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New report shows steep decrease in student achievement from virtual learning
Aug 10, 4:30 PM: New research is showing that the method of having students open their computer and log in to learn may have led to a decline in their educational growth.
Charter school, district fix transportation issue for special education students
Aug 5, 12:15 PM: While students, parents, teachers, administrators were expressing excitement Wednesday about the first day of in-person school for everyone in almost 18 months, Savannah-Chatham and Savannah Classical Academy are still >
Opinion: Back to school issues renew calls for lawmakers to expand school choice options
Aug 5, 11:49 AM: It would be better, easier and quicker simply to let families choose the schools that best fit their children’s needs, whatever those needs may be
Kemp under pressure to ban school mask mandates
Aug 4, 11:30 AM: As a growing number of school districts adopt mask requirements to stem a spike in new coronavirus cases, Gov. Brian Kemp is facing pressure from fellow Republicans to block administrators from imposing the requirements. >
Bumpy start to expanded special needs education voucher program stresses parents
Aug 2, 10:29 AM: Carter said their private school with its smaller classes has been a godsend for her family, and she’s thankful for the scholarship that allows them to attend.
Column: Parents deserve the chance to choose their child’s school
Aug 2, 10:23 AM: That’s why, as debates central to our children’s education become more politicized — whether they should be or not — every parent deserves the ability to choose a different option for their child. >
Charter school families scramble for student transportation from all over Chatham County
Jul 22, 11:10 AM: In the priority lists for student transportation set up by the Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools, one omission stands out: charter schools. SCCPSS operates five charter schools – free public schools within the >
Opinion: Provision in federal spending bill jeopardizes charter school funding
Jul 22, 10:46 AM: When looking at a map of charter schools in Georgia, the overwhelming majority are located in places like the cities of Atlanta and Savannah as well as the counties of DeKalb and Clayton. The student population in these >
Drew Charter students among 13 teams presenting inventions for real-world problems
Jun 15, 7:31 AM: A team of 16 students from Charles R. Drew Charter Senior Academy in Atlanta is among 13 teams nationwide awarded the Lemelsom-MIT InvenTeams grant to invent solutions that solve real-world problems. The team’s invention >
Southside charter school delays opening to 2022; seeks investors to support construction
Jun 7, 7:54 AM: For one, it gives the start-up charter school time to raise funds and build permanent structures instead of depending upon leased portables for its first year.
'Targeted tutoring' can help Savannah public school students catch up in classroom
Jun 7, 7:45 AM: During the 12 years I spent at Oglethorpe Charter School, one of the most effective practices we developed for catching up students who were behind was what I’ll call “targeted tutoring.
DeKalb charter school opens new science, performing arts annex
Jun 3, 7:02 AM: Students at a DeKalb County charter school will have additional space to learn more about science, technology, engineering, arts and math when classes resume on Aug. 2.
Opinion: Georgia's K-12 education efforts will fail if lawmakers continue to fund 'systems' instead of students
Jun 1, 8:07 AM: The failure over the past year was “the system.” Systems, especially large and long-established ones, typically don’t respond well to sudden and drastic change – particularly when they continue to be funded, or >
How many students left Savannah-Chatham schools for private schools during the pandemic?
Jun 1, 7:56 AM:

Families whose students did not do well with the virtual-only format sought schools that offered full-time in-person learning when Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools started all virtual last August. Families >

Atlanta elementary teachers to get $3,000 stipend for longer work days
May 25, 7:26 AM: The district plans to extend the elementary school day by half an hour for the next three years, starting in August. The goal is to provide more time for academic intervention to help students who have struggled during the >
Metro Atlanta schools see a future in online education
May 17, 6:40 AM:

There are thousands of parents like her — families that tasted the flexibility that online study offers: freedom from wasted time on commutes to and from school, from classes that move too slowly or from distractions >

Savannah charter school elated with new Ga. law on funding
May 14, 7:14 AM: A new law in Georgia addresses funding for charter schools. A Savannah school leader was there as the governor provided what he says is needed support.
Opinion: Charters met COVID challenges. Will state meet funding challenges?
May 12, 6:40 AM: As we celebrate the second National Charter Schools Week since the pandemic began, it’s important to reflect on the unique role Georgia’s public charter schools have played in serving local communities and ensuring >
Kemp signs special needs voucher expansion bill
May 7, 6:13 AM: Gov. Brian Kemp on Thursday signed into law an expansion of Georgia’s only school “voucher” program, settling a years-long policy fight between public school proponents and advocates for school choice. >
Opinion: Improvements to Georgia's school choice programs lag other states
May 6, 7:59 AM: Legislature's reluctance to enact measures to expand educational options, such as private school vouchers, is harming Georgia children.



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