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'There is really no transparency': Some DCPS parents confused about virtual learning plans
Dec 21, 8:56 AM: A DCPS parent who asked not to be identified, says he is confused by the metrics being used to return to virtual classrooms.“There is really no transparency,” the unidentified parent said. “It’s really hard to be >
Ferebee announces growing list of DC schools going virtual amid COVID surge
Dec 21, 8:47 AM: Yesterday, officials announced three other public schools transitioned to virtual learning ahead of the holiday break. Those three schools — McKinley Tech High School, Turner Elementary School and Bard High School Early >
DC Council aims to learn why so many teachers are quitting, and how to fix it
Dec 17, 8:04 AM: Several witnesses at the hearing talked of flexible hours worked into the teacher’s school day, and more help from the administration to bring in assistance as a measure to prevent burnout.
As covid surges, D.C.-area schools cancel activities and go virtual again
Dec 16, 9:08 AM:

As coronavirus cases climb across the D.C. region, schools scrambled to adjust Wednesday, with several moving online ahead of the winter break.

D.C.’s struggle to hire more diverse teachers — and keep them
Dec 7, 9:31 AM: Days before the coronavirus pandemic forced D.C. schools to close last year, fourth-grade teacher Isabella Sanchez sat down in front of the District’s State Board of Education to explain why teacher diversity matters. At >
DC to offer expanded school choice, pre-K access to at-risk kids
Dec 6, 6:12 AM: Kids who are homeless or at risk in D.C. will have a better chance for enrollment at the city’s most sought-after schools.
D.C. public schools can be a big gamble
Dec 3, 8:51 AM: D.C. Public Schools officials are about to kick off what’s become an annual lottery ritual for traditional public schools.
Enrollment declines in DC Public Schools as more opt for charter schools, home schooling
Dec 2, 11:09 AM: Enrollment in D.C. Public Schools declined by 855 students this year, while charter schools and home schooling saw increases in enrollment.
Enrollment In D.C. Public Schools Drops For Second Year In A Row
Dec 2, 6:56 AM: Enrollment in D.C. Public Schools fell by hundreds of students this academic year, spoiling hopes of city education leaders who predicted more families would return to campuses in the third school year altered by the >
D.C. students’ learning loss continued in 2020-2021, widening gaps for at-risk kids, report finds
Nov 17, 10:28 AM: D.C. students continued to fall behind in reading and math during the pandemic, with students of color and those from lower-income backgrounds most affected, according to a report released Tuesday.
D.C.-area public school enrollment fails to rebound from pandemic-era drops
Nov 15, 6:56 AM: The coronavirus pandemic led to a stark plunge in public school enrollment nationwide, as families with resources opted for in-person learning offered by private schools or undertook home schooling. School districts in the >
Opinion: D.C. schools improved under mayoral control. Why do some council members want to undermine that success?
Nov 1, 9:27 AM: Since 2007, when the D.C. Council voted to give the mayor control over the public school system, there have been periodic attempts to claw back the historic reform.
What Happens To Learning When D.C. Students Must Quarantine? It Depends.
Oct 29, 7:05 AM: Learning all but stopped for Sharon Culver’s seven-year-old daughter when she was required to quarantine for seven days in September. The girl did not hear from staff at Anne Beers Elementary School in Southeast D.C. about >
Child Services Called on Parents Who Kept Unvaccinated Kids Home From School
Oct 26, 8:33 AM: A family in Washington, D.C., was reported to child services by the city's public school system for "educational neglect" after they chose to keep their unvaccinated children home from school over COVID-19 safety >
D.C. to hire more substitute teachers, contact tracers to help understaffed schools
Oct 18, 9:25 AM: The District plans to spend nearly $40 million to hire additional contact tracers, substitute teachers and workers who would handle coronavirus logistics in schools, marking an attempt to address staffing shortages that >
Washington Teachers’ Union passes no-confidence resolution over DC school reopening
Oct 14, 6:04 AM: Citing frustrations with D.C.’s plans to safely reopen schools, the Washington Teachers’ Union passed a resolution of no confidence in city and school leadership on Tuesday night.
Why some parents leave D.C. public schools
Oct 13, 8:14 AM: Parents who move their children from D.C. public schools to surrounding jurisdictions cite school quality and housing affordability as major contributing factors to leaving — but what makes a quality school varies widely >
D.C. Public Charter School Board to Revisit School Accountability Measures
Oct 8, 8:05 AM: For the next three years, the agency that oversees the District’s public charter schools will implement a strategic road map designed to improve the academic experiences of students from marginalized communities and >
‘Win for some families’ — What emergency schools bill means for parents, students
Oct 7, 5:56 AM: In response to concerns about testing, quarantine guidelines, building maintenance and lack of a virtual option, the legislation will offer virtual learning more broadly, increase testing and require schools to notify >
DC Council passes emergency legislation expanding virtual learning
Oct 6, 8:01 AM: The DC Council voted unanimously Tuesday to pass emergency legislation that would give students with certain medical conditions the option to learn from home.



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