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School officials: Snyder's cuts go too far
Mar 22, 4:18 PM:

MI Gov can expect challenges to his proposed ed budget cuts. Pain is heard from numerous sources. You'd think budgets have never been tightened before. More focus on what can be done with funds that efficiently and >

Will the governor's state school plan be a train wreck for K-12 education (with video)
Mar 21, 2:32 PM:

Illuminates MI spending on salaries, pensions, and health-care costs for educators. Gives these statistics a national perspective. Shows how teachers have gotten raises amid ten years of K-12 budget cutting. No info on >

Mich. teachers union calls for vote on finance law
Mar 21, 5:12 AM:

MI teacher union head threatens illegal strike over law granting Detroit's financial manager ability to toss out union contract to tackle budget. And how does that help the situation? Places in context with WI and OH >

Robert Bobb's Charter Schools Proposal
Mar 14, 4:53 PM:

Plan to address budget deficit includes transforming 41 failing schools into high-performing charters rather than closing schools outright. Wants to recruit proven school operators, but will this truly transform student >

Critics say shorter school year comes at expense of students' education
Mar 14, 10:07 AM:

MI report finds length of school year shrinking to 174 days of classroom time or less. Districts blame cuts on budget issues, but union contracts and a law passed blocking school from starting before Labor Day also to >

Rainy day raid
Mar 11, 7:19 AM:

MI districts with reserves may be forced to use it or lose it to the state. Paper appalled state would penalize districts that exercise fiscal responsibility. Singles out as star charters with "plump" reserves and less >

State senator targets Michigan school districts with flush rainy day funds
Mar 10, 10:48 AM:

Many school districts in the state have a wealth of "rainy day funds" in reserve, some as high as 30% of operating costs. Senate will introduce bills to cap such funds, forcing those districts that have an excess to >

Why educational standards needed to be changed in Michigan
Mar 8, 7:48 AM:

MI standards being raised from lower expectation level requires reforms to help meet new goals.Tenure and teacher reform, more choice among things paper opines are needed, providing an in depth and rare view into how the >

Teachers group looks to make it easier to fire teachers
Mar 2, 8:03 AM:

Pending teacher tenure legislation brings out MI union to propose a way to streamline process to fire ineffective teachers. Okay. But, the legislation focuses on who gets put into that process by changing the way >

Should Michigan provide universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds?
Feb 22, 12:11 PM:

Universal preschool is part of MI ed. reform proposal that also includes changes in teacher tenure, pay for performance and support for charter schools. No voice of opposition here. Glosses over obstacles to passage and >

Detroit Schools' Cuts Plan Approved
Feb 22, 9:38 AM:

State approves cuts proposed by emergency financial manager. Teachers react Wisconsin-style: union calls for emergency lobbying in state capital, Lansing. Unions dislike outside powers telling them what to do -- no >

Facing deep cuts, will schools innovate or fight for status quo?
Feb 18, 1:49 PM:

Chastises MI ed leaders for not planning ahead for deep cuts they were warned about years ago. Questions rationality of not consolidating districts to save money and operate efficiently. Wonders why after all the budget >

School districts try to stop new state requirements
Feb 11, 1:49 PM:

Union goes to court in MI over proposal tying accountability to student performance on tests. Legal details swamp issue of putting quality teachers in classroom. Go to heart of matter: What it takes to attract and keep >

Rogers aims to repeal tenure laws
Feb 11, 1:29 PM:

New tenure law introduced in MI that will reform system. Union also has proposal to streamline process.  Where are the details in both? Can't assess the value of either without more specifics.

State raises bar on tests to prepare kids for college, careers
Feb 9, 2:09 PM:

Mich. state board increases numbers needed to pass state exams; puts state more on par with national exams. Suggestion that more kids will fail, but eventually step up to the plate.  Other states grappling with same >

School groups aim to block Michigans new accreditation rules
Feb 8, 12:09 PM:

Schools districts are pushing back against a new accredition standard. Parents are afraid what might happen to shuttered schools, but you would never know what their options are.

Group asks court to stop revamping system for accrediting schools
Feb 8, 11:25 AM:

Ed. association upset state implementing new accreditation program without required approval. No description of plan or mention of why it's trying to sneak through.

MEAP testing may get tougher
Feb 8, 10:08 AM:

Michigan considering raising passing score for achievement test and rethinking tenure based on student proficiency. About time to raise the bar, but what happens if many schools deemed low-performing?

N.C. Education Lottery Transfers Funds
Feb 4, 12:35 PM:

Most of the proceeds from the lottery in North Carolina fund education. We would like to know more about the programs it funds and whether some programs would not exist without out the lottery.

Zero tolerance rules can doom some good students
Feb 4, 10:04 AM:

In Michigan black boys find themselves on a direct path from school to prison. Shines light on a societal problem that will ultimately affect us all but offers no possible solutions.



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