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No failing grades, but failing performance in South Florida schools
Sep 7, 3:43 PM: South Florida schools will escape the stigma of getting F grades this year, but many still failed miserably in their student achievement scores during the first full year of the pandemic.
Fort Pierce mother struggles to find online learning option for son with autism
Sep 3, 10:22 AM: The only way Grant said she has been able to afford the Heritage Christian Academy is through the McKay Scholarship. It's offered through the state and helps cover tuition costs for students with special needs to attend >
Virtual school is still available through Florida Virtual School Flex program
Sep 2, 11:40 AM: For many, virtual school enrollment has closed in Florida. However, there’s one program that is still available, The Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Flex program.
Florida Is Blocking Money From 2 School Districts Over Mask Mandates, Defying A Judge
Sep 1, 12:09 PM: Despite a judge's ruling on Friday declaring that the Florida governor's ban on mask mandates in schools is unconstitutional, the State Board of Education has forged ahead with its threat to withhold school board members >
Villages Charter School ready to support mental well-being in new year
Aug 30, 2:28 PM: Educators are keeping an extra eye on students’ mental well-being following a school year filled with unknowns. Sharon Tatman, mental health coordinator of the Villages Charter School, is working to ensure students are >
There Is No Uniform Mask Policy in Florida Charter Schools, Here’s Why
Aug 26, 4:25 PM: About 112,000 students attend public charter schools in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, but there is no unifying mask policy among these schools.
Opinion: Florida schools forcing face masks deny parents’ rights
Aug 24, 10:34 AM: Leon County Schools has joined a growing list of districts in Florida that are outright rebelling against Gov. Ron DeSantis and his executive order prohibiting the forced face-masking of students returning to the >
Pre-filed 2022 Florida bill would make school board elections partisan again
Aug 19, 4:51 PM: In an effort to diminish the role of politics in local school districts, 64% of Florida voters in 1988 approved a state constitution amendment to make school board elections non-partisan.
200 students on wait list for Osceola Virtual School
Aug 19, 4:40 PM: A week after the start of the school year there are 200 students in Osceola County on a waitlist to participate in Osceola Virtual School, according to the school district.
170 students on waiting list for Osceola County virtual school
Aug 17, 4:38 PM: The virtual school is run by the Osceola County school system. Leaders said it is different from the virtual school last year and there are not as many teachers. Those teachers have to get specialized training and classes >
Orange County teacher’s union pushes for stronger mask mandate
Aug 17, 4:23 PM: Its latest push follows the recent backing of the decisions of Florida’s school superintendents from the U.S. Department of Education.
12-year-old fundraises for lunch tables, parent fundraises for air purifiers
Aug 17, 4:14 PM: A GoFundMe run by a 12-year-old has raised more than $7,000 in less than a week for outdoor lunch tables. A mother's GoFundMe has bought 25 air purifiers.
Column: Why so many charter schools? Parents want them
Aug 16, 4:02 PM: Charter schools have become Florida’s most popular school choice option, with nearly 700 charter schools serving 341,000 students—enrollment that has increased 3.6 percent during the pandemic. Fifty percent of their >
DeSantis faces new resistance over mask rules
Aug 12, 10:42 AM: Schools in Florida’s second largest district will require all students to wear masks when classes begin next week in what is the boldest move a local board has taken yet against DeSantis’ unyielding opposition to face >
Opinion: Florida Calls a Truce in the Mask Wars
Aug 11, 4:51 PM: Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order July 30 to “protect parents’ right to make decisions regarding masking of their children,” but four of the state’s local school boards announced they’d impose mask mandates >
Jax charter school establishes major focus on helping students catch up from pandemic learning loss
Aug 11, 10:01 AM: Students in Duval County now officially have the first day of school under their belt. The major focus will be on health and safety during the pandemic, but schools are also working to make sure students don’t fall behind >
COVID-19 school voucher works for parents for and against mask mandates, private schools filling up
Aug 11, 9:38 AM: Alachua County parents who don’t want their children to wear a mask can receive a Hope Scholarship to attend a private school with the governor’s new executive order and vice versa.
‘COVID-19 harassment’ school voucher applies to parents seeking mask mandates, too
Aug 10, 4:21 PM: However, the DeSantis administration said Monday that the voucher emergency rules work both ways. That’s despite the administration highlighting it as option for parents seeking more relaxed mask policies. >
Tallahassee charter, private schools see increase in enrollment for new school year
Aug 9, 3:21 PM: Whether you want your child to be masked up for the school year or have the option to take it off, parents across the community want their school to reflect their opinion.
‘Anxiety inducing’: Clay County teacher’s union worries about safety going back to school
Aug 6, 12:59 PM: The President of the Clay County Education Association says there are already teachers in quarantine before school has started.



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