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New era for school choice in Indiana begins Monday
Jun 27, 7:59 AM: The Indiana Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program offers maximum flexibility to families who choose to opt out of traditional schooling in favor of funding their own appropriate education programs and services for >
Students Can’t Afford Ignoring Charter School Progress (Opinion)
Jun 21, 9:14 AM: Proposed updates to the Charter School Program that could severely limit the growth of high-quality charter schools go against a growing body of research that proves charter schools are leading students to superior >
How Bus Driver Shortages & Soaring Costs Spurred Innovations in Getting Indianapolis Students to Class
Mar 30, 9:37 AM: While driver shortages and rising costs for buses and repairs are issues for schools nationwide, in Indianapolis, these challenges have spurred innovations for both the school district and a nonprofit that supports the >
Lawmakers tweak teacher union law in an attempt to skirt likely free speech violation
Mar 29, 9:35 AM: Indiana lawmakers are continuing an effort to change how teachers pay union dues through paycheck deductions with a new law. It tweaks previous legislation that a federal judge said likely violated the constitution. >
Editorial: How a vague, overly broad state law can hurt South Bend schools
Mar 28, 8:30 AM: The efforts by a charter school to stop the planned move of the South Bend school district into different office space — taking advantage of a controversial law — could set a precedent in Indiana. >
South Bend charter school may block relocation of district offices under state unused buildings law
Mar 28, 8:22 AM: In January, the South Bend Community School Corporation announced it wanted to sell its downtown headquarters to the city of South Bend and move into the Brown Community Learning Center on the city’s northwest side. >
IPS to spend $15 million on retention bonuses, more flexibility for teachers
Mar 28, 6:36 AM: Indianapolis Public Schools will spend $14 million in federal emergency funds on cash bonuses to reward staff who stay with the district, officials announced this week.
‘Everything is on the table’ as IPS addresses enrollment decline and too many schools
Mar 23, 5:53 AM: Indianapolis Public Schools has too few students for the number of buildings in the district. A dozen of those facilities in use are in poor or worse condition, district leaders say.
School on Wheels offers tutors with special focus on kids experiencing homelessness
Mar 23, 5:47 AM: School on Wheels comes to schools where there are students experiencing homelessness. They hold 45-minute sessions with the student to offer individualized tutoring.
‘Everything on the table’ as IPS addresses enrollment decline and too many schools
Mar 22, 8:16 AM: Nearly $500 million in improvements, repairs and other deferred maintenance is needed to fix these and other school buildings, according to a recent analysis the district commissioned. The analysis also found the district >
21st Century Charter School students earn associate degrees in high school
Mar 16, 9:14 AM: Students at 21st Century Charter School in Gary are getting their associate’s degrees while in high school, with some even going beyond and earning credits toward a bachelor's degree.
Lawmakers rewrite Indiana law targeting teachers union dues payments
Feb 24, 7:28 AM: State lawmakers are cleaning up a controversial statute enacted last year that made it more complicated for Hoosier teachers to have union dues voluntarily deducted from their paychecks.
Push to give charter schools local tax dollars stalls in Indiana Senate
Feb 24, 7:22 AM: The Indiana House passed HB 1072, which would have required districts to share operating and safety referendum dollars, but it won't have a hearing in the Senate.
Kindezi Academy, charter school and IPS partner, to close at end of the school year
Feb 22, 7:02 AM: Families of Kindezi Academy students received some difficult news Friday afternoon: After six years, the school is closing.
Editorial: More low-income kids need access to great preschool prep
Feb 18, 9:16 AM: Much of that money is wasted: Fewer than 50% of students in remedial courses complete them. But Indiana Commission for Higher Education information since 2013 proves the state’s emphasis on college readiness is paying >
Indiana school districts may be required to share referendum proceeds with charter schools
Feb 10, 9:58 AM: Indiana school districts that successfully persuade voters to pay higher property taxes to support their local schools soon may be required to share referendum revenue with nearby charter schools.
Parents pick Catholic schools for faith, academics as Diocese of Gary sees enrollment hike
Feb 4, 10:19 AM: The Diocese of Gary’s 20 schools are seeing rising enrollments due to expanded state support as they mark Catholic Schools Week.
Indiana Department of Education releases COVID-19 relief school spending dashboard
Feb 1, 9:49 AM: The site shows how much money each school district has been reimbursed out of their allotment. It also breaks down funding by each round of relief from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) >
IPS considers start-up charter operator to run Elder Diggs School 42 after current manager forced out
Feb 1, 9:09 AM: Last month the Indianapolis Public Schools Board voted not to renew a contract with Ignite Achievement Academy to run the northwest-side school due to concerns including low academic performance and high staff turnover >
Bills to create adjunct status for public school teachers considered in Statehouse
Feb 1, 6:31 AM: A bill moving forward in the Indiana Senate would let public schools hire part time “adjunct” teachers without any teaching training. Bill author Sen. Linda Rogers (R-Granger) said it could help address an ongoing teacher >



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