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Michigan House, Senate OK bills creating tax credits for school scholarships
Oct 20, 9:28 AM: The GOP-led Michigan House and Senate are advancing bills Tuesday that would provide tax credits to residents who contributed to a scholarship program for students to use on alternative or supplemental education, including >
This gubernatorial candidate’s education plan involves changing the Michigan constitution
Oct 12, 9:18 AM: Education is the top issue in Dixon’s gubernatorial campaign, and a pillar of her plan is establishing an Education Savings Account that allows a student’s per-pupil funding to be used on public, private, charter, virtual >
'Count Day' for Michigan schools starts Wednesday; schools to get about $8,700 per student
Oct 6, 6:32 AM: Wednesday's count day represents 90% of state funding, while a second one in February represents about 10% of the state funding. Districts will get about $8,700 per student.
Why Does Michigan Law Still Discriminate against Religious Schools?
Sep 30, 8:33 AM: The Supreme Court killed anti-Catholic ‘Blaine amendments’ nationwide, yet one persists in the Great Lakes State.
Homeschooling increased during the pandemic and now families continue to stay the course
Sep 30, 8:23 AM: The Michigan Department of Education says 290 home schools were on its radar in the academic year that began in 2019. By the time the pandemic hit in 2020, that number had more than doubled to 794.
Parents challenge Michigan's ban on public funds for nonpublic schools
Sep 27, 9:21 AM: A group of Michigan parents are suing the state in federal court over a constitutional amendment that prevents them from using tax-incentivized education savings to send their kids to private schools.
Families Sue State Over Education Choice Restrictions
Sep 24, 8:38 AM: A groundbreaking new lawsuit from the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation, in conjunction with Bursch Law, alleges that Michigan’s restriction on the use of public funds to pay for private educational services is >
Three new public charter schools open in Michigan
Sep 3, 10:01 AM: Three new public charter schools are opening their doors for Michigan students this fall, including the state’s first charter school in the Keweenaw Peninsula.
Concerned with delta surge, parents find ways to switch to virtual learning
Sep 2, 10:34 AM: Some parents, concerned with the COVID-19 surge brought on by the delta variant first detected in India, explored other options to switch to virtual learning for the 2021-2022 school year.
'Homeschooling growth is off the charts' | What to know about homeschooling in Michigan
Aug 27, 5:49 AM: As the debate over masks in schools rages on, many parents have chosen to homeschool their kids. In fact, homeschooling has been gaining popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020.
Michigan schools will not have same options they had last year to respond to COVID-19
Aug 24, 10:53 AM: Traditionally Michigan schools have had to offer at least 180 days and 1098 hours of in-school instruction. Parents could choose virtual programs, but schools had to offer full-time in-person learning to get full funding. >
Michigan schools desperate for clear mask guidance while dealing with angry parents
Aug 23, 1:15 PM: Making decisions on whether Michigan students and staff wear masks inside schools has thrust superintendents and school boards into a political debate at a time when they’re trying to get students back in the classroom >
Michigan Supreme court sides with state on local government, school funding
Jul 30, 9:13 AM: The Michigan Supreme Court sided mostly with the state Wednesday in a consequential case on the state’s role in funding local governments and schools.
Detroit district, union agreement gives teachers $2,000 to work inside school buildings
Jul 27, 1:54 PM: Teachers in the Detroit school district will receive $2,000 in hazard pay for teaching in person during the upcoming school year. More money would be available for those who teach in person and online.
Whitmer’s veto of reading scholarships sparks voucher debate
Jul 27, 12:13 PM: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's veto of $155 million in proposed spending on reading scholarships for students has sparked fresh criticism from opponents who say it would have addressed pandemic-related learning loss and approval >
Full-time virtual schools expand in Michigan in wake of COVID
Jul 21, 3:05 PM: There will be at least 18 new, full-time virtual school options available to Michigan students this coming school year, most operated by traditional school districts that also will offer in-person instruction. The total >
Gov. Whitmer calls for big boost in state education spending
May 28, 7:52 AM: Governor Gretchen Whitmer says she wants to use federal COVID relief funds and a surprise increase in state tax revenue to invest more in public education in Michigan.
Parents Want Better Than Business as Usual in Education
May 21, 9:31 AM: To be clear, every child in Michigan deserves the option of full-time, in-person learning. Even so, making this the sole focus of efforts to revitalize K-12 education would only result in lost student opportunities. The >
In-person classes in Detroit schools could resume Monday under board plan
May 19, 7:41 AM: In-person learning could resume Monday at Detroit Public Schools Community District after school officials approved the use of a safety matrix to decide whether pauses on face-to-face learning at individual schools and >
Michigan asked ex-teachers to return to school. In 3 weeks, 1,200 said yes.
May 19, 7:36 AM: To help fill the gap, the Michigan Department of Education sent emails in April to more than 30,000 former educators. Come back to the classroom, State Superintendent Michael Rice pleaded, and Michigan will waive the >



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