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Two Philly students now have seats on the school board
Sep 23, 7:40 AM:

Student representatives do not have voting power, but they take part in all board discussions and gather information from peers across the city; last year’s board representatives helped select a new superintendent.

In union-stronghold Pennsylvania, Democratic nominee supports school choice
Sep 21, 10:12 AM:

Support for more education funding isn’t a rarity among Democrats nationally, but a Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee is standing out for his support of school choice.

Six Philly-area schools named Blue Ribbon winners by the U.S. Department of Education
Sep 20, 9:46 AM:

Last year, seven local schools won the honor. Schools can be recognized either for overall academic excellence or for stellar progress in closing achievement gaps among students.

Pennsylvania districts announce universal free breakfast program
Sep 14, 4:56 AM:

Governor Tom Wolf and local officials have announced a plan to provide universal free school breakfasts for 1.7 million students across the commonwealth this school year.

All Pennsylvania public and charter school kids will receive free breakfast this year
Sep 12, 10:23 AM:

More Pennsylvania kids will start their days with full stomachs due to a new program from the Wolf Administration.

The $21.5 million dollar initiation will bring free universal breakfast to 1.7 million kids, starting >

Renovated castle in Wilmerding, Pa., will provide space for charter school
Aug 9, 8:51 AM:

The 45,000-square-foot Westinghouse Castle will be renovated for the Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School.

How kindergarten camps are helping Pittsburgh area students who missed preschool during the pandemic
Aug 9, 8:41 AM:

The start of the new school year is weeks away, but at Duquesne Elementary School a group of students was already in a kindergarten classroom in late July learning how to take turns, raise their hands and line up in an >

Strategic plan unveiled to recruit and retain educators in Pennsylvania
Jul 26, 9:09 AM:

The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently released The Foundation of Our Economy: Pennsylvania Educator Workforce Strategy, 2022-2025, PDE’s strategic plan to recruit and retain more educators across the >

Pa.’s teacher shortage is now a ‘crisis.’ Here’s how the state plans to bring in thousands of educators by 2025
Jul 19, 8:29 AM:

The state Education Department on Monday laid out a road map for bolstering its number of teachers in the next three years, vowing immediate action to stem its “educator workforce crisis,” illustrated in the number of >

Want to save our democracy? Talk — and listen — to someone you don’t agree with.
Jul 14, 9:58 AM: Schools are the only institutions charged with making citizens, which is why we require everyone to attend them. But our schools have failed to teach us how to conduct civil, reasoned dialogue. Turn on cable TV — or >
The Wolfpack combats pandemic learning loss
Jul 13, 7:17 AM: A four-week summer program in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District focuses on project-based learning.
Budget would leave billions unspent, boost education funding
Jul 8, 9:20 AM: A program that gives tax credits in return for private school tuition would see an increase of 45%, to more than $400 million.
SCOTUS ruling on school funding vouchers could have impact on Pa. education future
Jun 30, 1:46 PM: PA is once again considering a school voucher system that would enable parents in the bottom-performing 15 percent of school districts to use a scholarship account for any school of their choice to use on tuition, >
A dispute between a charter board and Universal Companies has left two schools in limbo
Jun 29, 2:55 PM: In Philadelphia, where charters educate about 70,000, or one-third of public school students, many of the city’s 85 charters are managed by private companies that contract with the schools to provide services. >
Supreme Court: Religious schools must get Maine tuition aid
Jun 22, 8:56 AM: The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Maine can't exclude religious schools from a program that offers tuition aid for private education, a decision that could ease religious organizations’ access to taxpayer money. >
How much did the pandemic cyber charter surge cost Pa. school districts? More than $12k per student, new report says
Jun 16, 9:49 AM: The pandemic enrollment surge in cyber charters cost Pennsylvania districts hundreds of millions of dollars — costs that could be magnified by the inability to predict whether some of those students will remain in virtual >
Pa. Senate votes to block charter school regulations from taking effect
Jun 16, 9:36 AM:

The Pennsylvania Senate on Wednesday passed a concurrent resolution that would block Gov. Tom Wolf’s regulatory changes to the state’s charter school law from taking effect.

PSP no more: Philly education nonprofit changing its name, mission
Jun 7, 9:22 AM: The Philadelphia School Partnership is becoming Elevate 215, officials will announce Tuesday. The organization, which has raised $134 million since its founding in 2011, had focused on expanding the number of “high-quality >
Free-market think tank calls for expanded school choice policies and tax reforms
Jun 7, 9:02 AM:

A Harrisburg free-market think tank unveiled its 2023 legislative agenda this week, which proponents say is backed by polling data and could help revitalize the commonwealth – if lawmakers adopt their recommendations.

It’s time to get progressive about education
Jun 6, 9:06 AM: Why are progressives, who fashion themselves the arbiters of protecting vulnerable children, so against policies that allow state money to fund the child, instead of the system?



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