hite took the stand for a second day Thursday in a historic trial that could change the way Pennsylvania funds its public education system.
Proposal uses federal money to fund school choice for Pennsylvania families during pandemic
Jan 14, 6:43 AM: State Sen. Ryan Aument, R-Lititz, has introduced Senate Bill 1015 to create education savings accounts (ESAs) that Pennsylvania families can use to offset education costs for alternatives to public schools, funded through >
Harrisburg School District moving to remote learning until Jan. 18
Jan 10, 8:50 AM: An announcement on the school district’s website stated that because of COVID-19 cases surging in the area, that the decision was made to make all learning virtual until Tuesday, Jan 18.
New bill looks to expand school choice for Pennsylvania military families
Jan 7, 7:29 AM: Two Pennsylvania state senators are proposing new Educational Opportunity Accounts (EOAs) to expand school choice for military families.
Philly’s de facto charter school ban creates a ballooning waitlist
Jan 7, 6:45 AM: It’s been more than three years since the Philadelphia Board of Education last approved a new public charter school. With no end to the freeze in sight, what amounts to a de facto ban on new public charter schools is >
‘This is not the way to handle things’: Teachers and parents say Philly’s partial reopening of schools is chaotic
Jan 5, 8:20 AM: After abruptly shifting about a third of its schools to remote learning, the Philadelphia school district opened the rest of its schools for in-person instruction Tuesday — a partial reopening that the city’s teachers >
PPS moves 12 schools to online learning hours after announcing all would return to in-person classes Monday
Jan 3, 7:04 AM: Pittsburgh Public Schools announced Sunday evening that 12 schools would be operating remotely come Monday morning, after an announcement earlier in the day that said the district intended to hold classes in person but >
For Asian American students, new magnet school admissions plan creates roadblocks | Opinion
Dec 29, 9:13 AM: Our community enjoys no greater privilege than any working-class group in America, and we depend on public magnet schools for opportunity, writes Michael Zhang. This new process fails our children.
Cyber charter schools continue to open doors for families in Montgomery County
Dec 29, 8:56 AM: As COVID variants remain in the news, more and more families are once again taking a serious look at virtual schooling options for their children. The difference this time around is that families have already had—starting >
5 takeaways from Pennsylvania’s ongoing, landmark school-funding trial after one month
Dec 28, 10:37 AM: In poorer districts, some kindergartners have 15 minutes of recess, and athletics are sorely lacking. But defense attorneys questioned how districts spend their money.
Amid omicron ‘deluge’, Philly area schools weigh how to move forward
Dec 28, 9:53 AM: School districts across the region are trying to navigate the current COVID-19 wave, sometimes drawing different conclusions about what’s best for students and staff nearly two years into the pandemic. >
Pittsburgh Public Schools board approves 3% property tax increase and $690 million budget
Dec 23, 7:19 AM: City property owners will see a tax increase from Pittsburgh Public Schools in 2022. The board on Wednesday approved a 2022 budget of $690 million and approved a 3% property tax increase.
Wolf vetoes school curriculum bill; signs nine others, including broadband authority, into law
Dec 23, 7:13 AM: Gov. Tom Wolf has vetoed a bill mandating schools to upload their curricula and lists of textbooks online for public access.
The taxpayer costs of a COVID-fueled exodus of Nazareth Area students to charter schools
Dec 21, 9:05 AM: The Nazareth Area School District gave up $1 million in funding at the height of the pandemic as students left and enrolled in charter schools.
Olney Charter High School shifts to remote learning amid faculty call out
Dec 20, 8:09 AM: Philadelphia high school will move students to remote learning on Monday as teachers staged a massive ‘call out’ to demand better health protocols one week after a student died of COVID-19.
New Philly School District admissions policy holds charter parents hostage, some say
Dec 17, 6:38 AM: Parent Kristina Wilkerson speaks as Mastery parents rally on Thursday, protesting Philadelphia School District changes that would prohibit students who live outside school catchment areas from attending those schools - but >
Bipartisan bill to ease teacher shortage applauded by union, school administrators
Dec 17, 6:23 AM: School districts across Pennsylvania are struggling to find substitute teachers, including many in the Midstate. A bipartisan effort at the state capitol could be a big help.



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