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North Dakota teacher's union urges school districts to provide paid COVID-19 leave for educators
Oct 7, 8:18 AM: For the majority of North Dakota teachers this school year, if they become infected with the virus or are identified as a close contact, they need to use their annual paid days off, such as sick days, vacation days or >
Mandan Virtual Academy offers flexibility for students
Aug 31, 3:23 PM: Virtual learning options have been available for Mandan Public Schools students since the beginning of the pandemic. While most students are back in the classroom, instructors said virtual learning remains a good fit for >
'Fed up' parents aim to recall 4 Fargo School Board members
Jun 3, 7:52 AM: Citing a list of grievances, a group of local parents and concerned citizens are launching a campaign to recall four members of the Fargo School Board.
Bills to offer private school tax credit, limit teacher contract negotiations advance in North Dakota Legislature
Mar 8, 2:47 PM: Republican-backed bills aimed to bolster private education and impose time limits on teacher contract negotiations.
Our view: Schools may need an extension after pandemic, but it shouldn’t be permanent
Jan 20, 8:30 AM: Our reasons for keeping the current school calendar – or at least something that resembles the current calendar – are old-fashioned. For example: A workforce required for seasonal businesses and farms, summer camps, >
Bismarck teachers union pushes back on return to in-person learning for grades 6-9
Oct 13, 8:43 AM: The Bismarck Education Association and several Bismarck Public Schools teachers on Monday asked the school board to delay transitioning grades 6-9 to face-to-face learning full time.
A look at how charter schools could affect learning amid the pandemic
Aug 26, 6:12 AM: As many schools address challenges with online learning, some point to charter schools as a solution. North Dakota currently has no charter schools, as one of just five states in the country without a provision permitting >
Letter: Has the time come for North Dakota charter schools?
Aug 24, 6:34 AM: As we approach a new school year, parents and teachers are again preparing for the possibility of a sudden shift to online instruction. If only there was a way to better prepare students, teachers, and parents for online >
Goodbye grade levels, and hello personalized learning! Northern Cass's new plan to help students News - Northern Cass says good bye to grade levels Volume 90%
Nov 22, 7:47 AM: Students say it’s a refreshing change that supports them and challenges them at the same time – and development experts say that puts them in the best position for learning.
A North Dakota law gives school districts a chance to experiment
Sep 17, 6:53 AM: By next school year, grade levels are expected to be eliminated in the Northern Cass School District in rural North Dakota, and students will navigate their own path to graduation, at their own pace.
How a North Dakota town embraced online learning to try to save its school
Aug 7, 7:45 AM: You wouldn't know it by looking at this North Dakota schools' creaky brick building, but this outpost was a leader in embracing online learning.
Legislators try again with Education Savings Account bill
Jan 17, 5:43 AM: State lawmakers are trying again to establish an Education Savings Account program for parents in North Dakota.
N.D. legislators draft bill to replace snow days with virtual classrooms
Nov 29, 7:09 AM: What began as a class project has led to a bill to be presented in the upcoming North Dakota legislative session about how school make-up days can be eliminated.
Dangling a college offer, one rural town tries to hang on to its work force
Nov 8, 8:14 AM: Under the new program, a business would partner with a high school senior who is interested in a one- or two-year technical degree. The business would pay 60 percent of his or her college costs and Forward Devils Lake, the >
School choice in North Dakota
Jun 26, 5:51 AM: "Anything that gives parents different options of what they think is best for their children is a positive thing. So when this study comes out and it gives North Dakota an A, that's an A as far as protecting the status quo >
Baesler: Program offers advanced classes in rural ND schools
Mar 15, 5:57 AM: North Dakota schools are being asked to sign up for the “Virtual College Readiness” program. It offers online Advanced Placement courses in science, computer science, math and English. Students can take the courses for >
Bill to encourage innovation in schools
Apr 13, 5:41 AM: A bipartisan bill to allow school board approved waivers of North Dakota education laws when it would improve delivery or administration was signed by Gov. Doug Burgum on April 3.
More North Dakota parents opting for private schools
Mar 28, 4:51 AM: More parents in North Dakota are opting for private schools and home schooling as the debate regarding school choice has grown into a national conversation.
School choice options gain momentum in North Dakota
Mar 27, 6:21 AM: No charter schools operate in North Dakota, and there are few virtual schools. However, recent state data shows more parents are opting for private schools and homeschooling, signaling, perhaps, that more parents are >
With new administration, ND leaders address school choice debate (CER in the news)
Mar 6, 8:17 AM: The country's education system could be in for changes under new leadership in Washington, but how that may affect North Dakota schools remains to be seen.



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