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Editorial: Charter schools’ common sense ask of state Legislature
Mar 21, 8:26 AM: The Legislature refuses to lift the cap that prevents more charters from opening in New York City, though enrollment in charters has jumped 9% these last two years even as Department of Education schools keep losing kids >
Asian parents—fed up with public education—want more charter schools
Mar 21, 8:24 AM: In 2010, the powerful documentary “Waiting for Superman” exposed public schools for the failure factories they are, and forged lasting awareness that for black families, the only hope for a decent education is winning the >
Editorial: Open up new educational opportunities for students
Mar 21, 5:49 AM: If the pandemic taught us anything, it was how to be creative and more open minded with technology —whether it be finding ways to allow employees to work remotely, allow citizens to view their governments in action >
Opinion: Lift the charter cap to serve NYC families
Mar 10, 9:27 AM: What percentage of New York City students deserve a spot in one of the city’s 272 publicly-funded and generally high-performing charter schools? If you answered “13%,” then you ought to be highly satisfied with the city’s >
Here’s how NYC schools are spending $7 billion in COVID federal relief
Mar 9, 9:05 AM: With a stalled economy and projections of plummeting tax revenue, elected officials feared last winter that school budgets across New York would have to be slashed. Then, the federal government approved billions of dollars >
Teachers unions sue to block new NYC charter high school
Mar 7, 8:26 AM: The city and state teachers unions are suing to block a charter high school from bringing a prestigious international diploma program to the Bronx.
David Banks’ brutal honesty on why families are fleeing NYC public schools
Mar 4, 10:08 AM: This exodus from DOE schools “is an indictment of the work that we have done.” And COVID accelerated the rush out: January data show that DOE K-12 enrollment fell 5.6% this year to roughly 821,000 students. >
Editorial: Take it to the Banks: NYC’s new schools chancellor lays out a compelling vision
Mar 3, 8:56 AM: In an address from Tweed Courthouse, Chancellor David Banks offered his most detailed vision yet of where he hopes to lead New York City’s sprawling public school system. These were heartening words indeed. >
Retention rates for New York City public schools rose a bit during the pandemic.
Mar 2, 10:19 AM: Student retention in New York City schools, the nation’s largest public school system, has risen slightly since the pandemic began, according to a report released on Tuesday. But data in the report suggests that enrollment >
Uncommon Charter High School Leads the Way in STEM Education
Mar 2, 9:42 AM:

UCHS is one of only 16 schools in New York state and one of two schools in New York City to be recognized as a “distinguished school” by Project Lead the Way. The other, Brooklyn Technical High School, is an elite public >

As NYC school enrollment shrinks, small schools fear for their survival
Mar 1, 8:56 AM: Harlem high school Principal Roony Vizcaino is trying everything he can this year to attract new students — even driving to middle schools in Washington Heights and the Bronx to drum up interest in his small public >
A Ruse to Block New York’s New Charter Schools
Feb 23, 9:46 AM: The union war on charter schools never ends, and the latest ruse in New York is to limit who can authorize a charter. A bill from Democratic state Sen. John Liu would give the state Board of Regents veto power over all >
As NYC eyes creating new schools for dyslexic students, Bridge Prep on Staten Island is ‘doing it right’
Feb 22, 10:46 AM: It has been nearly three years since Bridge Preparatory Charter School opened its doors to students for the first time — and it continues to be the model for schools that serve students with dyslexia and language-based >
Home schooling nearly doubled in NYC during the pandemic
Feb 18, 8:49 AM: Mirroring trends across the nation, the number of children being home-schooled has dramatically increased in New York City.
Editorial: $323 million in evidence of the failures of NYC’s public-school system
Feb 16, 9:01 AM: Ouch: The city Department of Education is bailing out schools that have hemorrhaged kids, to the tune of $323 million — so far.
Column: School-choice scholarships change lives in NYC
Feb 15, 9:58 AM: The benefit of school choice was again underscored for me when I received a Valentine’s Day “Thank you” card from a woman whose daughters are recipients of Children’s Scholarship Fund tuition in New York City. I am a >
Eric Adams expected to tap charter school backer for citywide education panel
Feb 15, 9:49 AM: Mayor Eric Adams is expected to tap the head of the State University of New York’s charter school committee to serve on the city’s Panel for Education policy, The Post has learned.
Adams’ unlikely alliance with the head of New York’s teachers union
Feb 14, 10:04 AM: The warm relationship between Adams and Michael Mulgrew shows the mayor’s pragmatic approach to governing and the tough political spot the union leader is in. But don’t expect the honeymoon to last. >
Why Black educational leadership matters so much: The view from a charter school CEO
Feb 14, 10:00 AM: The oft-quoted statistic suggests only 2% of teachers nationally are Black men. At Ascend, that number is 14%. Fifty-nine percent of our staff are Black, including 60% of our teachers, 60% of school leaders, and 57% of the >
Politicians, it’s time to lift your ‘cap’ to success of charter schools
Feb 11, 10:32 AM: When Albany passed legislation to allow the creation of charter schools in 1998, it came with a string attached: Only 100 could open. Why? Legislators wanted to see whether charters could fulfill the goals of “improv[ing] >



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