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Epic Charter Schools creating dual-language immersion academy
Jun 21, 9:17 AM:

An Epic Charter Schools site is on the cusp of becoming Oklahoma City’s new dual-language immersion school, promising an academic career in English and Spanish from early childhood to high school.

Oklahoma's massive school voucher bill is dead, but the ideas behind it are unlikely to go away
Mar 28, 7:54 AM: In a dramatic turn Wednesday, a coalition of mostly rural Republicans and urban Democrats voted down one of the most headline-grabbing bills of the year in Senate Bill 1647.
Voucher plan shot down in narrow vote
Mar 25, 7:29 AM: The Oklahoma Senate finally brought a bill creating school vouchers to a vote and, after four hours of debate late Wednesday, defeated the measure, 22 to 24.
Editorial: Rep. Dills showing persistence on needed charter school reforms
Mar 21, 8:06 AM: It took a few years for Rep. Sheila Dills, R-Tulsa, to gain support for improving oversight on charter schools. She’s finally getting traction on those reforms.
What does school choice look like in rural Oklahoma?
Mar 18, 7:33 AM: Though homeschooling appeals to some, it didn’t to the Williamsons. There are very few private school options and they don’t have athletics and ag offerings like at Sulphur. They never thought of looking beyond public >
Controversy surrounding Oklahoma’s school-choice bill
Mar 18, 5:30 AM: The controversial Senate Bill 1647 is making its way through the Oklahoma legislature and would move state funding for public school students into a private account for parents.
Trio of virtual charter school reform bills pass Oklahoma House of Representatives
Mar 16, 5:43 AM: A pair of bills augmenting virtual charter school oversight passed in the Oklahoma House of Representatives Monday.
Gov. Stitt targeted unions in State of the State address, but legislature avoids major action
Mar 15, 9:33 AM: During his State of the State address last month, Gov. Kevin Stitt criticized teacher unions for pushing liberal curriculum theories and keeping school buildings closed, while erroneously claiming union dues are >
Oklahoma House passes virtual charter school reforms
Mar 15, 6:22 AM: The Oklahoma House of Representatives moved to tighten financial oversight of charter schools, and particularly virtual charter schools, with unanimous passage Monday of two major reform bills.
Anti-School-Choice groups' poll contradicted -- by own pollster
Mar 14, 8:26 AM: The Oklahoma Education Coalition, whose member groups include teachers’ unions and school administrators, announced that it paid the Tarrance Group to conduct a poll of 600 likely Oklahoma voters from Feb. 28 to March 3. >
While Oklahoma educators await fate of school voucher bill, state lawmakers advance flurry of ed measures
Mar 14, 8:11 AM: The controversial bill passed narrowly out of two Senate committees. It could come up on the floor at any time, though the senate will have a short week because of Spring Break. It’s sponsored by Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat >
Poll finds Oklahoma voters oppose public funds going to private school scholarships
Mar 10, 9:32 AM: As Oklahoma legislators debate the merits of policies funneling taxpayer money toward private school scholarships, a poll of likely voters across the state found a majority oppose that type of legislation.
Editorial: Private school vouchers won't improve public education
Mar 7, 7:48 AM: Students using vouchers would not undergo the same testing required of public students to gauge academic progress. Quality of education for voucher-using students would be unknown.
State Rep. Dills Sees Strong Chance Of Revamping Charter School Management
Mar 4, 9:36 AM: Two bills seek to tighten up loopholes in the way charter schools work with their sponsors and for-profit educational management organizations.
School voucher bill advances, faces uphill battle to become law
Mar 4, 7:07 AM: After two amendments, SB1647 is heading to the Senate floor, following a 12-8 vote in the committee.The bill would give each parent between $3,500 and $5,200 to spend on their child’s education.
Education voucher bill no longer includes home schoolers as it jumps another hurdle to becoming Oklahoma law
Mar 3, 6:27 AM: A bill that would give families savings accounts to pay for private school tuition can now be heard by the full Senate after it narrowly passed in an appropriations committee meeting Wednesday.
Senators vote to close loophole exploited by teacher unions
Mar 3, 6:11 AM: Teacher union employees could no longer exploit an alleged loophole in state law that allows them to accrue increased state retirement benefits even when they are actually working for a labor union and not a public school, >
Viewpoint: Oklahoma tax dollars should fund school choice for students, not lobbyists
Feb 25, 8:50 AM: Still unclear is whether some Republicans in Oklahoma will have the necessary fortitude to take on the teachers’ unions and school administrators that oppose the bill.
Oklahoma lawmaker stands ground regarding school choice bill
Feb 17, 9:59 AM: Oklahoma’s Speaker of the House Charles McCall stood his ground against fellow Republican efforts to pass a school choice bill.
Bill supporting private-school, homeschool costs clears committee, advances in Senate
Feb 16, 9:05 AM: One of the Oklahoma Legislature's most polarizing education bills narrowly passed committee on Tuesday. The Senate Education Committee advanced Senate Bill 1647, called the Oklahoma Empowerment Act, with an 8-7 vote. >



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