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Oregon students' math, reading skills plummet post-pandemic - Los Angeles Times
Sep 23, 7:42 AM:

Testing from spring 2022 shows students who were already behind before the pandemic had the most learning loss but all children overall lost ground when compared with spring 2019 test scores, Oregon Department of >

Oregon Moms Union's 'legislative priorities' call for school choice measures and parental rights
Sep 22, 9:07 AM:

The leader of the union said, 'After years of saying no to parents, it’s far time for elected leaders to find ways to say yes'

Online school ORCA wins best public school award
Sep 15, 7:01 AM:

The Oregon Charter Academy (ORCA), which has operated completely online for 17 years, recently won best public school overall, beating out more than 135 traditional public schools within the mid-valley region (Marion, >

Oregon's largest school districts to continue offering online learning option next year
Mar 22, 8:36 AM: Administrators with Salem-Keizer Public Schools' EDGE online program say some students are finding success through online school
Legislators push for money to train Oregon teachers in the science of reading
Mar 1, 9:18 AM: A majority of the state’s 4th and 8th graders are not proficient in reading, according to national data on student progress
See which Portland schools, metro districts had big enrollment losses: PPS reports 4% fewer students this year than last
Feb 22, 9:25 AM: Portland Public Schools, like most districts in Multnomah County, saw big declines in its enrollment this school year compared to last, new state figures show.
Portland Public Schools expects to see 3,400 students leave by next school year
Feb 18, 9:30 AM: Next year, Portland Public Schools said they're going to see a big dip in enrollment, which they said is on par with the rest of the state and country.
Left Behind: Portland could look to McMinnville for ways to help students of color soar in math
Feb 7, 10:08 AM: In 2019, after Portland Public Schools leaders saw only about 20% of their Latino fifth graders and 10% of their Black fifth graders register as proficient in math, they vowed to help students of color make big gains in >
Oregon Trail Academy works to improve pathways for success for online students
Feb 7, 9:59 AM: When the Oregon Trail Academy graduated its first class in 2019, there were but five seniors and all successfully crossed the finish line. In 2020, due to several changes and growing pains, the charter school's graduation >
Oregon lawmakers to consider bill aimed at giving families more choice in how their child gets an education
Feb 4, 10:25 AM: In Oregon, once a school district has 3% or more of its students enrolled in a virtual public charter school, it can deny requests.
Opinion: Oregon needs an elected state school chief and a panel to empower parents
Feb 1, 7:09 AM: There's no question these past two years have been hard on our kids. The state left them behind. Now it's time to turn the page. We can do that by keeping our classrooms open, giving them a say in where and how they attend >
Portland’s Black and Latino students shortchanged from the earliest grades, belying pledge to put them first
Jan 31, 9:04 AM: Low expectations, poor teacher training, outdated curricula and a revolving door of leadership all continue to doom the vast majority of the district’s Black and brown children to a lifetime of diminished opportunities, >
Portland Public Schools admin accuses teachers of coordinating sick calls
Jan 18, 7:43 AM: The district's HR chief says they're "getting reports of educators being asked by colleagues to call-in sick with the intention" of closing schools.
Butte Falls Charter School switches to distance learning due to COVID-19
Jan 13, 8:50 AM: On January 11, Butte Falls Charter School switched to online learning after several students went home early after testing positive for COVID-19. In addition, nearly a quarter of the school’s roughly 230 students had to >
Charter school for BIPOC students opening in Portland
Dec 9, 6:06 AM: Holla Public Charter School is expected to open in the fall of 2022 in partnership with the Reynolds School District.
Editorial: PPS must hold firm against teachers union proposal to cut in-person school
Dec 6, 9:04 AM: Apparently, the union believes that the way out of the hole caused by canceling in-person instruction is… to cancel additional in-person instruction.
‘We just can’t support that’: Portland Public Schools leaders respond to union’s virtual instruction proposal
Dec 1, 8:50 AM:

About 1 in 4 Black and Latino ninth graders in Portland Public Schools finished last year with fewer than six credits, a key indicator of whether a student will graduate on time. District officials say they can't accept >

New charter school focused on BIPOC community to open in east Portland
Nov 30, 7:40 AM: A new charter school focused on the BIPOC community is coming to the east side of Portland. HOLLA School will be housed in the Rockwood Boys and Girls Club.
Oregon lifts bachelor's degree requirement for substitutes in schools
Oct 13, 5:54 AM: For a limited time, if you want to be a substitute teacher in Oregon, you won't need a bachelor's degree. The state of Oregon issued a temporary rule that will allow school districts to implement Emergency Substitute >
Some families frustrated over long-standing Oregon rule allowing districts to cap students who can attend online charter school
Sep 23, 8:51 AM:

Hundreds of families haven't been able to enroll in Oregon Charter Academy because of a law commonly referred to as “the three-percent rule," said school officials.



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