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Colo. kids fell behind on math during pandemic
Oct 20, 8:30 AM: The report from the Keystone Policy Center, a nonprofit research group, found that math test scores plummeted for many students across the state, falling at an even faster rate than the state’s long-beleaguered literacy >
Christian schools note growing enrollment as parents seek options to curriculum, pandemic disputes at public schools
Oct 18, 5:50 AM: Parents noticed that the pandemic’s typical seesawing between live classroom instruction and remote learning didn’t seem to be happening at faith-based schools.
Colorado kids are floundering in math, a “crisis” that may add up to trouble for tomorrow’s workforce
Oct 14, 5:38 AM: Standardized test results show students have fallen behind further in math than literacy amid the pandemic. The decline means the state’s labor force may lack required skills.
Proposition 119 could give you money for your student’s activities — academic help, even sports and theater — but some question the way it would do it
Oct 13, 6:04 AM: It will be a huge sacrifice for the family to pay for tutoring. So, when Gebregziabiher heard about Proposition 119, her face lit up. It’s a state ballot measure that voters will decide on in November that would give >
Special ed questions on charter school apps violate federal law, complaints allege
Oct 6, 9:21 AM: Advocates have filed civil rights complaints against more than two dozen Colorado charter schools alleging that questions on their application forms about whether prospective students receive special education services >
Two local online schools expand to help fill worker shortage
Oct 4, 8:41 AM: Career experts say there's not only a labor shortage in our workforce, but there's also a skills gap. Meaning, applicants just don't have the knowledge or experience to compete for a job.
This Colorado charter school is one of the best
Sep 20, 9:18 AM: Take the hard road. That’s what a group of Ft. Collins parents did in the early 1990s when they sought to open an elementary school with a rigorous, content-rich curriculum. After years of wrestling with the Poudre School >
La Luz microschool offers new experiences to kids in southwest Denver
Sep 16, 9:32 AM: At Johnson-Habitat park in southwest Denver, 14 sixth-graders are taking part in a new education experience. Their school day involves more time outside, more one-on-one engagement with teachers, and lessons that draw on >
Editorial: The dubious campaign to crush Colorado kids
Sep 14, 10:05 AM: You’d think LEAP’s huge dose of funding to bolster student achievement would make it clear that it’s a net gain, and a big one, for Colorado public education. Yet, the “no” campaign is attempting to argue that because some >
How Rural Colorado Parents Created A ‘No Politics’ Public School In Just One Year
Sep 13, 10:46 AM: These highly skilled parents came together to not just solve their own kids' education needs but offer a high-quality education to families in their glorious Colorado mountain town.
Two years into Colorado’s home school boom, pandemic uncertainties bring new families into the
Sep 10, 11:39 AM: The state’s population of home-school students doubled in the year after the pandemic hit classrooms. The growth could be long-lasting.
Colorado teachers unions fall into line with U.S. Supreme Court ruling on agency fees
Sep 9, 1:56 PM: All Colorado school districts now appear to be complying with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that teachers and other public school employees cannot be forced to pay “agency fees” to unions if they are not union >
Micro-schools aim to give students more attention with teachers
Sep 3, 10:11 AM: Micro schools have been popping up all over the country in the past few years. Zealous Schools opened the first micro-school in the Rocky Mountains when they opened a middle school in Eagle in 2018.
Guest commentary: LEAP will close the ‘opportunity gap’ for all Colorado kids
Aug 26, 4:24 PM: The LEAP program would be funded by a 5 percentage point sales-tax increase on recreational marijuana and by repurposing a portion of revenue derived from leases, rents and royalties paid for activities on state lands. In >
A new school opens where students can embrace Native American culture
Aug 24, 11:17 AM: Kwiyagat Community Academy, the new Ute Mountain Ute charter school, opened its doors Monday to 23 kindergarten and first grade students.
A rural Colorado school district is spending $3 million to connect kids’ homes to the internet
Aug 11, 9:40 AM: Centennial School District R-1 in San Luis plans to transmit its own internet signal out to families’ homes after years of struggling with the state’s digital divide.
Denver requires all school staff to receive COVID vaccine
Aug 3, 10:50 AM: Any person working regularly in a Denver school now has to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Sept. 30, according to a public health order announced by Mayor Michael Hancock Monday morning.
Colorado Parents Consider Learning Pods to Safeguard Kids from Lockdowns and Masks
Aug 2, 10:25 AM: But Colorado parents aren’t necessarily willing to accept this unwelcome mask news; those who lean right and those who cherish their kids’ freedom to breathe are tossing around the idea of learning pods in order to provide >
Have Colorado educators cracked the code to digital diversity?
Jul 27, 1:47 PM: Critics of online public charter schools in Oregon have long pointed to the fact that “cybercharter” students enrolled statewide are disproportionately white. That characteristic, in fact, bears true across the country — >
Denver teachers to focus on accelerated learning, mental health in coming school year
Jul 19, 12:18 PM: Physically, Denver schools aren’t likely to look too different in the coming year from how they were before the pandemic. Everything else is a different story.



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