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Palm Beach County school leaders making progress in finding missing students
Mar 8, 9:46 AM: For more than a year, leaders in the School District of Palm Beach County have spent countless hours trying to track down thousands of missing students.
Opinion: It may be time to ask charter schools to take over where school district can't succeed
Feb 25, 9:47 AM:

Many residents are frustrated with the lack of progress and the boards inability to improve our education results. Our board, like some others in the state, blame the Legislature and the state education department for >

Hillsborough renews 5 more charter schools
Feb 23, 9:15 AM: Combined with four other charters approved earlier this month, they will consume nearly $50 million in state dollars.
Parents who started homeschooling during the pandemic don't want to send their kids back
Feb 23, 9:11 AM: The number of homeschoolers in Florida has spiked in a dramatic way since the start of the pandemic.
Want your son or daughter to be prepared for a tech job? Tech-focused high school coming to Miami
Feb 16, 9:04 AM: A free, tech-oriented charter high school is coming to Miami that will allow students to complete their high school diploma while earning an associate’s degree from Miami Dade College.
Santa Fe College creates new charter school
Feb 15, 9:13 AM: With a $2 million grant from the State of Florida, the school will offer high school students training in information technology and health sciences, according to a press release. The college received the grant Feb. 2 as >
School choice helped prepare me to become a congressman | Column
Feb 11, 10:35 AM: ";One-size-fits all” enthusiasts tell Americans that the idea of school choice hurts minorities, steals funds from public schools and hinders academic success — I’m living proof that their claims are wrong. My mother >
Black heroes from history come alive at Boulware Springs Charter School 'wax museum'
Feb 11, 10:04 AM: Children of Boulware Springs Charter School buzzed with excitement as they lined up outside a basketball court that had been transformed into a "wax museum" for Black History Month.
Hillsborough denied a charter school, and the state agreed — a rarity
Feb 10, 10:18 AM: A small school focused on struggling students did not pass muster with the school district or the State Board of Education.
Editorial: New charter school should build upon, not duplicate, local workforce training programs
Feb 10, 10:07 AM: A new charter school at Santa Fe College should be used to fill in gaps in local workforce training programs, building upon existing efforts to help students gain credentials in high-demand fields.
With state sanctions in mind, Hillsborough renews 4 charter schools
Feb 9, 9:39 AM: Chastened by the state last summer, the Hillsborough County School Board approved four charter school renewals on Tuesday even as some members complained about having to do so.
New charter school in Lakewood Ranch promises an education for the ‘whole child’
Feb 7, 10:00 AM: The new charter school, 5550 White Eagle Blvd. in Lakewood Ranch near Bradenton Florida, is expected to open its first classroom facility in August 2022.
Citing school district in ‘freefall,’ Florida lawmakers pitch $5 million parachute
Feb 3, 10:12 AM: A Senate education committee on Wednesday delivered a message of solidarity to the struggling Jefferson County school system as it comes off of five years of charter school control.
DeSantis announces new vocational charter school at Miami-Dade College, other workforce training
Feb 3, 10:00 AM: Gov. Ron DeSantis announced $89 million for career and technical education Wednesday, saying such programs allow graduates to immediately get jobs in technical fields in Florida’s expanding economy.
OCPS students must attend class or become homeschoolers; adult mask mandate on-campus extended
Feb 1, 6:55 AM: Orange County Public School students who’ve been doing school work from home because of the recent COVID-19 case surge need to become official homeschoolers or return to campus starting Monday.
A bill targeting union membership in Florida is getting pushback...again
Jan 31, 9:14 AM: A Republican proposal would make changes to public employee unions in Florida. Under the bill, workers would no longer be allowed to have dues deducted from their paychecks. Members would have to pay them directly to their >
Miami’s school-choice partnership will strengthen Florida’s tech economy | Opinion
Jan 31, 6:36 AM: Florida’s future rests on the rights of parents to choose what schools best fit the needs of their children. We believe that parents, not administrators, should hold the power to decide and to determine where, when, and at >
Residents of Cape Coral voicing their opinion on the use of electricity taxes to pay charter school debt
Jan 28, 8:21 AM: Electric bills are going up in Southwest Florida’s largest city to pay off charter school debt, but many Cape Coral residents are not happy about it.
Erika Donalds talks school choice, charter school innovation during National School Choice Week
Jan 28, 7:05 AM: Donalds continues to branch out into more areas of choice—most recently, launching a virtual charter school to bring Virtual Reality into more homes.
Florida GOP lawmakers vow to expand school choice at Capitol rally in Tallahassee
Jan 27, 8:34 AM: Lawmakers touted the success of last year's session when they changed the parameters for the Family Empowerment Scholarship. Its income eligibility was adjusted to $100,000 for a family of four. Family Empowerment >



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