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Can Idaho’s charter schools diversify?
Aug 6, 12:41 PM: On average, their students outperform their traditional school peers on nearly every measurable academic indicator. Yet in general, they underserve the state’s minority and poor populations — something critics point to in >
Idaho charters still stir debate
Aug 4, 11:28 AM: After more than 20 years of operation, the schools are here to stay — a reality that’s taken traditional educators’ concerns about charters largely from whether they should be allowed to operate, to how to effectively >
Idaho’s K-12 federal relief plan turned away, needs revisions
Jul 23, 4:10 PM: Idaho’s plan to spend hundreds of millions in federal K-12 relief money failed to gain U.S. Department of Education approval on first review, and it has gone back to the state for revision.
College entrance exams scores dropped post-pandemic
Jul 19, 12:27 PM: Fewer Idaho high school juniors met benchmarks on their college entrance exam in 2021, compared to the pre-pandemic scores.
At least 11 new online schools set to serve students next year
Jun 4, 6:24 AM: Online learning programs popped up in public schools this school year in efforts to educate kids remotely amid a pandemic. In January, a handful of districts signaled plans to let their online programs live on, post >
Parents share what they want to see more of in post-COVID education
May 21, 9:03 AM: With the pandemic-affected 2020-2021 school year in the rearview mirror, education leaders are beginning to consider what the next school year will look like. Will in-person classes resume, will mask mandates be lifted, >
After-school program at local charter school a popular activity for students
Apr 27, 6:59 AM: White Pine Charter School has a very successful after-school program with more than 200 students enrolled and participating in different clubs every afternoon. In addition, there are sports activities that keep the gym >
'Micro-elementary' Acton Academy prepares to open in Idaho Falls
Apr 21, 7:04 AM: Acton Academy Idaho Falls is being prepared to open at 1980 West Broadway St. in September. Founder Candace Sekyere said the school will have 10 to 15 open slots for elementary school students during its first year and she >
Most Virtual Academy students who failed were economically disadvantaged, but experts can't pin it on that reason alone
Apr 19, 8:29 AM: Anywhere from two-thirds to three-quarters of students who did not meet grade-level standards in a new Virtual Academy this fall were economically disadvantaged, according to data recently obtained by the Argus Leader. >
Public education dollars should support families with children
Apr 1, 6:02 AM: It was ostensibly the realization that Idaho’s families needed help and support for their children’s learning that Governor Little created the popular and effective Strong Families, Strong Students (SFSS) program. This >
Charter schools opening, expanding in Magic Valley
Mar 22, 7:38 AM:

Enrollment periods remain open for the Magic Valley’s two newest charter schools, one of which opened last year, while the other plans to open this August.

Controversial scholarships to be removed from education bill
Mar 18, 6:08 AM: After significant pushback, the sponsors of HB 294 told the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday that they believed the scholarship portion of the Strong Students bill should be removed. The committee voted 7-2 to send >
Senate Education Committee kills parent payout proposal
Mar 16, 7:04 AM: The Senate Education Committee killed a bill that would have given money to parents who withdrew children from school districts that did not offer full-time face-to-face learning.
Commentary: What if Idaho’s education system were as unique as the children it’s meant to serve?
Mar 15, 5:46 AM:

Every parent knows their kid is not average. The average kid doesn’t exist. Every kid is unique. Yet, Idaho’s education system tries to chisel children’s differences away so they will fit into a factory model.

House backs bill to make state pay parents who pull their kids from school because it's not in-person
Mar 12, 6:56 AM: Idaho would be required to pay parents who pull their kids out of public school because the school isn’t providing in-person instruction at least four days a week, under legislation that passed the House today on a 55-15 >
Scholarship bill passes House after receiving outpouring of opposition
Mar 10, 7:10 AM: On Tuesday, Rep. Wendy Horman, R-Idaho Falls, presented HB 294 which would create grants and scholarships for students. Though a significant amount of controversy surrounded it, the bill passed the House fairly easily: >
Opinion: School Vouchers: The “Idaho Way” Irony
Mar 9, 6:12 AM: Until our Republican legislators live up to their responsibility of fully funding all of Idaho’s free common public schools, passing HB215 to give 0.003% of Idaho’s public school students special treatment amounts to a >
Opinion: Empower parents with school choice and support public education, too
Feb 26, 6:41 AM: First, I trust parents. Second, I support our public schools. I believe that we should empower parents to make the educational decisions for their children. Trusting parents and supporting public schools are not mutually >
Editorial: Don’t let school vouchers come to Idaho. Properly fund our public schools first
Feb 22, 7:57 AM: Idaho legislators are beginning to bring bills forward that would provide taxpayer dollars to individuals who choose private schools.
For some charters, enrollment decreases pose an immediate budget challenge
Feb 18, 6:50 AM: Idaho charter school enrollment increased this year, but not across the board. A number of charter schools are struggling with enrollment decreases that will immediately affect their share of state funding.



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