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Give Charters a Chance
May 12, 11:58 AM:

Editorial calls for Maine to embrace charters. Notes pervasive problems with current system and how increased funding has yielded few results. Schools targeting at-risk or special needs students could find a big >

Lots of work left
May 9, 6:05 AM:

Teacher union "gearing up" for battle over charter school bill that will be heard this week in Ed Committee. Yet, union says it's okay with innovation and may support some type of non-traditional school. So, what's up? >

Maine Lawmakers Consider California-Style
May 3, 11:38 AM:

Uses CA parent trigger problems to back ME naysayers who don't think state needs trigger regulation. Cons dominate reporting even though pros are highlighted. No push to ask principal association director what he >

Growing charter school in Sunset Park H.S. angers parents, teachers & students at public school
Apr 28, 5:58 AM:

Plan to keep Brooklyn Prospect Charter within Sunset Park High's building meets opposition because of overcrowding. Focus here on finger-pointing. No insight on why new space not found in time nor on whether enrollment >

Future of education looking a bit brighter
Apr 19, 7:08 AM:

Editorial praises electronic learning for ME youngsters. Brings schools up to speed, but does technology truly save money? Could've told us what opponents want funds to be spent on instead. No data on early or electronic >

Maines worst high schools
Apr 15, 9:17 AM:


10 ME schools given low NCLB rating - face tough choices, potential funds for turning things around. Supers complain about use of SATs to measure progress. Many excuses, bruised egos here. too few solutions offered

$4 million available to 10 schools on state’s “needs improvement” list
Apr 6, 10:53 AM:

ME officials play down low performing schools list by renaming it schools that need improvement. One super shrugs off list because it "doesn't mean majority of children aren't doing well." Earth to Super -- the ones who >

ME: Former education commissioner urges versatility to help Maine schooling make the grade
Apr 5, 4:31 PM:

Covers former Maine ed commissioner's speech. Calls for performance pay and redesigning schools to reach kids who are "digital natives" and want more relevance. Okay, but isn't it important to know how to read and do >

Senate backs LePage choice for education despite qualms
Mar 4, 6:37 AM:

Brief, very brief, blurb about nomination proceedings of new Maine education commissioner. Wondering if he made any statements or has a blueprint for direction he plans to take state. Otherwise all we really know is his >

The Universal Notebook: Are virtual schools real schools?
Feb 22, 9:41 AM:

Negative depiction of ME Ed. Commissioner pick, Steve Bowen, and his support for virtual charters. Reports FL Virtual School established to get around Class Size Reduction Amendment, not to improve education. No data to >

ME: Schools face loss of state funding
Feb 18, 11:43 AM:

ME school supts. await specifics on budget cuts for the coming school year. No strategies or examples presented for how to cope with less funding at no cost to student performance. Some good private schools have better >

Wales Central School to close in June
Feb 9, 11:41 AM:

Much sadness among the locals when they voted to close this small-town school deemed unnecessary. There's nostalgia in the story but no indication of how the school was performing. The new place might serve students >

Group touts plan for charter schools in Maine
Feb 8, 10:38 AM:

New charter laws might make it possible to convert some independent schools into charter schools.  Maine has no charter laws presently. You could explore models of other top charter laws to guide Maine through this >



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