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Educators say state’s formula to fund schools needs work
Jun 9, 3:10 PM:

Article details effort to get lawmakers to spend $600K on study of how much money allocated to schools and whether it's enough to meet state standards. Unclear here why study needed if everyone already knows funding >

Charter school may exit union
Jun 6, 4:56 AM:

Frustration but little surprise as MA charter teachers consider breaking ties with union. Teachers wanted representation; AFT seemed more interested in pushing agenda. Detailed look at unions' uneasy relationship with >

A test for charters and unions
Jun 1, 5:26 AM:

Globe editorial tackles unionization of charter schools, highlighting one charter advocate's view that paying "close attention to working conditions" is key for non-unionized charters. Down on AFT's Boston affiliate for >

City school board's charter budget plan deserves state look
May 31, 6:14 AM:

Setting up a separate budget account for Gloucester charter may just be a matter of semantics, editorial claims. But it also could silence critics who complain charter takes money from traditional schools. Would also >

Marlborough schools create Parent advisory council
May 26, 2:20 PM:

Marlborough schools now have a parent advisory council that meets regularly with district super. Article's focus is on what group will do. Buried deep in story is news system has to cut $250,000 from 2012 budget. Would >

Risks of school choice
May 26, 6:44 AM:

Editorial raises red flag on Peabody school choice program, but its reasoning is difficult to disconcern. Would be worthwhile to answer the question it raises: why have local students opted to take their education >

Charter school gets ultimatum
May 26, 6:18 AM:

State board puts New Leadership charter on watch until its charter is up for renewal in January 2013. Decline in test scores after fellow student committed suicide. Significance of decline unknown because no numbers >

Hadley's virtual school put on hold amid state concerns
May 25, 6:49 AM:

Top state official strikes down Hadley Super's plan for virtual school, citing concerns about quality and saying such schools should be part of state charter program. At issue but not fully explored is state versus local >

State ed chief urges a 2nd year for charter despite failings
May 24, 10:52 AM:

Light reporting on state commissioner’s recommendation to give MA charter more time to meet standards. Repeats report almost verbatim. Need more details on commissioner’s belief school can improve. Has the school been >

School districts to give it second try
May 23, 11:36 AM:

Voters reject 2012 school budget proposals, but districts likely to submit them anyway. Article provides a lot of numbers and reasons for increased assessment. Would like to know if retroactive salary increases part of >

Lighthouse Charter School’s MCAS Shocker
May 23, 10:11 AM:

Thorough examination of MA charter’s test scores compared with its public counterpart. Revelatory reporting on a superficial level, but fails to ask the pressing question: why? Why has charter performed below its public >

Charter school told to change
May 19, 2:43 PM:

MA charter chastised by state department for improper lottery process, other enrollment complaints. No satisfactory answers for why politics were in place to start. Frustrating lack of detail: how many students apply for >

Rules tightened on new schools
May 19, 6:39 AM:

Focuses on an often overlooked problem -- districts wasting money on over-sized schools. With tight budgets, state can't afford empty classrooms. Conversely, space can restrict programs such as full-day kindergarten. >

Manual-Teachers at Cape charter to unionize
May 16, 12:31 PM:

Cape Cod charter schoolteachers decide to organize, citing variety of reasons and saying their effort will be more collaborative than traditional unions. How so is not explored here. Unclear whether specific incident or >

The painful price of peace
May 16, 12:25 PM:

Episcopal nuns in Boston's Roxbury hoped to sell convent to Bridge Boston Charter, but neighborhood opposed because of traffic concerns. Both sides well-covered, but key question unanswered:  Would neighborhood kids have >

In Massachusetts, summer school learning helps build skills
May 10, 1:24 PM:

State program linked new summer school programs and community agencies to expand learning opportunities. Study shows it helped students retain knowledge during vacation. Unclear what happens next and whether continues >

Manual-Who grades the teachers? Proposals under review
May 9, 1:05 PM:

State overhauling way teachers graded. Focus on why educators say current evaluation system doesn't work, but proposed new regulations also need modifying. No specifics offered on what needs changing beyond vague call >

Ed reform sparks turnarounds, but few innovations in year one
May 9, 5:07 AM:

Editorial highlights success in implementing reforms such as charter expansion and retaining top teachers. But, the push for schools of innovation is slow to start. As the editorial reminds everyone, get involved. Let >

Finally, a spirit of cooperation
May 5, 5:27 AM:

Boston editorial welcomes charter and traditional public schools agreement to share transport, purchasing and training. Mayor says focus on kids, not adult issues. Should be a given. It's easy to talk about excellent >

Salem Community Charter School receives its charter
May 3, 10:19 AM:

New MA charters celebrate certification. Largest class of new schools since legislation passed in 1993. Salem school will be serving at-risk students. Abundance of applications for teacher positions and steady stream of >



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