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Most education freedom account recipients not leaving public schools, department says
Mar 29, 6:14 AM: New Hampshire’s Education Freedom Account program continues to see a higher than expected take-up rate since it launched in September. But the proportion of students using it to leave their public schools continues to be >
Croydon residents file petition in favor of original $1.7 million school budget
Mar 24, 7:56 AM: The board also said it plans to consider the use of “learning pods”, sometimes referred to as “micro schools”, a contracted program which provides individualized instruction to learning groups of approximately five to 10 >
GOP lawmakers reject attempts to change education freedom accounts, ‘divisive concepts’ law
Mar 23, 6:28 AM: The message was clear: New Hampshire’s education freedom account program is here to stay. In a series of votes on the House floor last week, the Republican majority rebuffed efforts to restrain the latest education funding >
Column: Phil Murphy Stifles New Jersey’s Charter Schools
Mar 16, 9:34 AM: Democrats have lost ground to Republicans on education this year. A 9-point advantage has been cut to 5 points, according to a Wall Street Journal survey released last weekend. Republicans, meanwhile, continue to increase >
Students set to begin enrolling at new 'classical' Peterborough charter school
Feb 28, 9:19 AM: The enrollment lottery for the Monadnock Region’s newest charter school — which aims to bring “classical education” to students — will take place Saturday as the school moves forward with its plans to open in the fall. >
New rules bar schools from entering mandatory remote learning for COVID-19
Feb 22, 6:37 AM: New Hampshire schools are no longer able to enter mandatory remote learning as a result of COVID-19 infections, after lawmakers and State Board of Education members passed a rule paring back their emergency abilities >
New Hampshire school choice program survives challenges
Feb 17, 10:01 AM: New Hampshire’s new school choice program survived several legislative attempts to repeal or curtail it Wednesday.
New charter school holds open house in Peterborough
Feb 8, 8:56 AM: Students at a new charter school planned to open in Peterborough this fall will wear uniforms and be provided a liberal arts education for both the heart and the mind, Lionheart Classical Academy Executive Director Kerry >
Bills To Assess Need Or Eliminate School Vouchers Meet Opposition
Feb 2, 7:13 AM: One might expect that a bill to eliminate a new state voucher program that just launched in the fall would meet with opposition, but a separate bill, seeking to ensure that the Education Freedom Accounts go only to >
Pandemic fuels state voucher programs
Jan 31, 6:15 AM: In the summer of 2020, just a couple of months after most students struggled through remote schooling caused by the pandemic, 800 Granite State students were on a waiting list seeking a scholarship to pursue other >
Four Rivers Charter School students get hands-on science lesson at historic Williams House in Goshen
Jan 25, 8:15 AM: The historic Williams House hosted a large crew of visitors one morning last week, as students from Four Rivers Charter Public School took samples and tested paint in the home for lead.
Pandemic fuels interest in New Hampshire’s school voucher programs
Jan 24, 7:35 AM: In the summer of 2020, just a couple of months after most students struggled through remote schooling caused by the pandemic, 800 Granite State students were on a waiting list seeking a scholarship to pursue other >
New Hampshire voucher program part of national school choice wave fueled by pandemic
Jan 21, 8:52 AM: Funding school choice options has long been controversial in New Hampshire. Proponents say education is not a one-size-fits-all affair, and parents can best decide what’s best for their children. Opponents say it drains >
NH Teachers Union Blasts State Ed Board Rule Limiting Remote Learning
Jan 14, 7:08 AM: Under the rule changes finalized by the board Thursday, schools can only use remote learning for weather events such as snowstorms, and when parents request the online-learning option.
N.H.'s pandemic-driven enrollment drops could shape coming education policy moves
Jan 14, 6:53 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically only accelerated that trend. Now, as lawmakers, educators and advocates renew the debate over how to use tax dollars to educate New Hampshire children, the pandemic's impact on student >
Bill Would Hold The New Education Choice Program To Its Budget
Jan 13, 5:45 AM: The Education Freedom Account program would be forced to live within its budget this fiscal year and next under a bill heard Wednesday.
No Expansion of ‘Education Freedom Accounts’ or Vaccine Prohibitions in House
Jan 7, 7:24 AM: The House also tabled House Bill 607 which would have expanded the state’s new voucher-like school choice program to allow the use of local property tax money.
Education Freedom Accounts return to the N.H. State House spotlight in 2022
Dec 29, 8:40 AM: Education Freedom Accounts give taxpayer dollars to low and moderate-income families to pay for private school or other non-public school expenses. About 1,600 students enrolled in the program this school year, 70 percent >
N.H.’s largest teachers’ union joins suit over law restricting teachings on racism, oppression
Dec 21, 9:25 AM: The National Education Association - New Hampshire (NEA-NH), the American Civil Liberties Union, and a group of advocacy groups and public school employees are suing the state over a new law that restricts certain kinds of >
Teachers union sues New Hampshire over law barring certain race lessons
Dec 14, 10:03 AM: Escalating the conflict over the teaching of race, the American Federation of Teachers’ New Hampshire affiliate filed a lawsuit Monday charging that the state’s new law, restricting certain lessons, is unconstitutionally >



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