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DC community leaders asking tutors to help students catch up after pandemic learning loss
Sep 14, 5:06 AM:

The return to class this fall comes with concerns that students have lost a lot of information since the pandemic.

School and community members both believe that tutoring and mentoring are ways that can help students >

The Pandemic Widened The Achievement Gap In Fairfax Schools. Parents Say A Free Tutoring Program Is Closing It
Jul 26, 8:35 AM:

Since April, an online tutoring service has been made available to more than 180,000 students, 25% of whom are Latino. All Fairfax County Public Schools students can connect with a tutor in real time, 24/7, through >

D.C.’s changing public school enrollment: Trends by race and grade band
Jul 22, 10:14 AM:

To better understand the underlying factors that lead to these shifts, we examine changes in birth trends and changes in enrollment preferences by race.

Report shows enrollment in DC schools is down and projected to continue to decline
Jul 19, 8:00 AM: A report by the DC Policy Center shows enrollment growth stalled in D.C. schools during the pandemic and if the trend continues, an enrollment that currently stands at 87,000 could decline to 81,000 by 2026. >
D.C. school enrollment expected to drop after years of increases
Jul 14, 9:17 AM: The shift is driven by declining birthrates and people leaving the city or changing schools during the pandemic, study finds
D.C. public school enrollment slows
Jul 13, 7:21 AM: D.C. public schools’ enrollment growth slowed to a crawl during the pandemic. And it’s not likely to substantially increase in the near future, according to a D.C. Policy Center report released today. >
The education group putting big money into this D.C. election cycle
Jun 7, 9:28 AM: The group, often at odds with teachers’ unions, has historically backed candidates who support mayoral control of schools and those who would advocate for robust charter sectors.
Teachers and Parents Hopeful About Technology Enhancements
Mar 31, 8:22 AM: Though teachers have demanded in-class technological enhancements for years, the pandemic and subsequent pivot to virtual learning inspired a race to bridge resource gaps and ensure each student had a laptop. >
Literacy scores show widening achievement gap in D.C. during pandemic
Mar 17, 9:26 AM: The literacy proficiency gap between young White students and students of color in the District continued to widen during the second year of the pandemic, according to data released recently by D.C. Public Schools. >
‘Arbitrary, Unscientific, and Irrational’: D.C. Families Seek Exception to Mask Mandate in Catholic Schools
Mar 8, 9:56 AM: In a legal complaint, Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing the families, argues that the mandate unduly burdens free exercise of religion.
Inside The Divide Over The Future Of The Washington Teachers’ Union
Mar 2, 6:55 AM: During one week this January, a group of educators in the Washington Teachers’ Union posted selfies to Twitter from inside classrooms, accompanying the images with #It’sNotSafe. They rallied outside D.C. Mayor Muriel >
Reverse the effects of education redlining, unleash student potential
Feb 24, 9:35 AM: A wide performance gap between white students and black students has persisted in D.C. public schools for generations. Lawmakers can help close this gap today, and at the same time, erase any remaining vestiges of a >
Most D.C. parents satisfied with schools during pandemic, Post poll finds
Feb 24, 9:01 AM: Nearly half of D.C. residents, 48 percent, say Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) is doing an excellent or good job improving public schools in the District, down from 59 percent who said the same in 2019, but similar to her >
Mysa school seeks permanent home
Feb 23, 9:08 AM: Mysa is a nonprofit whose pedagogy is based on individualized, hands-on learning. Its application states the school anticipates growth to 30 students and four full-time staff members over the next three years, though >
Washington DC charter school builds financial education into curriculum
Feb 22, 10:42 AM: Here at Legends Charter school, which fittingly sits in a corporate office area of Washington D.C., Financial Education is comprehensively built into the curriculum and offered to the entire school community. >
Judge holds D.C. in contempt for failing to provide education to older students with disabilities in jail
Feb 18, 8:53 AM: A federal judge has found the District in contempt of court for failing to provide adequate special education to students with disabilities detained at the D.C. jail.
D.C. announces massive public education budget with more mental health funding
Feb 8, 9:14 AM: The huge spending proposal could be challenged by inflation, enrollment declines and staffing shortages.
D.C. students walk out to protest ‘not safe’ school covid protocols
Jan 26, 9:22 AM: Dozens of students from Benjamin Banneker Academic High School walked out Tuesday afternoon in a push for more coronavirus testing and virtual options in D.C. Public Schools. Students in smaller numbers from eight other >
D.C. charter schools offer perks to counter teacher burnout, turnover
Jan 3, 8:59 AM: D.C. charter schools desperate to stave off teacher burnout and an anticipated record number of departures from the profession are offering perks such as yoga lessons, spin classes and mindfulness exercises. >
D.C. Public Schools will require a negative coronavirus test before students, staffers return
Dec 30, 9:17 AM: D.C. Public Schools will require a negative coronavirus test for every student and staffer returning after the holiday break.



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