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GOP drops ‘choice’ plan in Kansas school funding debate
May 7, 5:42 AM: Conservative Republicans set aside their most ambitious proposal for helping Kansas parents move their children into private schools so that lawmakers could forge a bipartisan compromise Thursday night on education funding >
After dramatic debate, Kansas lawmakers shoot down school choice expansion
Apr 12, 5:25 AM: After a dramatic series of twists and turns, a major school choice expansion in Kansas was shot down Friday in the Kansas Senate, with legislators now forced to find a path forward on funding the state's public schools. >
Push for 'School Choice' Measure Hits Snag in Kansas Senate
Apr 9, 5:42 AM: Top Republican lawmakers have hit a snag in trying to pass a proposal that would allow parents of academically struggling students to pay for private schooling with state dollars normally earmarked for public schools. >
Funds for Kansas schools tied to GOP right’s ‘choice’ plan
Apr 8, 5:27 AM: Conservative Republican lawmakers on Wednesday tied funding for Kansas’ public schools to a proposal that would allow parents of academically struggling students to use state dollars to pay for private schooling. >
Behemoth public education policy, budget measure narrowly approved by Kansas House
Apr 1, 5:56 AM: House Bill 2119, the Student Empowerment Act, would take the per-pupil amount of money normally given to public schools and place it into education savings accounts for students to use toward private school tuition. The >
Legislators advance sweeping education package despite bipartisan concerns
Mar 31, 5:08 AM: Legislators are forging ahead with a wide-reaching package to remake education policy in Kansas, including a major expansion of the state's school choice offerings and provisions restricting remote learning. >
Commentary: Kansas Legislature takes first step in re-imagining the educational future
Mar 12, 6:34 AM: The past year has highlighted how important it is to bridge the opportunity gaps in our educational system. As these gaps were exacerbated by pandemic-related school closures, working parent, single parents, students, >
Commentary: Understand the costs associated with proposed school choice bill in Kansas Legislature
Feb 22, 6:20 AM: The Kansas House of Representatives is considering a bill (HB 2119) that would transfer tax dollars from public schools to individual accounts for eligible students to fund private education. These proposed student >
Kansas Senate passes bill expanding student tax credit to private school students
Feb 12, 7:51 AM: Originally available for public school students eligible for free lunches and attending the 100 lowest-performing elementary schools, the Tax Credit for Low Income Student Scholarship Program now includes any student who >
Legislature wades into remote schooling debate with controversial school choice bill
Feb 9, 6:08 AM: Legislators are considering a proposal that could allow students whose districts have opted for remote instruction for a prolonged period of time to receive funds that would let them attend a private school. >
Kansas lawmakers push civics test for high school graduation
Feb 4, 8:08 AM: A Kansas lawmaker and the state’s Republican attorney general are pushing a bill to require high school students to pass a civics test to graduate.
Spoiled for choice? Controversy rises over effort to expand key Kansas school choice program
Jan 29, 7:35 AM: School choice advocates in the Legislature have long eyed changes to the program. But things are different this year, and a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court and the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted a full-court press to >
KS lawmakers considers expanding private school scholarships
Jan 27, 7:59 AM: It provides tax credits for donations to private school scholarships for low-income students at the 100 lowest-performing elementary schools in the state.
Students, parents tell state board of education online classes aren’t working
Nov 11, 7:36 AM: The Kansas State Board of Education met for its monthly meeting on Tuesday. They discussed how schools are operating during the pandemic and heard from members of the public.
Kansas Teachers Could Owe Their Schools Thousands If They Quit Over Coronavirus Concerns
Aug 11, 7:55 AM: Kansas teachers that don’t feel safe going back to crowded hallways as schools reopen could take medical leave or teach online. But at the many districts that don’t have those options, teachers eye another choice: >
Parents team up to create 'pandemic pods' for virtual learning
Jul 31, 7:50 AM: The girls will go to Cabansag's house on Monday and Thursday, when she is able to work from home. Then they will learn from Coldanghise on Tuesday and Friday, leaving just one day of solo learning with the SMSD >
Opinion: K-12 officials shouldn’t oppose equal education opportunity
Jul 6, 5:38 AM: We don’t fund students in Kansas, we fund institutions, and the institutions would rather force kids to stay in the worst-performing schools than lose one dollar of revenue. These students absolutely can learn, but they’re >
Tech schools blend online courses with hands-on training for needed workers
May 11, 7:51 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic forced Kansas community colleges and tech schools to adapt curriculum and teaching methods this semester, but it didn’t close classrooms altogether.
With Kansas school closures, we’re about to live the longest snow day in history
Mar 18, 7:44 AM: There’s a lot we don’t know about Gov. Laura Kelly’s order to close every K-12 school in Kansas for the rest of the school year. But one thing, we know: Families are scrambling.
Kansas bill creates civics testing mandate to graduate high school
Feb 12, 8:18 AM: Attorney General Derek Schmidt endorsed a proposal Tuesday to create a state law requiring Kansas students pass an examination based on the U.S. citizenship test to graduate from high school.



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