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As city eyes new schools for students with dyslexia, one charter school is already serving them
Feb 11, 10:02 AM: Mayor Eric Adams has pledged to better support students with reading disorders like dyslexia, and Schools Chancellor David Banks has said he aims to open schools specifically for those children. But one public charter >
The plot to weaken New York City charters
Feb 8, 9:07 AM: If New York politics were sane and rational — if our elected officials were serious about the pursuit of educational excellence and what’s best for children — the city’s charter-school sector would be a point of civic >
NYC teachers union pushes ‘due process’ for 700 members facing firing over vaccine refusal
Feb 8, 9:06 AM: Roughly 700 city educators got pink slips last week from the Education Department over their refusal to comply with the vaccine mandate — and the teachers union is arguing they shouldn’t be canned without disciplinary >
Syracuse nonprofit advocates for charter school operated by people of color
Feb 7, 10:06 AM: The 100 Black Men of Syracuse, a nonprofit advocacy group, held an education forum in the South Side Innovation Center at 2610 S. Salina St. on Saturday.
Editorial: Fight for charter schools, Mr. Mayor
Feb 3, 10:15 AM: New York City charter-school enrollment is booming, up 9% these last two years, even as families flee the regular public schools. The teachers-union solution to that is to use their pawns in state government to make it >
GOP rival Lee Zeldin raps Gov. Kathy Hochul on lack of support for charter school expansion
Feb 3, 9:54 AM: Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin rapped Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul for waffling on her support for charter schools when pressed by The Post, saying he would make expansion of the popular alternative schools >
Enrollment jumps at NYC charters, public schools lose 62,000 students
Feb 2, 8:46 AM: Charter schools saw an overall enrollment jump of 1.3 percent this school year, and by 9 percent combined over the past two years despite the coronavirus pandemic, the NYC Charter School Center reports.
Hochul won’t back charter school expansion due to union’s support: critics
Feb 2, 8:44 AM: Gov. Kathy Hochul is refusing to use her political muscle to promote the expansion of popular charter schools after getting endorsed by the powerful teachers union, which opposes the privately-run schools.
Save our schools! The Post’s plea to Hochul, Albany and Adams
Feb 2, 7:34 AM: Mayor Adams and Schools Chancellor David Banks have a chance to reverse the damage inflicted on our children, giving parents options for success, maintaining excellence and fixing broken schools. For this they need the >
The Editorial Board: New life for two Buffalo charter schools, but is the district setting them up to fail?
Jan 31, 7:42 AM: The Buffalo City School District, which unsuccessfully tried to bully two charter schools out of existence last year, has come back with a two-year plan for their continuance – one that sounds reasonable but about which >
Educators from NYC DOE and Charter School Get Together to Solve Literacy Gaps
Jan 31, 7:38 AM: Before the pandemic, a partnership between the New York City Department of Education and Uncommon Schools brought educators together at DOE headquarters in Lower Manhattan to work on ways to help students become stronger >
SUNY-approved charter schools in NYC outperform public schools: study
Jan 31, 7:27 AM: The analysis — which involved third- through eighth-graders —was conducted by the State University of New York’s Charter Schools Institute, one of two entities that approve charters in the state. >
Editorial: New York keeps spending more on schools and getting less results
Jan 31, 7:10 AM: If school achievement depended only on funding, New York’s kids would be performing twice as well as other American children. Alas, they’re not — and Gov. Kathy Hochul’s budget will only boost the spending gap more, with >
Principals’ View: Many Students Need Support Beyond HS. So Our Charter School Created a ‘13th Grade’ Program to Help Grads Stay Connected and Build Rewarding Careers
Jan 28, 8:30 AM:

If the purpose of a high school education is to prepare students for the next step, schools should be judged on whether their students are actually prepared to take that step. They should be held accountable not only for >

Buffalo Public Schools upbeat about state budget, approve charter school and Metro Bus plans
Jan 27, 8:49 AM: Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash was upbeat Wednesday evening, after testifying virtually before the fiscal committees of the state legislature about Gov. Kathy Hochul's proposed increase in school aid to >
Enrollment in NYC public schools drops again — giving Adams, Banks opportunity to better serve students
Jan 27, 7:21 AM: Mayor Eric Adams and Chancellor David Banks have inherited a school system that is shrinking rapidly, particularly in the elementary grades. But it’s not necessarily bad news — if they take the opportunity it provides to >
Pfizer made $80B last year – but being stingy with property promised to NYC charter, officials say
Jan 25, 8:57 AM: Drug manufacturing giant Pfizer — which is projected to report industry shattering $80 billion in business for last year thanks largely to sales of its coronavirus vaccine — is sticking charter school kids in Brooklyn with >
Editorial: Hochul must get NYC’s charter cap lifted — fast
Jan 20, 9:35 AM: Gov. Kathy Hochul threw New York's charter schools a bone in her budget plan, but Mayor Eric Adams needs to let her know that NYC desperately needs dozens of new charters.
NYC Education Dept. loosens attendance, virtual learning rules for absent students
Jan 19, 7:05 AM: There is still no remote learning option for city schools, but an attendance policy shift will offer more flexibility to families keeping their kids home over COVID-19 concerns, city education officials said Tuesday. >
Review & Outlook: ​​Eric Adams’s Charter School Opportunity
Jan 18, 9:38 AM: Eric Adams is promising to revitalize New York City as its new mayor, and one way to make his mark in education is to help charter schools expand. He has the power to take immediate steps that would provide more charter >



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