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US Supreme Court decision could affect private school funding debate, court case in Michigan
Jun 22, 8:48 AM:

A U.S. Supreme Court decision Tuesday in a school choice case from Maine could play a role in the Michigan debate over private and public school funding. A divided court held that states offering subsidies to private >

These states require personal finance education before graduation
Jun 9, 7:28 AM: Learning about personal finance in high school is now required for about one-third of the country.
Getting a Fuller Picture of Education Choice
Jun 7, 9:26 AM: It hasn’t been easy to accurately report on Michigan’s latest plan to expand education options. Yet as the proposal advances, honest attempts to grasp the choice landscape should continue to improve the discussion. >
Ann Arbor charter school fighting for survival says management firm made up student count
Mar 28, 6:44 AM: An Ann Arbor charter school is facing possible closure — and a legal battle involving claims of mismanagement and inflated student counts —  after Eastern Michigan University announced last fall it would not renew the >
Opinion: When it comes to school choice, Ohio has Michigan beat
Mar 28, 5:53 AM: I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. I recognize that’s not a very popular thing to say in Michigan. But beyond the advantages of being a hardcore Buckeye fan, perhaps nothing about being born in Columbus has done more for me than >
Court to Hear Challenge to Michigan’s Discriminatory ‘Blaine Amendment’ Today
Mar 25, 8:43 AM: The United States Federal District Court will hear oral arguments today in a challenge to Michigan’s Blaine amendment, brought by five families across the state and the PACE Foundation, a nonprofit membership organization >
New public charter school coming to Hamilton County
Mar 25, 8:13 AM: Hillsdale College of Michigan has agreed to partner with Valor Classical Academy to establish a tuition-free public charter school in Hamilton County.
Jalen Rose, His Detroit Charter School Profiled on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’
Mar 23, 6:37 AM: "It’s going to be young people that are achieving their goals and aspiring to do great things and there are going to be adults that are helping that happen. And I have total faith in this city."
Detroit public schools plan for more than $1 billion in federal aid
Mar 23, 6:30 AM: Detroit's public school system is investing much of its $1.3 billion in federal COVID-19 relief aid to improve learning for its students and help fix what has been broken for decades.
"Decline to sign" campaign kicks off to fight private school scholarship ballot initiative
Mar 17, 6:13 AM: A new coalition of public education supporters has launched a campaign to defeat the "Let MI Kids Learn" ballot petition drive backed by former U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.
Public school advocates launch effort to stop DeVos-backed school scholarship proposal
Mar 17, 5:42 AM: A new ballot committee For MI Kids For Our Schools declared during its virtual launch Wednesday that all options are on the table to stop the Betsy DeVos-backed Let MI Kids Learn ballot initiative that public school >
How COVID cash could help Michigan schools tackle a mental health crisis
Mar 14, 6:19 AM: Two years of frustration, disruption, and loss have taken their toll on Michigan students, exacerbating a youth mental health crisis that has been building for more than a decade. Michiganders want schools to take action, >
Crisis in the Classroom: Charter school transparency
Mar 4, 9:40 AM: The state of Michigan has 292 charter schools, public schools that get state funding.
Michigan enrollment ticks up, but pandemic losses continue for city districts
Feb 25, 9:10 AM: The addition of nearly 6,000 students, or 0.4%, may be a hopeful sign that parents are becoming more comfortable sending their children to classrooms nearly two years after Michigan schools were first shuttered due to >
Column: Whitmer budget unfriendly to state’s charter schools
Feb 23, 6:47 AM: Whitmer wants to provide a $2,000 retention bonus to teachers across the state, but only to those who are directly “employed by” their districts. Most public charter school teachers are paid as contractors and thus >
Jacques: Whitmer budget doesn't put 'every student' first
Feb 17, 9:25 AM: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently made a big deal about her budget and its significant bump to education spending. In typical fashion, she’s keeping political considerations at the forefront — not necessarily what’s best for >
Michigan GOP calls for repeal of school funding amendment
Feb 16, 9:28 AM: The Michigan GOP wants to repeal an amendment to the state Constitution. The amendment prevents public dollars from funding non-public education.
What's causing canceled classes and risking aid for Michigan's K-12 schools?
Feb 14, 10:03 AM: Yet more than a quarter of his 2,500 Eastpointe Community Schools students have missed 20 days of school already this school year. Each of those days counts as student attendance falling below 75%, the daily legal >
In-person learning brings ‘COVID bump’ in enrollment to Michigan Catholic schools after years of decline
Feb 14, 9:46 AM: Kathryn Dobija witnessed the pitfalls and limitations of remote learning with her Ann Arbor Public Schools third grader in spring 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Michigan schools struggle to meet 75% attendance rate -- Teachers’ unions ask for change
Feb 10, 10:05 AM: At least 75% of students must be in school each day across the district for the state to consider it a full school day. But, according to a recent survey conducted by multiple teacher’s unions, found that one-third of >



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