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Boston plans 2 charters to open in 2012
Jul 21, 5:24 AM:

Boston may be home to 2 new in-district charters, as school board gave preliminary approval. Details on the Boston Teacher Residency program's charter not discussed at all. Especially given new ranking of colleges of ed, >

Charter school continues to aid students in college
Jul 20, 12:22 PM:

Charter finds success in helping troubled students continue on to higher education. Headline implies they receive additional aid into their college years, but body of story doesn't follow up on that. Other details about >

City wants to relocate two high schools
Jul 19, 5:20 AM:

Very detailed, if a bit confusing, article on proposed relocation and switching of schools. Not mentioned here is cost of these proposed changes, although previous building expenses are detailed amid concerns recently >

Officials ponder school options
Jul 18, 12:19 PM:

MA district loses out on state funding for construction project after voters turn down proposal to pay their side of cost. Officials must now figure out how to make due with currently decrepit building. Would be >

Iowa hopes to copy others' school success
Jul 18, 11:17 AM:

IA used to be national leader on NAEP. Now in middle and Gov wants improvement and growth. Focus here on MA schools which lead nation, what they're doing and how IA can emulate. Lots of details on what MA did to >

LHA lauded for 'Learning Zone' education plan
Jul 13, 9:57 AM:

Lowell Housing Authority prioritizes academics for low-income students. Institutes after-school program to help with homework, and gives incentives for good grades. Aren't told anything about students' performance >

Framingham school to begin planning charter application
Jul 13, 7:47 AM:

Bilingual school prepares its charter conversion application. Reviews some of the educational benefits, such as flexibility with curriculum and staffing, but never gets into specifics. For a unique learning program, >

City refiles to join lawsuit vs. charter
Jul 13, 7:37 AM:

Detailed article on Gloucester, MA, decision to join lawsuit against charter school. Lots of in-the-weeds back-and-forth about whether city has standing. Confusing look at funding when bottom line is that dollars follow >

Innovation schools catch on
Jul 12, 10:19 AM:

Innovation schools expand across MA thanks to Race to the Top money. Nice comparison to charters, but autonomy issue needs more attention. Charters' autonomy part of what helps them thrive. Follow lead from union >

City schools get new reading program
Jul 11, 1:16 PM:

After successful pilot, all Gloucester, MA, elementary schools will adopt new reading program. Quotes on importance of literacy skills and new "data-driven" approach. Explain what this means and how program differs from >

School chief search faces tough odds
Jul 8, 9:33 AM:

Weymouth, MA. has tight deadline to find new schools Super, after sudden death of previous one. Looks at hiring process, and difficulty of finding well-qualified candidates. More details on district would be good here. >

School board denies violation
Jul 8, 9:21 AM:

Lexington committee denies it violated MA laws by extending Super's contract without open meeting. Complaints mention low morale and culture of fear among teachers. Even if action was legal, transparency is essential for >

Program’s students aim for college
Jul 7, 5:15 AM:

Boston K-8 students get taste of college at summer school. Foundation works with kids from low-income families to boost expectations and achievement. Good insight into program, and success so far. Would be good to have >

Lynn schools to ease absentee policy
Jul 6, 9:36 AM:

Lynn, MA district revises absentee policy to excuse Muslim students for religious holidays in same way Jewish and Greek Orthodox students are excused. Brief article covers bases chronicling debate, but would like to see >

From 1 struggling school to another
Jul 5, 4:56 AM:

Teachers from low-performing schools shuffled to other underachieving schools in Boston. Plenty of blame being spread around, as many have perceived move as keeping bad teachers in bad schools. Hard data may say >

State board approves new rules to evaluate teachers
Jun 29, 8:47 AM:

Ed Board approves teacher evaluations, with student scores a central part. Rewards for top teachers, 1-year improvement plans for low performers. Surprisingly, wins support from union. Report looks at benefits, as well >

Evaluating teachers may burden principals
Jun 27, 5:15 AM:

Globe frames debate over revised teacher evaluations in a strange light, asserting new provisions may "burden" principals. Takes time to talk with both sides of issue, but fails to ask most pertinent question: Isn't >

12 laid off in Dracut schools
Jun 22, 10:32 AM:

MA district laying off teachers and other support staff to address budget concerns. Does an admirable job of explaining how this will affect students and instruction. Also notes that teachers were removed because they >

Leominster board mulls Innovative School plan
Jun 21, 2:20 PM:

Leominster, MA district considering Innovation Schools to promote academic achievement. Article describes them as having greater autonomy and flexibility -- a lot like charters. So, since both are public schools and >

Pupils face reassigned schools
Jun 17, 10:01 AM:

MA district moves elementary students around to populate underenrolled school. Notes other districts that have shifted students. Mentions choice could be a factor, but fails to make connection to achievement. Untold is >



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