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Interview: MS Dept. of Education reports more parents opt for homeschooling
Aug 3, 8:08 AM:

The president of a local homeschooling association board, joined WTVA 9 News TODAY to talk about the benefits of homeschooling and why more parents are choosing this option for their kids.

Hattiesburg Public Schools welcome students back to classrooms
Aug 2, 10:15 AM:
City officials, including Mayor Toby Barker, firefighters and HPD officers, greeted students and teachers Monday morning, something Hattiesburg Public Schools officials say makes a huge impact.
School board says opening charter schools would ‘create competition’
Jul 18, 7:56 AM: Originally, proposals for four different charter schools to be located in Adams County were submitted to the Mississippi Charter School Authorization Board for consideration, but only one has made it to the final stage of >
Five charter schools move to final stage of application process
Jul 12, 8:39 AM: On Monday, the Charter School Authorizer Board voted to advance the proposed schools, and voted against the remaining five that did not meet a majority of the required application criteria.
Mississippi Senate OKs pay bill ‘by teachers, for teachers’
Mar 3, 6:19 AM: Mississippi senators acted quickly Wednesday to unanimously pass a teacher pay raise bill, sending it back to the House for possible debate within the next three weeks.
Proposed bill in Mississippi House would allow children to attend school of their choice in any school district
Feb 10, 10:12 AM: The bill would remove the requirement for the school board of the school district of a child’s residence to consent to the release of the student for transfer to another school. It only requires that the transferee school >
More charter schools needed to improve education, Miss. Center for Public Policy says
Jan 28, 7:31 AM: A Mississippi Center for Public Policy report offers three solutions to improving the Magnolia State’s fragile education system.
Editorial: Be patient about charter schools
Jan 13, 8:44 AM: A legislative watchdog group that analyzes the performance of state agencies recently released a report about the funding of charter schools in Mississippi and the board that supervises them.
New initiative launched to aid charter, private school startups in Mississippi
Dec 17, 9:15 AM: Empower Mississippi announced this week that it is was launching a new initiative called Embark. This organization will assist school founders in starting charter and private schools in Mississippi. Elyse Marcellino will >
Changes in supports and performance framework on the way for charter schools
Dec 17, 6:34 AM: Changes are on the way for Mississippi charter schools from the accountability model to supports offered for those looking to start up a new school. Charter schools get public education dollars. So, accountability has >
Charter School Authorizer Board approves new school performance framework
Dec 14, 9:03 AM: The Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board voted Monday to approve a new controversial performance framework for charter schools.
School Choice And School Quality: Mississippi Charter Schools On The Rise
Nov 9, 8:56 AM: After several iterations of charter-related law, the Mississippi Legislature enacted the Mississippi Charter Schools Act of 2013, which established a charter-school oversight board to authorize high-quality charter schools >
Charter school operators and advocates unhappy with new performance framework
Nov 3, 5:56 AM: The biggest problem with the regulations that charter school operators and advocates have criticized is the tying of the academic performance benchmark with that of the local school district where the charter is located. >
Here’s how school districts have spent federal pandemic funds so far
Oct 22, 9:20 AM: In Mississippi, already struggling schools continue to be put to the test of educating students while juggling changing COVID-19 guidelines, fluctuating cases, and hybrid schedules.
Opinion: Mississippi charter schools about quality, not quantity
Oct 5, 7:59 AM: After several iterations of charter related law, the Mississippi Legislature enacted the Mississippi Charter Schools Act of 2013, which established a charter school oversight board to authorize high-quality charter schools >
Alabama Aerospace and Aviation High School earns charter approval; holds kick-off event in Bessemer
Oct 5, 7:59 AM: The Alabama Aerospace and Aviation High School (AAHS) on Monday hosted a celebratory luncheon at the Bessemer Municipal Airport in honor of the school’s charter approval.
No new charter schools were approved to open in Mississippi this year. Advocates say the process is flawed.
Sep 16, 9:41 AM: No new charter schools were approved to open in Mississippi this application cycle, and some charter school advocates say it represents bigger problems with the climate in the state.
Some schools look to hybrid schedules to stem COVID-19 spread in students
Sep 2, 11:56 AM: As the delta variant of COVID-19 spreads rapidly in schools across Mississippi, the state board of education recently issued a directive to give school districts flexibility in how they teach their students. >
Mississippi schools given option to return to hybrid learning as COVID-19 case levels soar
Aug 20, 3:39 PM: Hybrid learning options are back on the table for school districts across Mississippi in light of surging COVID-19 cases.
More than 4,000 Mississippi K-12 students quarantined due to COVID exposure from Aug. 2-6
Aug 11, 9:35 AM: The flood of positive cases is forcing schools to move to virtual learning again, including six public schools in Lamar County on Tuesday, which had the largest number of infected students the week of from Aug. 2-6. >



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