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Opinion: Ending the dual process for charter school approval
Jan 21, 7:16 AM: Connecticut has slipped from 20 out of 40 in 2010 to 31 out of 43 in 2021 in the quality of charter school laws. The state must reverse this trend and immediately overhaul the charter school laws in order to foster an >
Parents pressure Danbury schools to invest in academics, social emotional support in 2022-23 budget
Jan 20, 9:44 AM: As students continue to face academic and social gaps due to the coronavirus pandemic, Danbury school leaders and parents aim to invest in these and other areas.
New operator named for Danbury charter school: ‘I’m a huge advocate for parent choice’
Jan 11, 7:22 AM:

The head of a New Haven charter school has been selected as the new operator of the proposed Danbury charter school. Subject to state approval, John Taylor and his charter management organization would run the Danbury >

Challengers Sweep Teacher Union Election
Dec 9, 6:36 AM: A 31-member slate of challengers promising a new day for educators toppled the teachers union’s 15-year incumbent president along with the rest of his team.
Did the charter school decide Danbury's election? Or is there no 'outcry' for it?
Nov 15, 7:29 AM: Michelle Coelho knows Danbury High School isn’t a good fit for her middle child, even if her oldest son graduated from there.
CT legislators consider permanent virtual school as interest grows
Nov 10, 9:41 AM: Connecticut legislators recently went on a field trip to a Massachusetts classroom that had no students. They walked into a physical school building, up a set of stairs and into an open space filled with cubicles. In those >
New teachers are leaving Hartford schools at an alarming pace, with one out of every four new teachers moving on
Nov 1, 8:58 AM: The problem of teacher turnover has been felt the most acutely in some of the city’s lowest-performing schools. The loss of more than 20 percent of their teaching staff has created a “perpetual churn” that hurts the >
Opinion: The truth about charter schools in CT
Oct 20, 8:17 AM: Earlier this month, an opinion piece ran from the National Education Policy Center in Colorado that sought to cast doubt on the public nature of charter schools. But it seems that the author is not very familiar with >
Opinion: A modest education reform that could save state taxpayers billions
Oct 18, 5:33 AM: Improving education in Connecticut will always a contentious subject, but at least we can dispense with the old myth that school choice is an added cost to taxpayers and local districts. Giving families more education >
Norwich Free Academy Launches ‘Learning Labs' to Address Pandemic Learning Impact
Sep 23, 8:39 AM: With that goal of learning acceleration, NFA launched learning labs. The labs focus on math and English and are designed to help students who were doing well before the pandemic, but then began to struggle. >
Fairfield Long-Term Remote Learning Not Enough, Some Parents Say
Sep 21, 8:45 AM: Fairfield schools have introduced a remote learning option for students with immunocompromised family members, but some say it's not enough.
As school year begins, some immunocompromised families feel left behind
Sep 1, 12:31 PM: As the new school year begins and students head back to the classroom, some immunocompromised families feel left behind. That’s because many districts across Connecticut aren’t offering a remote learning option, and for >
‘A lot of creative solutions’: Learning options for quarantined students vary widely across CT
Aug 30, 11:35 AM: The end of remote learning in Connecticut could lead to significant variation across the state in how quarantined students learn from home.
Some schools need better air control systems. But who will pay?
Aug 27, 5:54 AM: Even though the town is receiving federal money to assist with pandemic relief, it’s not enough to cover the costs of the ventilation system upgrade in the schools. And officials say Coventry isn’t the only town in this >
Students with at-risk families fight to get remote options for COVID
Aug 20, 3:44 PM: While the family is hoping for a medical exemption, the school system has denied the request for a continuation of remote learning. It comes as educators, politicians and parents are eager to get as many students as >
Booker T. Academy Leader Calls On Governor To Mandate Teacher Vaccinations
Aug 19, 4:17 PM: Taylor is the executive director of Booker T. Washington Academy, a K-8 charter school based on New Haven’s State Street and Hamden’s Circular Drive. He’s knee deep in preparations for the first day of the new school year >
For high-risk Fairfield families, remote learning is about ‘staying alive’
Aug 16, 3:54 PM: With the first day of school on the horizon, Mason Yeoh, 16, is fighting to learn from home. His brother, 26-year-old Mitchell Yeoh, is immunocompromised.
Norwalk parents call for remote learning options this fall
Aug 12, 11:07 AM: With children under 12 still not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, some local parents want the option of remote learning to continue this school year.
Relationships between educators and families strengthened during COVID-19 should continue
Jul 28, 2:43 PM: As many school districts prepare to reopen fully in-person this fall, a study by the Center for Public Research and Leadership at Columbia University found that students facing opportunity gaps benefited from increased >
Hundreds of teachers and union workers march around the capital pushing for education recovery
May 18, 7:24 AM: As the federal government gets ready to write the first pandemic relief check to Connecticut, hundreds of teachers and union workers are marching around the capital. They want to make sure that money makes it into the >



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