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Gov. Beshear will 'fight like heck' to raise Kentucky teachers' pay in upcoming session
Nov 2, 5:23 AM: Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday that he will resume his push to raise teachers’ salaries as part of his proposed biennial budget, and a top Republican lawmaker said he expects “a robust conversation” on that topic during >
How the ruling against school choice hurts lower-income families the most | Opinion
Nov 1, 6:35 AM: The state offers a full menu of options for families with resources, and many union leaders, lawmakers and district administrators take advantage of the freedom. They buy homes in neighborhoods with high-performing >
Failing students pulled from Ky. virtual learning
Oct 29, 7:07 AM: Some Kentucky schools are pulling students out of virtual learning, because of bad grades. Greenup county schools placed grade requirements on students at the start of the semester.
Editorial: School choice ruling a victory for our kids
Oct 29, 5:37 AM: We believe that when it comes to parents deciding where to send their children to school, it should be their decision to make and theirs alone and government agencies and teachers’ unions need to stay out of their >
BGISD seeks clarity about school choice court ruling
Oct 21, 5:31 AM: Joining five other independent school districts in Kentucky, the Bowling Green Independent School District is seeking clarity about the scope of a recent Franklin Circuit Court ruling challenging the legality of House Bill >
He had big dreams of an elite Louisville high school. But he wound up at a ‘bad’ one.
Oct 21, 5:18 AM: In Louisville, one public school consistently at the bottom of rankings and test scores is Iroquois High. One consistently at the top is Manual High, a magnet school located just a 10-minute drive away.
Columnist: School choice court defeat a bump in the road
Oct 18, 8:02 AM: Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd’s ruling that the school choice bill passed earlier this year is unconstitutional is hardly a “crippling blow” — as the Courier-Journal describes it — to the commonwealth’s >
Opinion: Facts don’t mesh with myth
Oct 15, 8:53 AM: Proponents of spending even more tax dollars on the public education system hardly ever address the fact that our increasingly expensive public schools offer a mediocre or outright-defective experience for far too many >
Kentucky judge strikes down school choice law; proponents plan quick appeal
Oct 13, 8:11 AM: Advocates for school choice in Kentucky suffered a defeat late last week when a judge ruled a new state law that establishes tax credits and educational grants was unconstitutional.
Judge's ruling strikes blow to Kentucky's new school choice law
Oct 11, 11:12 AM: Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd's decision delivers a crippling blow to the fledgling education opportunity account program, which narrowly became law earlier this year.
New innovative lab at Olmsted Academy North gives students access to advanced technology
Oct 8, 5:55 AM: Innovation and creativity will ooze out of a lab at Olmsted Academy North. The students will get a whole new experience in learning thanks to Verizon. Students like 12-year-old Caleb Allen are transforming from consumers >
Kentucky test scores wobble after pandemic-stricken school year. Here's why
Sep 30, 8:12 AM: When they sat down in schools last May, masked up and more or less prepared for the test in front of them, Louisville’s students had lived through dual crises — a global pandemic and a homegrown racial reckoning — since >
Kentucky schools overwhelmingly keep mask mandates after Republicans scrapped state requirement
Sep 22, 9:13 AM: He feared their cases would be the “tip of the iceberg” after the mostly Republican state legislature during a special session earlier this month repealed a statewide school mask mandate unilaterally put in place by the >
Op-Ed: Private School Tax Credit Program at Odds With Kentucky’s Constitution
Sep 21, 8:40 AM: The framers of Kentucky’s constitution made crystal clear the state’s responsibility to provide for a system of common, public schools across the commonwealth. And in 1989 the Kentucky Supreme Court affirmed that >
Education opportunity accounts, Kentucky's school-choice measure, goes before judge
Sep 17, 8:38 AM: Kentucky's fledgling education opportunity account program went before a judge Thursday in a legal challenge opponents hope will stop the program's full implementation.
Ky. school districts begin virtual programs; they’re seeing waitlists
Sep 15, 9:41 AM: As COVID-19 cases continue to increase, parents are looking into virtual school options. Some districts gave the option at the beginning of the year, while others are just now starting a program.
Kentucky Lawmakers Scrap Statewide Mask Mandate In Schools
Sep 10, 11:43 AM: Kentucky lawmakers, many not wearing masks, voted Thursday to scrap a statewide mask mandate in public schools and shifted masking decisions to local school boards, acting in a special session as the state’s worst COVID-19 >
Opinion: It’s time to shop for more than just schools supplies. It’s time to shop for education
Sep 8, 3:15 PM: Unfortunately for many families, this season is a reminder that their students — and thousands more like them across Kentucky — are trapped in a situation that just isn’t right for them.
Kentucky teachers hoping lawmakers take action on more flexibility for NTI days
Sep 3, 10:18 AM: Classrooms in Kentucky are sitting empty after many districts have had to either switch to non-traditional instruction, or just close altogether, because so many students and staff are quarantined with COVID-19. >
School leaders say steady funding, flexibility in remote learning and hiring needed with COVID-19
Sep 2, 11:53 AM: Kentucky education groups say they need reliable funding and more flexibility in utilizing remote learning and hiring as lawmakers prepare for a special session in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.



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