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Proposal puts performance above seniority in teacher layoffs
Apr 11, 6:01 AM:

Bill to reform teacher tenure in GA is meeting opposition from teachers and their union. Unions claim they already use performance, and years-in-service is not the only measure. Show an example. Give specifics of new >

Proposal to let Deal remove Atlanta school board could face lawsuit
Apr 8, 5:40 AM:

GA senators claim proposed bill giving Gov power to restructure board violates federal Voting Rights Act, and will threaten lawsuit if passed. No mention of who presented legislation and why. What's the story behind Gov >

Superintendent Lembeck cautiously optimistic on budget
Apr 5, 9:57 AM:

Marietta City school district more optimistic after reviewing possible budget shortfall. Proposed outcome puts system in better shape than most. How did they create the reserves that will see them through?


And look >

Do our lawmakers lack faith in states public school systems? - The Times-Herald
Mar 29, 2:01 PM:

Editorial slams GA lawmakers for entertaining voucher expansion -- investment should be in public schools. Data backing claims is M.I.A. If you'd done some research, you'd realize average private school tuition is less >

Charter schools awaiting court ruling consider options
Mar 29, 5:19 AM:

Constitutionality of GA Charter Schools Commission taken up by State Supreme Court. Lower court said all's well, but school districts appealed. Money spent in court, not spent in classroom.

Charter school to hold lottery for admissions
Mar 24, 6:12 AM:

GA charter attracts 300 applicants for 160 spots. Lawsuit against independent charter commission hasn't deterred parents. Bet county is challenging constitutionality of panel because they don't wanna share funds.

Two groups rally for school choice
Mar 22, 6:13 AM:

2 choice options in GA -- tax credit scholarships and virtual schools -- heralded by parents and choice advocates at the state Capitol to underscore their success. Why isn't info about programs' effectiveness here? Would >

Online schools seek funding in Georgia
Mar 22, 5:12 AM:

Charter, cyber and voucher families lobbied GA lawmakers on funding. Nice vignettes, but need to know exactly what cyber schools are and who attends them and are voucher programs only for students with disabilities for >

Get school voucher talk out of state legislature
Mar 21, 6:38 AM:

State bill to expand voucher program to military and foster children has been tabled. Editorial says it's evident legislators want universal voucher program so they should just go for it instead of incrementally stepping >

State Supreme Court opinion in charter schools case expected soon
Mar 21, 6:21 AM:

GA supreme court decision on constitutionality of independent commission for charter schools coming soon. Reporting only scratches surface on having a separate entity for charter authorization -- is it fair for >

Sponsor tables vouchers bill
Mar 17, 6:28 AM:

GA Senate tabled bill that would've given foster children and military children vouchers to attend private schools. Unions and other advocates were vocal in recent weeks to get bill shelved. Data of special education >

State board vote: Local districts will decide math curriculum
Mar 15, 4:42 PM:

Local districts in GA can now decide how to teach math. Currently state uses "integrated math," which does just that -- integrates concepts in arithmetic with algebra, geometry, probability theory, etc.The state has a >

State allows schools to choose method to teach math
Mar 15, 8:42 AM:

The GA Education Board approves a recommendation to allow districts to offer four separate math courses for students who may be struggling with the old blended curriculum. How have other jurisdictions and states fared >

State to discuss math curriculum
Mar 14, 2:01 PM:

GA Education Board considers whether to allow districts to choose either the current integrated high school math curriculum or a return to the traditional sequential  approach. GA also weighing adoption of Common Core >

Voucher bill stirs debate
Mar 14, 9:50 AM:

GA senator introduces bill to expand special education voucher program to include foster children and children of active military. Support for bill along party lines, but state supt. and governor siding with choice >

More cyber schools await Georgia students this fall
Mar 10, 6:08 AM:

Virtual schools may be on the rise in metro Atlanta, as state's Charter Schools Committee hears proposals for new cyber campuses. Even techies, let alone mere computer-using mortals, may not be aware of how virtual >

Bill eases restrictions on charter school athletes
Mar 3, 4:54 AM:

GA Senate approves bill allowing charter, virtual, and magnet students to participate in extracurricular activities of schools in attendance zone if not offered at own institution. Reporting doesn't say why home >

Don't expect much from school-funding study
Feb 25, 12:54 PM:

GA Education Finance Study Commission at 27 members should be smaller and have fewer Republican members  for it to be effective and nonpartisan. Also wants "another  teacher and . . . parent or two." Editorial doesn't >

Online charter school to expand to K-12
Feb 23, 9:14 AM:

Georgia Cyber Academy, part of national trend, is expanding. Has been running for 3 years, shows student growth in math/reading at all grades. Growth planned and demand high. Would love more description of how the Cyber >

Local schools unlikely to see changes to class size
Feb 15, 10:03 AM:

Ga. Board of Ed makes small class size priority, but last year gave local school districts authority to impose limits. So, what is class size around the state and does it have an impact on learning?



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