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A national TED grant will help 4-year-olds across Kansas prepare for school
Jun 27, 8:10 AM:

At least 200 4-year-olds across Kansas are going to benefit from a grant through the philanthropic branch of the TED organization, which will allow Waterford.org to operate its Waterford Upstart program here.

Unions oppose employee rights with false claims re: Janus
Mar 21, 8:55 AM: Several labor unions opposed legislation to ensure public employees’ rights under Janus v. AFSCME was opposed by unions this week and made several false and deceptive claims in the process.
‘Kansas falls below the nation in every subject area’: Data shows lag in college readiness
Mar 18, 7:59 AM: State data shows fewer Kansas high school students are prepared for college today than in 2013.On Wednesday, the Kansas Board of Regents reviewed college enrollment numbers and college readiness data.
Kansas high school students are thriving under JAG-K. A $3.5M investment could help thousands more.
Feb 14, 9:48 AM: Russell-Unger and about 4,000 other students across Kansas are enrolled in Jobs for America’s Graduates Kansas — the state’s chapter of a national program focused on getting students not only across the graduation stage >
Kansas legislators vow to try again with push for school choice despite coming up short in 2021
Feb 3, 10:02 AM: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That appears to be the motto for conservative legislators interested in widening the menu of school choice options in Kansas after falling short in 2021, despite continued >
Should your address determine your school? KS lawmakers seek open enrollment
Feb 2, 7:17 AM: Last year, as the clock ran down on the 2021 Kansas Legislative session, a proposal to dramatically expand parents’ ability to use state dollars on private or home schooling fell short in the Senate by one vote. >
A bill would let Kansas schools shift to online learning, but it may not get far
Jan 27, 7:42 AM: As a growing number of Kansas schools cancel classes because of COVID outbreaks or staff shortages, one lawmaker wants to let districts avoid shutdowns by using online learning.
Nonprofit's goal is to open a new charter high school in Wichita Falls by fall
Jan 24, 8:55 AM: An education nonprofit aims to open a new campus for Premier High Schools by next fall in Wichita Falls, said Jake Kurz, communications director for ResponsiveEd.
As Kansas schools struggle with COVID staff shortages, lawmaker points to limited remote 'flexibility'
Jan 20, 9:03 AM: As Kansas public schools struggle with staffing shortages and student absences induced by the coronavirus pandemic, a top lawmaker on education issues said educators have "flexibility" thanks to the new limit on remote >
Kansas homeschooling numbers spike after families get a taste during COVID-19 pandemic
Dec 13, 6:19 AM: Worried about safety, resistant to mask orders and troubled by a lack of confidence in public schools, thousands more Kansas parents are opting to teach their kids at home.
Legislators, state officials spar over achievement in Kansas schools amid COVID pandemic, funding debates
Dec 1, 6:55 AM: Lawmakers say a deep dive on student achievement in Kansas schools is needed, with the dialogue likely to have a substantial effect on the policy choices of the GOP-controlled legislators.
Test Scores Show Kansas Students Fell Further Behind During Pandemic
Nov 24, 8:20 AM: It turns out a year of shutdowns and quarantines generated lousy test scores(link is external) for schoolchildren across Kansas. More than 30% of students fell behind their grade level in math and language arts in the >
Kansas school district to give overwhelmed staff 2 days off
Nov 12, 9:49 AM: A Kansas school district is giving overwhelmed staff some extra time off heading into Thanksgiving break by using two of the extra days it had built into its schedule in case it had to close because of snow. >
Homeschooling Boomed In The Pandemic—And Many Parents Aren’t Sending Their Kids Back To Class
Nov 5, 6:02 AM:

School enrollment in Kansas has dropped by over fifteen thousand students since 2019 as virtual and homeschool enrollment has increased.

More than $1 billion in federal relief money went to Kansas schools; new numbers show how it’s being spent
Oct 13, 8:00 AM: Kansas schools received about $1.4 billion in federal relief money. On Tuesday, Kansas school board members voted to allocate roughly $15 million to go to school districts for training teachers in literacy and math; two >
Pilot program highlights 'microschools'
Aug 27, 7:49 AM: A group of students in the North Kansas City School District has already been back to school for a couple of months. Their teachers are taking hands-on learning to a new level.
Newton schools to use testing protocol to keep quarantined students in schools
Aug 25, 9:37 AM: Law changes by the state Legislature have hamstrung the district in the area of online education — which the district used last year. Some students only entered classrooms for state assessment testing. In addition, for >
Elementary age parents struggle to decide whether to send their children back to public school
Jul 29, 3:25 PM: With less than three weeks until the start of the school year, parents are anxiously waiting with bated breath for the USD 250 Board of Education and local health officials to make a decision about masking in classrooms >
Kansas education funding hike, school choice eligibility expansion signed into law
May 25, 5:59 AM: Gov. Laura Kelly on Monday commended a new bipartisan education law increasing education spending that fully funds Kansas education for the third year in a row while also expanding eligibility for private school >
Opinion: Kansas resisting choice that has benefited education of children in Indiana, Florida and Arizona
May 10, 5:52 AM: While Indiana is expanding school choice eligibility from 37,000 to 48,000 students, Kansas is resisting even slight changes to existing school choice programs. A Wall Street Journal editorial congratulated Indiana “for >



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