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Montana education officials release math, reading scores
Sep 14, 5:09 AM:

Scores were released for the federally mandated math and reading assessment tests from Montana's 2021-2022 academic year.

The required assessment measures math and reading or English language arts proficiency for >

Tax credit cap hit for donations to scholarship organizations
Jan 26, 7:17 AM: Though slower than the breakneck pace that people and businesses snatched up tax credits by making donations to public schools, donors to scholarship organizations hit a $1 million cap in just over two weeks. >
New Montana tax credits for public-school donations gone in six minutes
Jan 5, 7:07 AM: But the bill also grants credits for those who give money to public schools for “innovative educational programs” – and, on Monday, 23 donors and the benefitting public schools took only five minutes and 35 seconds to sign >
Bozeman Online Charter School draws families for flexible learning
Dec 28, 9:59 AM: The charter school, a permanent offshoot of the online option the district created in 2020 due to the pandemic and the first of its kind in the state, wrapped its first four months with a steadily increasing enrollment and >
Guest opinion: Education reform will help during crises while improving outcomes
Dec 22, 9:20 AM: But when students are effectively locked into a system that provides no real alternative beyond the local school to which they are assigned, the debate is inherently heated and divisive. The current system simply can’t >
Concerns raised over fairness of Montana school tax credit program
Nov 15, 6:44 AM: Some legislators earlier this raised concerns about the equity of a school tax credit program the state Legislature dramatically expanded earlier this year.
Home schooling more popular for Montana families
Sep 8, 2:59 PM: Whether parents were driven by caution, apprehension over influences, or frustration with local health guidelines more and more Montana children are being homeschooled.
New public education option launching in Bozeman
Jul 28, 2:30 PM: The Bozeman School District will have an online school available for students in the upcoming school year. It is one of the first of its kind in Montana, offering another option for public education in the district. >
New private school expands to offer experiential, outdoor learning
Jul 22, 11:01 AM: The new micro-school launched last year, as families adjusted to pandemic-caused changes in the world of education and started looking for flexible, independent learning options. With increasing interest and a new >
Montana schools to get $3.9 million for expanding remote learning, internet access
Jul 22, 10:58 AM: The state will put $3.9 million in federal coronavirus aid funding toward schools who expand their internet, technology and remote learning access.
$29 million in COVID funds disbursed to Montana schools
Jul 20, 2:18 PM: On Friday, the Montana Office of Public Instruction delivered an update to the state Board of Public Education about the status of federal COVID-19 relief funds for K-12 schools.
Bridger Charter graduates celebrate overcoming obstacles
Jun 7, 7:50 AM: The commencement speaker at the Bridger Charter Academy graduation on Saturday didn’t feel the need to give the graduates much advice. The 15 students, former academy secretary Lynn Powers said, had already tackled enough >
Column: Expanding education opportunities for Montana families
May 17, 7:18 AM: Next school year as we come out of COVID, Montana families, students, and educators will have more opportunities than ever to succeed.
Gianforte signs bill greatly increasing education tax credit
May 14, 5:56 AM: A bill vastly increasing a state tax credit that funds scholarships for private-school students has been signed into law by Gov. Greg Gianforte.
Panel advances expanded tax credit to help MT private-school students
Apr 23, 5:03 AM: A bill vastly increasing a state income-tax deduction to fund scholarships for students attending private schools in Montana emerged Thursday from a Senate committee – but with an amendment that could scale it back, under >
The financial side of school choice
Apr 9, 5:31 AM: A pair of legislative proposals would rewrite how the state funds educational opportunities for students. Supporters say they want to give Montanans more choices, while opponents argue the changes threaten to steer public >
Montana Lawmakers Advance Bill To Raise Private School Tax Credit
Apr 8, 6:12 AM: Republicans in the Montana House of Representatives have advanced a bill to increase the tax credit residents can claim for donations that help pay student tuition at private schools. The proposal follows a U.S. Supreme >
Education’s federal relief windfall
Apr 2, 7:31 AM: Montana’s public schools are set to receive nearly $500 million in COVID-19 relief funds, with tens of millions more available at the state’s discretion. Where will the money go, and how will it be used to recover from the >
House Republicans advance big increase in private-school tax credit
Mar 29, 5:53 AM: Republicans in the Montana House Friday advanced a bill that dramatically increases a state tax credit that finances scholarships for private schools – a credit that led to a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision last >
Another try for charter schools
Mar 22, 6:06 AM: The Montana Legislature once more took up the issue of school choice during a lengthy hearing on a bill that would open the door to public charter schools in Montana.



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