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Kentucky lawmakers explore expanding KEES money for homeschool students
Sep 21, 10:14 AM:

Lawmakers are actively considering a proposal to allow homeschooled children to receive the same amount of KEES money traditional students can earn.

As more families switch their kids to private school, one Boone County mom explains why she did
Sep 12, 10:25 AM:

A northern Kentucky parent provided a different perspective on a recent study showing more Kentucky families are turning to non public education for their kids.

Report shows rapid growth in Kentucky nonpublic education enrollment
Aug 12, 9:17 AM:

It’s back-to-school time across Kentucky, and a report released Wednesday shows more kids are going away from public schools. More than 58,000 students were enrolled in a private school, and more than 39,500 were >

JCPS School Choice assignment proposal passes Board with unanimous vote
Jun 2, 8:33 AM: The Jefferson County Board of Education has voted to implement its new School Choice Proposal. The motion passed in a unanimous vote during a special meeting at the JCPS Van Hoose Center on Wednesday evening. >
Charters vs magnets: West Louisville kids at the center of dueling 'school choice' ideas
Mar 30, 9:32 AM: JCPS’ failings to equitably provide choice to west Louisville students is further driving a state push for charter schools.<
Kentucky's charter school bill gets final passage: Here's what happens next
Mar 30, 8:14 AM: A controversial bill allowing charter schools in Kentucky got a final passage in Kentucky on Tuesday. House Bill 9 passed in the Senate 22 to 14.
Opinion: Kentucky ‘paralyzed’ by lack of parental school choice
Mar 30, 6:24 AM: Opponents of charter schools coming to Kentucky are pro-choice, after all. At least that’s how it appeared to a casual observer during a recent hourslong debate in the Kentucky House of Representatives over legislation >
Teachers group files ethics complaint against Kentucky lawmaker after charter school bill vote
Mar 29, 7:58 AM: An organization that advocates for public school teachers and other employees said Monday it filed an ethics complaint against a Northern Kentucky state lawmaker.
Charter School funding bill heads to state Senate
Mar 29, 6:08 AM: Monday the Senate Education Committee passed House Bill 9. This new measure would set up public funding for Charter Schools in the state using ‘SEEK’ dollars, which is the main source of funding for Kentucky’s school >
National Education Association president visits Lexington, expresses concern over charter school bill
Mar 24, 7:37 AM: After spending 31 years in a public school classroom, Becky Pringle has serious concerns about House Bill 9, and others like Kentucky’s charter school bill, which passed through the state House of Representatives on >
Charter school bill wins passage in Kentucky House
Mar 23, 5:18 AM: After years of inaction, charter schools would gain a foothold in Kentucky and be supplied with a permanent funding stream under a bill that won passage Tuesday in the state House.
JCPS envisions streamlined 'choice zones' in student assignment proposal
Mar 23, 5:12 AM: Jefferson County Public Schools unveiled a proposed overhaul of its complex student assignment plan, which aims to deliver more options for families in and near west Louisville.
Gov. Beshear calls charter schools unconstitutional ahead of funding proposal
Mar 18, 6:08 AM: Gov. Andy Beshear called charter schools and any proposals for public funding for them unconstitutional at a press conference Thursday. “I believe charter schools overall are unconstitutional under the way our constitution >
Column: Tsunami of charter schools likely with House Bill 9
Mar 17, 7:55 AM: Right now, only our school districts and our mayors decide where a charter school pops up. If this bill is passed, political appointees, universities, and even nonprofits that have nothing to do with education at all will >
Charter school funding bill in Kentucky could get hearing Thursday, changes still being made
Mar 16, 5:05 AM: Legislation to fund charter schools in Kentucky is "still a work in progress," but the sponsor of House Bill 9 hopes it could receive a hearing as early as Thursday.
Don't let 'school choice' bills place students in the crosshairs of a free market: Opinion
Mar 9, 6:49 AM: Educational outcomes are not measured by how much a school profits. Placing children in the crosshairs of a free market that creates winners and losers is dismally counter to Kentucky’s educational and economic goals. >
New school choice bill would give Kentucky charter schools what they've lacked — funding
Mar 2, 6:36 AM: Among the biggest changes, HB 9 creates a permanent funding mechanism for charter schools. Like traditional public schools, public charter schools would receive funding based on student attendance from a mix of local and >
DCPS 'redesigning' virtual options for students in need
Mar 1, 7:02 AM: In an effort to better accommodate students in unique situations, Daviess County Public Schools is redesigning its virtual learning options.
School choice heads to Kentucky Supreme Court
Mar 1, 6:56 AM: The Kentucky Supreme Court has agreed to take up a school choice law a Franklin Circuit Court judge ruled unconstitutional.
OpEd: School vouchers give Ky parents more choices for education
Feb 28, 8:18 AM: Parents are tired of being told by politicians and special interest groups that they shouldn’t have a role in their children’s education. It’s not only insulting, but it also callously denies the reality that parents know >



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