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OpEd: B1 gives control over schools to taxpayers, rather than parents and teachers
Jan 21, 7:20 AM: That schools should be under the control of parents of children in the district and the taxpayers who fund them is not a controversial position. If you asked most people, they would say that that’s exactly what they want. >
JCPS extends virtual learning another week amid COVID surge and staffing shortages
Jan 18, 7:22 AM: Kentucky's largest district will remain on virtual learning for another week, the district announced Monday.
Undeterred by previous setbacks, Kentucky lawmakers again file school choice bill
Jan 14, 6:17 AM: Despite protests, previous legislative fails and an ongoing legal challenge, Kentucky lawmakers are again trying to offer tax credits to help families afford private school.
School officials hoping for more remote learning flexibility as COVID-19 surges
Jan 12, 6:50 AM: There is a sign of relief. The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill that gives districts up to 10 NTI days per school. So these could be used at the school, grade, or even classroom level for this school year. It now heads to >
Parents unhappy with JCPS’ NTI plan seek alternative homeschooling options
Jan 11, 8:48 AM: As JCPS plans to virtually return to school on Tuesday, parents scramble to figure out a plan to balance working and teaching their kids from home.
Gov. Beshear unveils education budget plan
Jan 11, 7:41 AM: Governor Andy Beshear will be unveiling his full budget proposal later this week, but Monday he gave us a better picture of his educational priorities.
No Kentucky, our education system has not made that much progress
Jan 7, 6:53 AM: During legislative hearings today about Senate Bill 1, which makes important improvements to the state’s School Based Decision Making (SBDM) law, there were multiple mentions that Kentucky’s education system now ranks >
New program to help Black students sees success
Dec 28, 9:16 AM: An initiative in Owensboro to connect Black students with industry mentors, their peers and school faculty had a successful first run, officials said.
W.E.B. DuBois Academy opens Verizon Innovative Learning Lab
Dec 3, 7:22 AM: A new lab opened at W.E.B DuBois Academy in Louisville that will teach students and teachers about “augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) equipment, 3D printers, robotics and artificial intelligence.” It is called the >
How COVID-19 prompted more parental engagement in education | Opinion
Nov 29, 6:37 AM: While the coronavirus wreaked havoc on Kentucky’s education performance, it also resulted in many parents engaging in where and how their children are educated.
New opportunity launched to help JCPS seniors with next chapter
Nov 23, 9:05 AM: By streamlining private and public partnerships, Ky. Gov. Andy Beshear announced that through the Everybody Counts program, all graduating seniors from JCPS will be able to make a smooth transition to either the workforce >
Feds say relief money can’t be used for Kentucky school construction
Nov 23, 9:03 AM: Gov. Andy Beshear’s administration says $127 million in federal relief money planned for school construction in Kentucky will not be able to be spent as originally intended.
OP-ED: COVID woke up Kentucky’s public school parents, and they won’t go back to sleep
Nov 22, 9:01 AM: While the coronavirus wreaked havoc on Kentucky’s education performance, it also resulted in many parents engaging in where and how their children are educated. Such parental engagement is a priority for reversing >
Kentucky AG asks state Supreme Court to review school-choice case
Nov 16, 6:07 AM: Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and a nonprofit law firm that backs school-choice measures have asked the state’s Supreme Court to take up a case where a Franklin County judge ruled a new state law creating >
Private school advocates appeal ruling striking down Kentucky’s tax credit scholarship program
Nov 12, 7:31 AM: Advocates of Kentucky’s new tax credit scholarship program have filed an appeal challenging a judge’s Oct. 8 ruling that the program violates Kentucky’s constitution.
Kentucky task force makes recommendations regarding school funding
Nov 11, 9:27 AM: A legislative panel is recommending the Kentucky General Assembly ensure the state funds all-day kindergarten on a permanent basis when lawmakers return to Frankfort for the 2022 session in two months.
Gov. Beshear will 'fight like heck' to raise Kentucky teachers' pay in upcoming session
Nov 2, 5:23 AM: Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday that he will resume his push to raise teachers’ salaries as part of his proposed biennial budget, and a top Republican lawmaker said he expects “a robust conversation” on that topic during >
How the ruling against school choice hurts lower-income families the most | Opinion
Nov 1, 6:35 AM: The state offers a full menu of options for families with resources, and many union leaders, lawmakers and district administrators take advantage of the freedom. They buy homes in neighborhoods with high-performing >
Failing students pulled from Ky. virtual learning
Oct 29, 7:07 AM: Some Kentucky schools are pulling students out of virtual learning, because of bad grades. Greenup county schools placed grade requirements on students at the start of the semester.
Editorial: School choice ruling a victory for our kids
Oct 29, 5:37 AM: We believe that when it comes to parents deciding where to send their children to school, it should be their decision to make and theirs alone and government agencies and teachers’ unions need to stay out of their >



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