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In Chicago, free college for 4,000 students and their parents: ‘This means so much’
Feb 23, 7:23 AM: Inside a packed auditorium at Benito Juarez Community Academy, Senior Maria Vazquez sat in shock. She had just found out that she, her classmates, — and their parents — would get their college education paid. In full. >
Chicago Public Schools parents seek post-Labor Day start and ‘traditional summer break’ after ‘chaos and conflict’ of COVID-19
Feb 11, 10:26 AM: "The chaos and conflict of the past year, much of which was pandemic induced, means that our kids need the traditional summer break,” the group said on a petition that was started Thursday and had gained just a >
Teachers unions urge schools to maintain agreed-upon mask requirements
Feb 9, 9:47 AM: After a chaotic return to school Monday in the wake of a downstate judge's ruling late last week that seemingly overturned the state's classroom masking requirement, the Illinois Federation of Teachers held an emergency >
Parents Split on Chicago Union Deal Securing Remote Learning, Mask Mandate
Feb 8, 9:22 AM: Nearly a month after Chicago Teachers' Union (CTU) reached its deal with the nation's third-largest school districts, parents in the city remain divided on the provisions of the agreement, some thrilled that their kids >
Paul Vallas: School choice gives power back to parents
Feb 7, 10:04 AM: Across America, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the public education system’s weaknesses by revealing how ill-equipped it was to deal with such a crisis.
Illinois bills to address teacher shortage advance out of state Senate committee
Feb 4, 10:13 AM: Two bills aimed at relieving the state’s teacher shortage, at least in the short term, advanced out of a Senate committee Tuesday. The Senate Education Committee unanimously endorsed two bills that would allow retired >
Support grows for school choice in Chicago
Feb 3, 10:16 AM: Donations for tax-credit scholarships to the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Catholic schools are up about 20% this year compared with the same time last year, archdiocesan officials reported.
Commentary: The Invest in Kids Act gives minority children access to top-tier schools
Feb 3, 10:06 AM: The Archdiocese of Chicago statistics speak for themselves. Catholic high schools have an up to 98% graduation rate, and more than 95% of their graduates go on to higher education.
Jesse Sharkey won’t seek reelection as head of 25,000-member Chicago Teachers Union
Feb 3, 9:55 AM: The former social studies teacher will step away from CTU leadership when his fourth term ends June 30 and plans to return to the classroom.
Ronald Reagan’s favorite Chicago School continues to thrive despite the odds
Feb 2, 9:30 AM:

There is a school on the West Side of Chicago in the middle of the violence and poverty that wholeheartedly rejects this lowly view of blacks. Since 1969, Providence St. Mel School has pursued academic rigor and, in >

COVID surges, ‘re-entry anxiety’ hamper Chicago’s efforts to boost attendance
Feb 1, 10:03 AM: But school-level data obtained by Chalkbeat shows that campuses have continued to grapple with the plunge in attendance the district saw during remote learning last year. At just below 90%, average attendance has remained >
Low-income students get scholarships to private k-12 schools through Empower Illinois
Jan 31, 7:23 AM: Low-income students may qualify for a generous scholarship to a private school k-12 and higher-income people who donate to the scholarship receive a large tax credit.
Opinion: Chicago's Lessons for Philadelphia Schools
Jan 28, 8:01 AM: A legendary Philly educator explains why the week-long windy city strike against in-person learning likely wouldn’t happen here, where parents aren’t held hostage by an emboldened teachers’ union. >
Chicago charter school leaders press Board of Education for longer contract terms
Jan 27, 8:57 AM: The Chicago Board of Education renewed contracts for five charter and two contract schools at Wednesday’s monthly meeting, with some school leaders complaining they wanted longer terms.
Chicago Private and Charter Schools Receive $5 Million to Expand Enrollment (CER in the news)
Jan 26, 9:41 AM: The ongoing conflict between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union has some parents looking for different school options for their children, and philanthropy has stepped in to help them find alternatives to >
Chicago Teachers Union leaders face challenge from within their ranks following COVID-19 work action that canceled school for 5 days
Jan 26, 9:11 AM: A group within the Chicago Teachers Union is launching a new campaign to challenge President Jesse Sharkey and Vice President Stacy Davis Gates in the union’s spring election.
Community leaders, Peoria teachers’ union at odds over social emotional learning
Jan 26, 9:09 AM: "Union leadership is creating many unnecessary disruptions and further perpetuating a bad image for the district,” Peoria NAACP President Pastor Marvin Hightower said.
Pritzker vetoes teacher COVID-19 leave measure, announces similar initiative with unions
Jan 25, 6:06 AM: "This collaborative initiative will provide paid administrative leave for education employees who, despite doing all they can to keep themselves and their communities safe, continue to have their lives and livelihoods >
Jeanne Allen: Chicago parents aren't done fighting against the teachers union
Jan 19, 10:47 AM: Despite receiving billions of taxpayer dollars in federal COVID-relief funding to do precisely that, large urban school districts were unable to handle challenges that they’ve had plenty of time, experience and again, >
Chicago Parents Turn to Catholic Schooling amid Public-School Shutdowns
Jan 18, 9:41 AM: As a proud product of Catholic schooling myself, I am heartened by this news. But more important are the parents who are now receiving reliable in-person instruction for their children. The more the merrier. >



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