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League of Women Voters Talk Details Probe into Florida's School Voucher Program
Oct 19, 5:40 AM: The League of Women Voters of Florida recently conducted a study of the state's School Voucher programs and that will be the subject of an upcoming talk to be held via Zoom Thursday.
‘Reckless’ words from teacher unions hurt recruiting, Florida leader says
Oct 18, 5:38 AM: The state’s K-12 Chancellor Jacob Oliva calls for a change in tone. Union leaders say they are “simply pointing out the truth.
First dual-language school in Sarasota teaches students both English and Spanish
Oct 14, 8:59 AM: Students at Dreamers Academy have a chance to learn in both in English and Spanish. It is something that’s now normal for students like Joseph Salguero-Mondragon.
Florida is short more than 5,000 teachers, education group says. The pandemic and low pay are to blame
Oct 12, 8:37 AM: Florida's teacher shortage has worsened since the start of the school year, with vacancies for teachers surging to more than 5,000, according to updated data from the Florida Education Association.
FL allows 16-year-olds to withdraw from school with parent permission but most other states don’t
Oct 12, 8:29 AM: In fact, 24 states and Washington, D.C., require students to attend school until the age of 18. And a handful more set that age to at least 17, according to data from the Education Commission of the States, a >
Florida's Plan for Federal School Relief Money Includes Pandemic Measures, Online Learning
Oct 8, 9:07 AM: The plan's submission came two days after the U.S. Department of Education shined the light on Florida as the only state that hadn't yet sent its agenda for the round of education funds, the AP reported. The state used >
Broward ‘bleeding’ money to charter school vouchers, legislative delegation hears
Oct 7, 8:00 AM: Broward lawmakers learned that $60 million in state funding that would otherwise go to the Broward County public schools will be going to charter schools instead.
Hillsborough schools are in a $60M hole. They might ask for a tax increase.
Oct 6, 9:14 AM: Hillsborough County public school leaders want to go the way of other Florida school districts and use a tax on real estate to plug persistent gaps in their budget.
Florida is only state not to submit school Covid-19 relief funding plan, US Education Department says
Oct 5, 9:51 AM: The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) says Florida is the only state in the country leaving billions of dollars in education funding on the table.
Two months into school year, children with disabilities still waiting for state scholarships
Oct 5, 9:40 AM: Thousands of Florida students with disabilities whose parents count on state scholarships to help pay for their education and therapy are still waiting for the money two months into the school year.
Dream becomes a reality as Sarasota’s dual-language charter opens
Oct 4, 8:16 AM: Students spend half their time in English-only classrooms and the other half in Spanish-only classrooms, and there is essentially no translation as teachers give instruction.
Charter school moves ahead on new standards
Oct 4, 8:11 AM: The state’s push for educational excellence is bringing curriculum changes to Florida schools, and The Villages Charter Elementary School is leading the charge.
Private school voucher program enrollments increase after DeSantis signs bill
Sep 30, 8:17 AM: Several of the private schools Channel 3 spoke to say they've seen a significant increase in the number of students coming to their private schools with vouchers. To the point that some of them currently have a waitlist. >
Broward Schools fear less funding due to enrollment numbers down by the thousands
Sep 27, 9:09 AM: School board members in Broward County continued their search for missing students on Sunday.
Almost no one is taking advantage of Florida's 'COVID-19 bullying' private school grants
Sep 24, 8:13 AM: More than a month into the school year, fewer than 100 students have received school vouchers that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration backed as a way for children to escape what the state labeled “COVID-19 harassment." >
Sheriff: Guardian program working in charter schools
Sep 24, 8:11 AM: The Osceola County sheriff says the School Guardian program is working in charter schools.
Charter School Students Write Letters To Nurses
Sep 24, 8:10 AM: The students at the Renaissance Charter School at Wellington, under the direction of Principal Dr. Christopher Glinton and Assistant Principal Rachel Mellion, recently decided to try to make a difference in the fight >
New state rule: If student is exposed to COVID, parents decide whether they quarantine
Sep 23, 8:58 AM: Gov. Ron DeSantis doubled down Wednesday on his insistence that parents should decide whether their children wear masks at school and whether they should quarantine or attend school after being exposed to someone who has >
OPINION: Florida's scholarship programs empower parents and students
Sep 23, 8:50 AM: In Florida, the winds of change in public education clearly are favoring parental choice – and it's not necessary to put a moist finger in the air to detect the trend.
Charter school group, spurned once, is back before Hillsborough board
Sep 21, 8:46 AM: Mater Academy, with 48 schools in Florida and Nevada, still wants to add two in Hillsborough.



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