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Census numbers show students leaving district at steady pace
Mar 28, 2:56 PM:

Number of students in Fall River, MA, district is declining. Superintendent blames people moving away, not parents seeking ed alternatives. Lots of stats on shrinking system. Nothing on any efforts to attract more >

State board boosts math requirement
Mar 23, 2:57 PM:

MA Board of Higher Ed ups admission terms to 4 years of high school math. Officials hope change will diminish number of students taking remedial courses and "expose low-income students to more rigorous curriculum." >

Framingham school board candidates talks fees, School Choice
Mar 22, 1:20 PM:

MA school board candidates seem split on school choice with some calling for it to end in Framingham while others say the current system makes sense and the savings and benefits of changing are unclear. Make it clear >

Belchertown, Easthampton, Granby and Ware plan regional virtual schools
Mar 22, 6:48 AM:

Using state grant, MA districts come together to create 2 virtual programs focusing on global studies and trades to give students options not available in conventional schools. An example of districts recognizing >

Too much jargon, too few fixes
Mar 22, 4:54 AM:

Report on teacher evaluation meant to guide ed commissioner when he makes his own recommendations is short on, um, recommendations. That's a problem. Paper jumps in with own ideas, saying first identify incompetent >

City needs control of its schools
Mar 21, 12:32 PM:

Worcester school leaders release new report. Finds students at newly opened charter score above the average of their peers in the public schools. Columnist says it's proof the charter is not reaching students with the >

Special effort would end grade levels at Carlton
Mar 21, 10:16 AM:

MA elementary school wins approval to plan changes to teaching methods, including abolishing traditional grade-level structure and other curriculum changes. As potential "Innovation School", it gets charter-like autonomy >

Businesses push use of MCAS in teacher reviews
Mar 18, 7:24 AM:

Businesses in MA push for student achievement on state tests to account for 50% of teacher evaluations. Current proposal only lists testing component as "significant factor," leaving percentage up to interpretation. >

Schools must put up or shut up
Mar 18, 6:42 AM:

Last year's "sweeping" ed reform bill in MA lifted cap a little on charters, gave Super more power over low-performing schools, and gave traditional schools freedom to innovate with the goal of meeting "charter >

Framingham, Marlborough charter schools see surge in applications
Mar 18, 6:23 AM:

Increased parent interest in MA charter schools drives student applications and means growing number students on waiting lists.  Examples of the 60 or so charters trying to meet parents' demand, including 17 new ones. >

Charter schools found lacking on learning gap
Mar 18, 6:01 AM:

Worcester school officials using selected school achievement data to argue against having charters. On one hand, school with strong test scores means they're taking the 'good' students from public schools and not helping >

Tax credits pushed for private-school families
Mar 14, 6:48 AM:

More outcry from public school system not wanting to change status quo because they'll lose money, this time in MA because of tax credits. Catholic schools get more bang for buck when it comes to learning, but working >

New charter school off to a good start
Mar 11, 6:23 AM:

MA town with dropout rate higher than state average opens charter targeted towards students who've fled traditional schools. Reveals details still being worked out though, so why not ease reader worry and showcase a >

Essential shift
Mar 8, 7:06 AM:

Call for MA districts to stop whining about losing funding to charters since they've been around since 1993, boast high achievement, and get 100% of student's funding in first year of departure. That's right, funding >

Reform in action
Mar 2, 7:06 AM:

State board approves 16 new charters, puts one failing to make satisfactory academic progress on probation. Rationale behind move would've been nice -- can only assume expansion based on demand. Sound reasoning behind >

Deft Analysis of Mass. Charters
Feb 24, 11:33 AM:

17 new charter schools given the go-ahead in cities throughout MA. Comments about building on success of charters without any substantiation of/particulars about that success. We're told the Horace Mann charter model >

Extreme Makeover
Feb 24, 10:09 AM:

Under heat for failing to meet achievement standards for two consecutive years, MA school turns charter. Technology increases student engagement -- improvement attributed to flexibility and money given to achieve >

Mass. Ed. chief recommends 17 charter schools
Feb 18, 10:58 AM:

Education Commissioner supports opening 17 new charters in state. Given the funding crisis, info on how new schools will impact the budget is imperative. Will this save money, end up costing more or just have no net >

17 new charter schools selected
Feb 18, 9:41 AM:

Ed commissioner Mitchell Chester approved creation of 17 new charter schools in MA next year. General discussion ignores any difficulties or successes specific to MA charters. Three charters would be run by districts, >

Malloy endorses several education ideas in budget - Stamford News - The Stamford Times - Stamford's Newspaper
Feb 17, 11:04 AM:

Recap of Gov's speech and ed. reform package includes supportive responses from legislators and education officials. Needs background on past school performance and a look at similar reforms in other states.




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