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Denver board approves charter school centering Black students
Sep 23, 7:29 AM:

After the state ordered Denver to reconsider a charter school centering Black students and culture, the Denver school board Thursday approved the school to open next fall.

COVID relief money helps Colorado schools pay for math and reading curriculum
Sep 22, 9:13 AM:

State officials announced Wednesday that 42 districts and 28 charter schools will receive grants to purchase reading curriculum for early elementary grades and math curriculum for elementary and middle school.

Colorado Supreme Court to hear cases on charter schools, for-profit college
Sep 12, 10:29 AM:

The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to hear three cases implicating the government's ability to deny applications for charter schools and for Good Samaritans to receive compensation for injuries they suffer during a >

Survey: Majority of Coloradans hold a ‘favorable opinion’ about charter schools
Jun 16, 9:39 AM: A majority of Coloradans hold a “favorable opinion” about charter schools in the state, part of a survey released on Friday found.
9 charts that explain Denver’s declining enrollment challenge
Jun 9, 7:50 AM: Declining enrollment is arguably the most pressing issue facing Denver Public Schools, and the district’s latest annual report takes a deep dive into current numbers and future predictions.
Survey: More Colorado voters think schools are on the wrong track
Jun 7, 8:26 AM:

Two years into the pandemic and amid intense political polarization, more Colorado voters think schools are on the wrong track, according to a new survey from polling firm Magellan Strategies.

Colorado teacher prep programs saw an “exodus” when COVID hit — another test for school districts facing shortages
Jun 7, 8:09 AM: As Colorado’s teacher pipeline trickles, more of the state’s new educators are taking charge of classrooms while still learning how to teach.
Law Signed by Governor Pays Eligible Students for Teacher Training and Removes Standardized Test Barrier for Teacher Qualification
Jun 1, 11:43 AM:

Gov. Jared Polis signed House Bill 1220, “Removing Barriers to Educator Preparation,” to provide stipends to eligible student teachers for teacher training and remove the Praxis standardized test as the only way to prove >

Denver charter schools continue to outperform peers in Colorado
May 31, 9:33 AM: CREDO did an analysis of Denver schools in 2019 and found that Denver charter school students had stronger gains than the state average in reading and math in all three years the study reviewed – 2014-15, 2015-16 and >
New America School teachers want to form Colorado’s first charter union
Mar 30, 7:59 AM: Teachers at the New America School charter network are attempting to form Colorado’s first charter school union.
Colorado charter schools seek more authority over special education
Mar 28, 5:55 AM: Colorado charter schools serve far fewer students with disabilities than district-run schools do. The gap means those students don’t have access to the same educational opportunities as their peers, and school districts >
Limits on Denver innovation schools' autonomy up for a vote Thursday
Mar 24, 7:21 AM: Innovation schools can opt out of some district policies, including parts of the collective bargaining agreement between DPS and the teachers' union.
Denver school board simplifies proposal to limit school autonomy
Mar 22, 6:18 AM: A simplified version of a controversial Denver school board proposal would require semi-autonomous schools to follow the teachers union contract and grant Colorado’s version of teacher tenure. But the board late Monday >
Denver teachers speak out in school surveys: ‘Teachers cannot survive another year of what they experienced this past year’
Mar 22, 6:15 AM: Two surveys of Denver teachers found widespread feelings of burnout and distress, and educators on the verge of quitting.
Op-Ed: Putting Students First: Why Innovation Works in Denver Public Schools
Mar 21, 6:12 AM: The proposal would direct the superintendent to develop policies that would significantly limit an innovation school’s ability to use flexibility to do what’s in the best interest of teachers, students and families. >
Teachers at the New America School charter school system want to form Colorado’s first charter school union
Mar 18, 5:50 AM: "We have absolutely been ignored and disregarded about really important issues and issues that matter to our students,” she said. She’s also concerned about the high number of staff leaving — counselors, nurses and >
COVID money shores up budgets at Denver schools with declining enrollment
Mar 17, 6:08 AM: About a third of Denver’s district-run schools are using federal coronavirus relief money to backfill their budgets due to declining student enrollment this year, next year, or both.
Opinion: DPS is attacking the innovations that make schools excel
Mar 17, 5:59 AM: At two Beacon Network middle schools and other Denver Public innovation schools, teachers have worked for years to create plans to ensure we’re able to meet the unique needs of our students — and our efforts have paid off >
These schools did less to contain covid. Their students did better.
Mar 14, 9:30 AM: Debate continues over which approach was the right one, and the circumstances in homogenous suburban districts differ from those in big cities. But the experience of systems like Lewis-Palmer offers evidence for those who >
Inside the debate over teacher rights and innovation schools in Denver
Mar 10, 9:04 AM: A sweeping proposal that would shore up teacher job protections, standardize school calendars, and even ban busywork has divided Denver teachers, principals, and parents.



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