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Maine OKs 1st religious school for tuition reimbursement
Sep 23, 7:43 AM:

Maine is ready to fund tuition for some religious school students for the first time since a Supreme Court ruling in June ordered the state to treat those schools the same as other private schools regarding tuition >

LePage unveils education reforms and a 'Parents' Bill of Rights'
Sep 20, 9:38 AM:

LePage, a Republican who is seeking a third nonconsecutive term as governor, is also calling for “true school choice” so public education funds follow students to “a public school, private school, charter school, or >

New principal aims to bring stability in wake of Harpswell Coastal Academy’s hectic year
Aug 9, 8:47 AM:

 With 25 years of experience leading schools, new Harpswell Coastal Academy Principal Amy Marx hopes to bring even more project-based learning to the newly consolidated charter school.

Supreme Court Rejects Maine’s Ban on Aid to Religious Schools
Jun 22, 8:59 AM: Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., writing for the majority, said the ruling did not require states to support religious education. But states that choose to subsidize private schools, he added, may not discriminate >
Supreme Court: Schools offering religious instruction may be entitled to state tuition aid
Jun 22, 8:58 AM: A 6-3 majority ruled Maine's denial of taxpayer money to religious schools was discriminatory. The court's liberal wing said the decision erodes separation of church and state.
Opinion | Religion, Schools and the Supreme Court
Jun 22, 8:53 AM: Chief Justice John Roberts delivered another opinion Tuesday that might inspire religious believers to thank God for the First Amendment. Some parts of Maine, which is the nation’s most rural state, don’t operate their own >
A Supreme win for school choice (Editorial)
Jun 22, 8:51 AM:

In a win for parents and school-choice advocates, the US Supreme Court overturned a Maine law Tuesday that denied religious schools access to state tuition assistance available to students attending secular private >

Hybrid learning during pandemic cements Cape Elizabeth parent’s support for school choice
Jun 9, 7:20 AM: His local school district’s decision to enact hybrid learning during the COVID-19 pandemic made finding a work-life balance difficult and strengthened his belief in school choice.
Can Free College Plug a Leaky Workforce Pipeline?
Jun 8, 10:10 AM: Maine started a temporary free college program to entice high school graduates affected by the pandemic to enroll in community colleges.
Supreme Court expected to soon rule on Maine school voucher case
Jun 7, 9:06 AM:

Educators are anxiously awaiting a major decision in a Maine-centered U.S. Supreme Court case, due out this month, that could roll back restrictions on the use of public funding for religious and other private schools.

Public school enrollment down 4% during pandemic. Where did thousands of students go?
Feb 8, 8:53 AM: Thousands of students have disappeared from Maine's public schools throughout the pandemic, with enrollment dropping nearly four percent since 2020.
Bradley town officials want to ‘phase out’ school choice due to rising costs
Jan 28, 7:02 AM: When a student who is eligible for school choice opts to go outside their district, the town is billed directly for the difference in the cost of education at an RSU 34 school versus the student’s choice. On top of that, >
Mt. Ararat High School students to explore learning opportunities outside school
Jan 25, 7:51 AM: The school is starting a Community Pathways program to help students build relationships with community partners and explore career opportunities.
Opinion: Freedom of religion, and the press, in the spotlight in Washington
Dec 3, 10:48 AM: It is probably time for the Blaine Amendments to be removed from the books. Government cannot discriminate against religion. And as long as dollars are permitted to flow to private schools from a “school choice” town, they >
Maine’s ban on public funds for religious schools goes before US Supreme Court next week
Nov 29, 9:25 AM: A case over public funding for religious schools in Maine is expected to reveal the current U.S. Supreme Court’s thinking on the separation of church and state.
Opinion: School choice is not the problem in Portland
Oct 11, 11:10 AM: Educators should find out why families are choosing one high school over the other, not take away their ability to choose.
Op-Ed: Maine tries to ignore a clear Supreme Court ruling on education
Oct 8, 9:09 AM: Every once in a while, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling is so clear that even laypeople can understand it. Such was the case last year when, writing for the majority in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, Chief Justice >
Want school choice? Here’s where to live in Maine to get it
Oct 7, 9:00 AM: Today, Maine Policy Institute released a new analysis on the scope of educational options available for Maine families based on residency. Accompanying the report is an interactive map visualization of localities across >
Our View: Racial achievement gaps a reality in Maine
Sep 28, 8:55 AM: While some people disagree with Chong on the reason why Portland Public Schools students of color and those from low-income families score below better-off white students on standardized tests, no one denies that these >
Enrollment gap between Portland and Deering prompts new look at high school choice
Sep 23, 8:57 AM: School board members are considering whether to pursue options such as a 3-school lottery in future years to help even out the numbers.



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